Who are the Four Saints of Kowloon island in the list of gods? How did the magic weapon of the Four Saints of Kowloon Island come from?

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Many people do not know who the Four Saints of Kowloon island are in the list of deities? Next, let’s enjoy it with the editor of China story network.

When it comes to the characters of the Four Saints of Kowloon island in the list of deities, sometimes we need to analyze them carefully. But in fact, they are all OK and not too powerful. But their mounts are very popular. Some people ask, I want to see the Four Saints of Kowloon island in the list of deities. Which episode did they appear in? Let’s continue to analyze this problem!


Please refer to chapter 40 of the original book “the romance of the gods”: the Four Saints Xiqi huiziya “and Chapter 52:” the Juelong ridge hears Zhong returning to heaven “.

The origin of the four saints in Kowloon Island

In the romance of the gods, the Four Saints of Kowloon Island were the first to die because they were dragged in for no reason. It is estimated that the Four Saints of Kowloon island have already become the great Luo Jinxian if they were not invited by master Wen. However, fate played a big joke on them. When hearing that Zhong lost his troops and lost his generals, and that he was unable to separate himself due to multiple wars, he thought of these four pathetic alchemists. Speaking of an alchemist, let’s first understand what an Alchemist is. The so-called Qi refiners only seek to improve their accomplishments by means of external alchemy. They practice the “five Qi in the chest”. No matter what kind of skill they practice, they are divided into four levels: refining refined Qi, refining Qi and transforming spirit, refining spirit and returning to emptiness, and refining emptiness and harmony. The difference between each level is only three levels. The Four Saints of Kowloon island should be high-level alchemists.

However, the alchemists are mainly human. Wang Mo, Yang Sen, Gao Youqian and Li xingba participate in the cultivation of the alchemists as human beings. However, from the appearance of the four in the book, we can see that the appearance of the four is very grand. It is said in the book: before I finished my speech, I only heard the drums behind me. At the opening of the flags, four kinds of strange animals came out: Wang Mo riding on the dragon, Yang Sen riding on the lion dragon, Gao Yougan riding on the leopard, Li xingba riding on the ferocious beast, and the four animals rushed out of the array. The generals on both sides of Ziya fell off their horses, and even Ziya hit the saddle. These war horses can’t stand the evil spirit of that strange animal. They are all weak and weak. — the inner world is just the wheel of the wind and fire, which cannot be shaken; Huang Feihu rides a five-color divine cow and never loses his sharpness; The following all fell down. Look, what these four people are powerful is not their magic, but their mounts.

Lion dragon lion: also known as charter, it is a mythical animal in Chinese mythology. Dragon is one of the nine sons, ranking seventh. It looks like a tiger. It is always contentious but powerful. The tiger head decoration on the upper part of the prison door is its portrait. Lion dragon: one of the nine sons of the dragon in ancient Chinese myths and Legends (one is the fifth son, the other is the eighth son). It is shaped like a lion and likes to smoke. Therefore, the image usually appears on the incense burner, followed by swallowing smoke and spitting fog. Leopard: giant leopard. Ferocious: it is recorded in the book of mountains and seas. It is human in shape and can walk upright with a terrifying face. These four mounts, except the leopard, are all ancient animals. It is no wonder that Jiang Ziya and other mounts are afraid of them. Well, the problem comes. Even if ordinary people who have completed their cultivation and become top-grade alchemists, they will still be human after all. The book does not specify who their master is, but only generally classifies them as jiejiao. However, the four big mounts are not small in origin, nor can they be owned by ordinary people. Why do they belong to these four people?

In fact, if we read it carefully, it is not difficult to find the clues. This is the description of the appearance of the Four Saints: Wang Mo wears a bandanna, wears a hydrated suit, and looks like a full moon; Yang Sen’s lotus seed hoop, dressed like a tuotou, wears soap clothes, has a face like the bottom of a pot, a beard like cinnabar, and two yellow eyebrows; Gao Yougan wears a pair of fox bun and a big red dress. His face is like indigo, his hair is like cinnabar, and his upper and lower fangs; Li xingba wears a fish tail gold crown, a pale yellow suit, a face like a double date, and a long beard; They are all one foot, five or six feet long, and they are dangling. He looks like a tiger, and the devil looks like a full moon; Lion dragons like smoke, and Yang Sen’s noodles are like the bottom of a pot; The leopard has a huge body, tall hair like cinnabar, and tusks; Li xingba is a ferocious man with a horrible face. His face is like jujube and he has a long beard. There are similarities between the four animals and the four people. This shows that the four people are the guardian gods of the four animals, which is the result of the four animals’ Cultivation for thousands of years and their human form.


Ferocious: in addition, we can see the relevant evidences from the magic weapons of the four people: Wang Mo’s opening dZi beads once killed Jiang Ziya; Yang Sen also opened dZi beads and hit Nezha and Huang Feihu; Gao Yougan’s Hunyuan jewel hit the dragon and tiger; Li xingba’s earth splitting beads also hurt Jiang Ziya and left. The magic treasures of the four people are mainly beads. In ancient mythology, beads are made of the Qi in the chest and condensed by the essence of heaven and earth. According to the cultivation of the four people, it is impossible to refine these treasures. There is only one possibility, that is, these four treasures are all made of the Qi in the chest of the four animals. Therefore, the four saints in Kowloon island are actually the patrons of the four animals, which is also in line with the practice of accepting disciples from the truncated religion. However, although the Four Saints of Kowloon Island ended in tragic death, their loyalty to their friends is commendable. Otherwise, no matter how Wen Zhong invites him, he just doesn’t ask. If he continues to practice in Kowloon island alone, why does he suffer from the world’s knife? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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