Who are the boys and girls around Avalokitesvara? The story of shancai and the Dragon Girl

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Around Avalokitesvara, people often see a pair of boys and girls. Many people don’t know their names. In fact, the men are called shancai and the women are called Longnv. Today, let’s tell you the story of shancai and the Dragon Girl.

The Dragon girl was originally the youngest daughter of the Dragon King in the East China Sea, and was also the favorite daughter of the Dragon King. Because she was born with beautiful eyes and bright eyes, she was deeply loved by the Dragon King. Little dragon girl is very playful. One day, she heard that the world played with fish lanterns during the holidays. All kinds of fish lanterns lit up the whole night, which was very lively. So they clamored to go to the world to watch.


The old Dragon King stroked the dragon’s beard, shook his head and said, “the fields there are deserted and the people are messy. It’s not where you, the precious Princess of the Dragon King, go. You’d better stay at home.” The dragon lady is both coquettish and pretending to cry, but the dragon king never obeys.

The Dragon Girl tooted her small mouth and made a naughty little idea. She thought to herself: if you don’t let me go, I will go, and I won’t tell you when I go! In this way, it was not easy to get to the third watch. Little dragon girl slipped out of the Crystal Palace in the East China Sea and turned into a very pleasant and beautiful young fisherman. Stepping on the hazy moonlight, she came to the most lively place to play with fish lanterns alone.

This is a small fishing town. There are so many fish lanterns on the street that it makes little dragon girl’s eyes dim. There are various shapes of this lamp: yellow croaker lamp, turtle horn lamp, octopus lamp, cuttlefish lamp, shark lamp, lobster lamp, crab lamp, scallop lamp, conch lamp, coral lamp… The dragon lady looks east and West, and the more she looks, the more happy she gets. Sometimes she even pushes herself into the crowd without any scruple. After a while, she came to a crossroads with the crowd. It was the most interesting place in the town. Fish lanterns stack fish lanterns, and the lamp Hill connects with the lamp hill. It is colorful and brilliant.

The Dragon girl was standing in front of a lantern mountain like a fool, and she could see her mind unconsciously. Who knows, just at this time, half a cup of cold tea was poured down from the attic next to it, just on the head of the dull dragon woman. The Dragon girl was startled and cried bitterly. She soon felt something bad. The Dragon Girl, who has turned into a girl, can’t touch half a drop of water. If she encounters water, she will never be able to keep the girl’s appearance. She will only change back to her original shape. The dragon lady was very anxious and terrified. She was afraid that she would appear like a dragon in the street, causing wind and rain to disturb the Lantern Festival and frighten those who participated in the Lantern Festival. So he rushed out of the crowd and ran to the sea. However, when she just ran to the beach, all of a sudden, the Dragon girl turned into a big carp. She could not move on the beach and could not climb into the water.

It happened that two young fishermen, one thin and one fat, came to the beach. They were stunned when they saw the golden fish. They didn’t know what was going on. “What kind of fish is this? Who put it on the beach when it is so fat?” The fat boy was timid. He stood far away and said to the thin boy, “we have never seen such a big fish. I’m afraid some monster has changed it. It’s very unlucky. Let’s go!” However, the skinny boy was courageous. He refused to leave. He fiddled with the fish and said, “no matter what kind of fish it is, it is big and fat. If we carry it to the street to sell it, we will certainly make a lot of money!” They whispered for a long time. Finally, the thin boy persuaded the fat boy, so they carried the fish and went to the street to sell.

Besides, on the night of the Lantern Festival, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva was meditating in the purple bamboo forest, observing the Lantern Festival on earth while practicing. She had already seen what had just happened. When she saw that the poor little dragon girl was suffering, she moved her heart of compassion. She told the boy shancai standing behind her: “go to the fishing town quickly. No matter how much money you spend, you should buy the big fish and send it to the sea for release. It’s your destiny. Don’t ask why.”

However, the practice of benevolent wealth is still very shallow. I don’t know how to change the silver, so I said, “Madam Bodhisattva, how can I get the silver to buy fish?” Avalokitesvara smiled and said to shancai boy, “just grab a handful from the incense burner on the table, and then it will change with what you want.” Shancai nodded, grabbed a handful of incense ashes in a incense burner on several cases, and then stepped on a Baolian flower and flew straight to the fishing town. It happened that the two boys had carried the fish to the street and were Hawking around. All at once, they were surrounded by people watching fish lanterns. Among the crowd, those who were amazed, praised and asked for prices were chattering, but no one dared to buy such a big fish, because they really didn’t know what it was, and they had never seen it before. Among them, an old man with white beard said, “good boy, this fish is too big. Why don’t you cut it into small pieces and sell it?”

The Dragon Girl and the fat boy thought that the old man was right, so she borrowed a pig killing knife from the nearby shop and raised it to kill the fish. At this moment, a child cried, “look, everyone! This big fish is crying.” The fat boy stopped his knife and saw that the big fish really shed two strings of crystal tears. He was so scared that he threw away his knife and ran out of the crowd. The thin boy didn’t panic at all. He picked up the pig killing knife and was about to kill the fish. He was stopped by a panting little monk: “no! No! I’ll buy the whole fish.” When they saw that it was a little monk who came to buy fish, they were very surprised: “the little monk is a vegetarian. How did he buy fish?” The old man with white beard stopped and said with his goatee cocked up, “is the little monk coming to buy fish to return the meat to the common customs?”


The crowd sneered around the little monk, making him blush, so they quickly argued: “I don’t want to open meat, but to buy it for free!” With that, he took out a handful of fine silver, handed it to the thin boy to buy the fish, and asked him to help carry the fish to the sea.

The thin boy had a bad idea again. He was secretly happy: “I have made money! He asked me to carry it to the seaside. Once the little monk left, I can still carry this big fish back, and maybe I can sell it again!” So he greeted the fat boy, carried the big fish with him, and followed the little monk to the seaside.

Before long, the three came to the sea. The little monk asked them to put the big fish into the sea. As soon as the fish touched the sea water, it immediately made a splash and swam far away. I don’t know where it went. But before he left, the fish turned around and nodded with the little monk before he swam away. The thin boy saw that the fish had swam away, which ended his idea of carrying back to sell money. But when he found the silver, he spread it out and saw that the silver had already turned into a handful of incense ashes and was blown away by a gust of wind. In the twinkling of an eye, he wanted to find the little monk again, but he had disappeared.

Besides, in the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea, since the little princess disappeared, there have been a swarm of bees outside the palace. The Dragon King of the East China Sea was so angry that his dragon whiskers were straight up and he was furious. The prime minister Turtle was so anxious that he stretched out his head and neck to the old elder. The general crab, the gatekeeper, was also scared to spit white foam. The maid of the jade shrimp palace was so afraid that she knelt on the ground and trembled, and pleaded with the Dragon King… It was not until dawn that the dragon lady returned to the Crystal Palace. Everyone was relieved, and the Dragon Palace returned to its usual calm. The Dragon King yuan opened his eyes and angrily scolded the Little Dragon Girl: “little evil beast, you dare to violate the regulations of the Crystal Palace and go out without permission, which makes the whole dragon palace worried about you! Tell me! Where are you? How can you come back at this time?”

The Dragon girl knew that her father was really angry this time. Knowing that it was useless to be coquettish again, she told the story as it was: “father, my daughter went to the shore to watch the fish lantern and suffered a great disaster of life and death. If Guanyin Bodhisattva had not sent a boy with good fortune to save me, my daughter would never have come back!” Then he went over his experiences in detail.

After hearing this, the Dragon King was pale. He was no longer angry and did not dare to offend Guanyin Bodhisattva. He was afraid that after GuanShiYin told the story, if the Jade Emperor knew about it, he would be charged with “lax goddaughter” and would be severely punished by the Jade Emperor. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. In a rage, he expelled his favorite little dragon girl from the Crystal Palace. The Dragon girl is naturally very sad. She is in the boundless world. She doesn’t know where to settle down? Unconsciously, she came to the lotus ocean in tears, and the continuous cry spread to the purple bamboo forest.

Avalokitesvara pinched her fingers and calculated that it was the little dragon girl. She told shancai to pick up the Dragon Girl. Shancai was very happy when his old friends met again. He came to the Dragon Girl with a smile and asked, “younger sister of the Dragon Girl, do you still remember my little monk?” The Dragon Girl quickly wiped away the tears on her face, blushed and said, “why don’t you remember? You are brother shancai! You are my lifesaver! How can you forget!” Then he will bow down. Shancai grabbed her and said, “let’s go. Avalokitesvara asked me to pick you up!” Shancai and the dragon lady walked into the purple bamboo forest hand in hand and came to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

When the dragon lady saw the Avalokitesvara sitting quietly on the lotus platform, she bent over and worshipped. Guanyin Bodhisattva also liked the Dragon girl very much, so he kept the little dragon girl and asked her to live in a cave near Chaoyin cave with shancai like brothers and sisters. This cave was later called “shancai Longnv cave”. In this way, the Dragon woman will always follow the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. But then the Dragon King went back on his word and often asked the Dragon girl to go back. However, the Dragon girl was so attached to the scenery of Mount Putuo that she would never return to the Crystal Palace where it was imprisoned. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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