Who are the masters of spider spirit and multi eyed monster? Why does the multi eyed monster only have the ability to subdue the sun star?

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Who are the masters of spider spirit and multi eyed monster? Why does the multi eyed monster only have the ability to subdue the sun star? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

In the journey to the west, among the many monsters, the spider spirit’s magic power is not high. However, the seven sisters are quite arrogant and domineering in the world, directly robbing the natural hot springs of the seven fairies. And the result was also somewhat unexpected, unexpectedly, they gave in to each other and let them be occupied for nothing. In Chapter 72 of journey to the west, the land said: “there is a zhuozu spring three miles away from here. It is natural hot water. It was originally the bathing pool of the seven fairies above. Since the fairy came to live here and occupied his zhuozu spring, the fairies did not compete with him, and gave it to him for nothing. I see that the fairies do not provoke demons and monsters, and the fairies must have great power.”.


What kind of powerful goblin is it that even the immortals are dumb and dare not argue with them? More than that, the spider spirit also collected a group of “dry sons” in the coil silk hole, all of which are small goblins of bee spirit and cockroach spirit. They are usually treated as slaves, serving tea, pouring water, washing and cooking. If someone comes to the door for trouble, they are the first to bear the brunt.

The reason why these female demons are so rampant is not only because they are so many demons and powerful, but also because they are their fellow disciples in the yellow flower temple. The spider Spirit said it very clearly. They used to be schoolmates and studied magic with the same master, so they have a deep friendship. They often walk around like brothers and sisters. After being humiliated by pig Bajie, these goblins came to complain and asked elder martial brother to decide for themselves. Seventy three times, the women said: “we have come to vote for brother. I hope that brother can read the old classmate’s words and be a Avenger with me today!”


Since they are disciples of the same school, who are the masters of these goblins? The first thing that can be ruled out is that they are definitely not serious immortals, because they can not afford to lose this person, and they may lose their rice bowls. Don’t say that you accept goblins as apprentices. Even if you accept ordinary people, it is an exceptional admission. You have to make repeated orders to the higher authorities. So their master could only choose among the goblins.

The real body of the hundred eye demon is a centipede spirit. His behavior and Magic have several characteristics. First, he is good at using poison. He is an expert in making poison. After special treatment, he processes some collected bird droppings into a kind of highly toxic. Even the immortal will be poisoned if he eats three percent. Seventy three times in the original book, “the goblin opened the lock and took out a package of medicine. This medicine is hundreds of bird droppings in the mountain. It has accumulated thousands of kilograms. It is made into this poison. It is as precious as treasure and treasure. If you taste it, you will see Yan Jun at the entrance!” “If I eat this baby with mortals, it will only take me 1% to die; if I eat it with immortals, it will only take me 3% to die.”.


However, if you look through the whole journey to the west, there is only one Leprechaun besides the centipede spirit who is good at using poison, that is, the scorpion spirit of the poison enemy mountain. Judging from their origins, scorpions and centipedes are all one of the five poisons. They have the talent to develop poisons. Scorpion essence’s stings not only made Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie suffer, but also the Tathagata was stung in the finger. It was so painful that Guanyin said she didn’t dare to approach her.

Fifty five Hui Bodhisattva Road: “This goblin is very dangerous. His three prongs are two claw feet. The one that hurts is a hook on the tail, which is called inverted horse poison. He is a scorpion. The former listened to the Buddha’s scriptures in Leiyin temple. When the Buddha saw him, he didn’t need to push him with his hand. He turned the hook and stabbed the middle thumb of Rulai’s left hand. The Buddha also hurt. That is, the King Kong took him, but he was here. If you want to save the Tang monk, don’t tell anyone else, I’m too close to him. “

Finally, the master and the disciples naturally have many similarities. They must have the same weaknesses from the same sect, so we can deal with them in the same way. The scorpion spirit and the centipede spirit were cleaned up by the Pleiades star officer. Scorpion spirit is a star official who turns into a big cock. She can’t move after three crows. Let the eight commandments pound the meat into mud; The centipede essence was also stabbed blind by pilanpo Bodhisattva with an embroidery needle, which was refined from the eyes of his son, the Pleiadian star officer.

Among all the immortals, the Pleiadian star official can easily subdue scorpion spirit and centipede spirit, because he is a rooster and is just right to deal with these poisons. This is probably the fearless capital of spider spirit and centipede spirit, because their master is the scorpion spirit, which is famous and makes Tathagata and Guanyin feel difficult. They are of course full of confidence in the magic taught by master, thinking that few people are their opponents. Besides, if I can’t do it, I still have master as my backup. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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