Who are the gods of the four seasons in myths and legends? Who is the best?

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Who are the gods of the four seasons in myths and legends? Who is the best? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

According to the book of rites, the moon order: “in the month of mengchun, the emperor was too bright, and the divine sentence awn, and the moon of the rest of the spring; in the month of Mengxia, the Emperor Yan, and the God Zhu Rong, and the moon of the rest of the summer; in the month of mengqiu, the emperor Shao Bo, and the divine harvest, and the moon of the rest of the autumn; in the month of Mengdong, the emperor Zhuanxu, and the God xuanming, and the moon of the rest of the winter.”

The God of spring

Jumang, also known as zuomang, is the great grandson of SHAOHAO of the White Emperor, the God of spring and the God of wood in ancient Chinese mythology. He guarded the sprouting of trees and guided people to welcome the coming of spring.

At the same time, the Holy tree of Fusang, which is born every day by the sun, is also under the protection of Jumang God. Jumang plays a very, very important role in agriculture, and plays an important role in the Spring Festival festival every year.

It is described in the book of mountains and seas, the eastern classic of China: “the eastern sentence awn, the bird body and the human face, riding two dragons“

It is said that its true nature is a bird. It has a bird body and a human face, and takes two dragons. Later, it had no impact at all. However, we can see it in the sacrificial ceremony and New Year pictures: it has become a shepherd boy riding an ox in spring, with a bun on his head and a willow whip in his hand, also known as mangtong. Jumang guards all the plants and grains on the earth. At the same time, it also heralds a new beginning and guards people’s hope.


The God of summer zhurong

Zhu Rong, the great grandson of Zhuanxu, the grandson of Cheng, the son of laotong, and the father of the prince Changqin.

His appearance described in the overseas South Sutra is “zhurong in the south, animal God and human face, riding two dragons“

The book “haineijing” describes his birth as follows: “hearing Wo, the wife of Yan Emperor and the son of Chishui, was born in Yanju, Yanju was born in festivals, and festivals were born in operas, and operas were born in zhurong”.

It can be seen that Zhu Rong is the fifth generation xuansun of Emperor Yan. Zhu Rong is the fierce God of fire, guarding the passionate summer. Since fire was very important in ancient production and life, Zhu Rong was also regarded as the kitchen god. I believe the myth we are most familiar with is the war between Gonggong and zhurong.

It is said that in the period of Yao, Shun and Yu, Yu’s father Gu stole the treasure of heaven to control the flood, and “Xi soil”. As long as it is put on the land, it will always grow into stones and mountains. However, the emperor of heaven could not forgive Gu’s behavior and ordered Zhu Rong to execute him in Yushan. It can be seen that Zhu Rong is really a fire.

God of autumn produces harvest

“The book of mountains and seas · overseas western classics” says: “the west produces, and there is a snake in the left ear, riding on two dragons.” GuoPu said, “the God of gold also has a human face, tiger claws, white hair, and a Tomahawk. See the legend“

Harvest is the God of autumn, who represents the harvest, and the guardian of the fruits of one year’s hard work. You may think that the God of harvest should have a gentle face and love all sentient beings. However, the birth God is indeed a warrior with white hair, tiger claws and two axes. There is a common saying called “beheading after autumn”. Therefore, production is also the God of killing, responsible for punishing those who have lost virtue.

God of winter Yujiang


Yujiang, the winter God, is the only God of the four seasons who does not manage the dragon.

According to the records in the great wilderness north Sutra, “in the North Sea, there are gods, human faces and bird bodies, er two green snakes and Jian two red snakes, named Yu Qiang.”

The meaning of xuanming is to describe the dark winter weather without sunshine. Xuanming is thought to be a human face and a bird body. There is a green snake hanging from each ear and two green snakes on each foot. The image is quite strange.

Yujiang is the God of the Taiyin. It is also said that it can spread plague. If you encounter the northwest wind, you will be injured. Therefore, the northwest wind was also called “fierce wind” by the ancients. Li Bai, a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem “Da lie Fu” for the winter God: “if it is a bitter winter, the cold is cold, the wind is not around, and the dark palm is snowy.” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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