Who are the demon kings of the 72 holes? What is the end of the demon king in the 72 holes?

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Who are the demon kings of the 72 holes? The following is a detailed introduction to the article by the editor of China story network.

When it comes to who the demon king of the 72 holes is, we have to mention the monkey king. As we all know, the demon king of the 72 holes is best worshipped by the monkey king, so it is interesting to worship the great sage. Then some people want to ask, who are the demon Kings of the 72 holes? Who is the demon king of 72 holes? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!


The 72 cave demon kings are: Wolf, tiger, leopard, deer, fox, badger, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion, lion.


The mystery of the demon king in the 72 holes of Huaguo Mountain


The most domineering thing in Sun Wukong’s life is probably that he fought the banner on Huaguo Mountain and openly opposed Tianting forces.

The rebellious declaration of “the emperor will take turns to do it, and come to my house next year” is still the most arrogant talk he mentions consciously or unconsciously when he meets other people, even though he returns to the system several years later and his temperament is lost among the Buddhas.

The anti encirclement and suppression campaign in those years can be said to have shaken the world and made ghosts and gods cry.

In the face of the vast network of heaven and earth, Sun Wukong was unafraid. “He called out the one legged ghost king, the 72 hole demon king and four generals to form an array outside the cave gate.” the demon and the God sent the most elite troops respectively, “kill the birds in the air, and the tigers and wolves in the mountains run. The world is dark with sand and stones, and the universe is dark with dust. The only thing he heard was that the soldiers rushed to startle the world and the ghosts and gods.”

The army of Tianting enjoys legitimacy in the political order of the three realms. Moreover, the armament depot is full of ammunition, and reinforcements are coming in an endless stream. Huaguo Mountain demons have limited power. How can they be rivals? After a day of fighting, Sun Wukong counted the number of people. “The 72 hole demon king and the unicorn ghost King were all captured by the gods.”.

I’m afraid those waiting for these demon kings will be served by the demon chopping platform.


The 72 hole demon king who participated in the war was actually not a direct descendant of Huaguo Mountain. Just as Sun Wukong said at the mobilization meeting during the war, “winning or losing is a matter of war. As the ancients said, killing 10000 people and losing 3000 people. Besides, the leaders captured are tigers, leopards, wolves, worms, badgers, deer, foxes, and so on. None of my peers (the elite troops of the monkey race) has been injured. Why bother?”

Then, why did the 72 hole demon king get involved in this war? It turns out that when Sun Wukong returned from his studies, he taught martial arts and trained soldiers in Huaguo Mountain. The situation of the community was very good. As a result, the siphon effect was produced. Many demon kings in the Jianghu heard that this place was prosperous, and they came to cling to it. During this period, there were two forces, one was the six demon kings led by the ox demon king (together with Sun Wukong, the Seven Saints), and the other was the 72 hole demon king outside Huaguo Mountain.


After that, Sun Wukong didn’t know how to advance and retreat, and committed the great taboo of the Three Kingdoms. Tianting led troops to suppress him.

The sphere of influence under the jurisdiction of the six saints is located thousands of miles away from the Huaguo Mountain. Naturally, they are busy cutting relationships and scattering birds and animals. They do not want to get involved in this muddy water. The 72 cave demon king is different. They are closely related to the Huaguo Mountain. On the “black list” of the Jade Emperor, they belong to the pan Huaguo Mountain Power Group. Even if we are wise and protect ourselves at this time, and bury our heads to sweep the snow in front of the door, we will certainly be liquidated in the future. Therefore, we have to fire the arrows in our hands.

They and Sun Wukong are obviously grasshoppers tied to a rope.


When the sky over Huaguo Mountain was covered with dark clouds, and the Third Prince of Nezha’s eyes were wide open, he ordered the troops to go out, the demon king of 72 holes already knew that he had no way out.

Although Nezha has a baby face, he is a ruthless character. His way to fame is to step on the bones of countless demons. It was recorded in the Encyclopedia of the origin and development of the three religions, “Originally, the Jade Emperor drove the great Luoxian, with a length of six feet, with a gold wheel on the head, three heads, nine eyes and eight arms, spitting out blue clouds, stepping on the stone, holding the law, shouting, the clouds rain from the sky, and the earth moves. Because there are many demon kings in the world, the jade emperor has ordered to come to earth, so the demons are like the ox demon king, the lion demon king, the elephant demon king, the horse head demon king, the swallow world demon king, the devil mother demon king, the nine headed demon king, the dolly demon king, the Fantian demon king, the five hundred night fork, and the seventy-two fire crows This is what I fell for. Gai Mo has a great and handsome intelligence, which is vast and changeable. The Jade Emperor was appointed the first commander-in-chief of 36 members, the leader of tianshuai yuan, and the leader of Yongzhen Tianmen “.

In the journey to the west, it is generally said that it is similar to that in the three religions’ source and source of search for gods, which states that “Nezha’s Dharma subdues 96 holes of demons and has great powers” and “he is holding six kinds of weapons, namely, demon chopping sword, demon chopping knife, demon binding rope, demon subduing pestle, Hydrangea and fire wheel”.

It can be seen that Nezha was the first-class master in subduing demons and eliminating demons. His past achievements were extremely brilliant. The weapons in his hands, such as the demon chopping sword and the demon chopping knife, were also designed to deal with demons. The Jade Emperor sent Nezha to take the lead in this battle, which was based on the principle of doing everything possible to eliminate the demons, and wanted to kill all the demons in Huaguo Mountain.

Based on the cruel reality, the 72 hole demon king chose to stand on the United Front with Sun Wukong, which was nothing more than a self-defense dying struggle.


The smoke of gunpowder fell away. The fate of the monkey people in Huaguo Mountain seems to be better than that of the 72 hole demon king.

The heads of the 72 hole demon king and a cadre became the vouchers for the performance of the Tianbing tiangenerals, and the Tianting finance department was busy. Most of the monkeys were killed or injured, but there are still more than a thousand blood vessels in Huaguo Mountain. Of course, thanks to the mercy of Erlang God. It turned out that although the Tianting anti demon action had achieved a lot, took the initiative of the situation, and captured many troublemakers, the chief culprit Sun Wukong was still at large. The jade emperor did not want to have a long dream, so he asked Erlang God to take over the task of suppressing bandits instead of Nezha. This rebellious “second generation of God” engaged in hundreds of rounds of confrontation with Sun Wukong during the pursuit and suppression process, resulting in a feeling of sympathy among heroes. Even when Sun Wukong was defeated, he did not move to kill all, leaving some life for Huaguo Mountain.

Because of this, on the way to get scriptures, Sun Wukong met Erlang God by the side of the blue wave pool. The always arrogant monkey brother still half covered his face with a lute and called out to him for help. At this time, Huaguo Mountain had already begun to regroup.

It can only be lamented that the souls of the 72 caves five hundred years ago have become innocent implicated in the fight against bandits without any way out. Who said they were born to be demons and to be neighbors of Huaguo Mountain? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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