Who are the princes laughing for_ Allusions to the war fire playing with princes

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The warfire drama princes refer to the Youwang of Zhou in the Western Zhou Dynasty, which is called Baosi (b ? O s ì) with a smile, the beacon tower was lit and the princes were teased. Baosi burst out laughing. You Wang was very happy, so he lit the beacon for many times. Later, the princes did not believe it, and they gradually stopped coming. Later, Hourong conquered Haojing and killed king you of Zhou. Later, King Ping of Zhou, the son of king you of Zhou, ascended the throne and began the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.


After the death of King Xuan of Zhou, his uterus became Nirvana and he became king you of Zhou. At that time, w á ng J ?? In the Guanzhong area, a major earthquake occurred, and years of drought caused people to go into exile, suffering from hunger and cold. The society was in turmoil and the national strength was exhausted. However, king you of Zhou was a wanton king. He did not want to save the Zhou Dynasty from danger and worked hard. Instead, he put the sycophant Guo Shifu in high position and exploited the people, intensifying class contradictions; He attacked Xirong and was defeated. At this time, a minister named Baoxiang admonished you king. Instead of listening, you king of Zhou imprisoned Baoxiang.



Xi Long was imprisoned for three years. The Baoxiang clan tried every means to save Baoxiang. They heard that king you of Zhou was so beautiful that he was ordering a wide recruitment of beautiful women from all over the world. They took this opportunity to visit beautiful women. Find a woman surnamed Si in Baocheng, teach her to sing and dance, and dress her up. She is named Baosi and presented to you king. Atone for Baoxiang.

You Wang was shocked when he saw Bao Si. He loved her very much. He immediately made her his imperial concubine and released Bao Xiang at the same time. You Wang, after praising Si, doted on her and lived a life of extravagance. Although Baosi was as gorgeous as a peach and a plum, he was as cold as ice. He had never laughed once since he entered the palace. In order to win Baosi’s smile, the king would do everything he could, but Baosi didn’t laugh all day. For this reason, you wang even offered a reward for planning. Who could attract Baosi to smile and reward him thousands of Liang. At this time, a courtier named Gu ó Shifu came up with an idea for king you of Zhou and proposed to use the beacon tower for a try.

The beacon fire was originally an emergency military warning signal when the enemy invaded in ancient times. Beacon towers are set up all over the way from the national capital to the border town fortress. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, more than 20 beacon towers were built around Lishan Mountain near Haojing (in the southeast of Lintong, Shaanxi Province today), one every few miles, in order to prevent the intrusion of military soldiers. Once the soldiers attacked, the Sentinels who first found them immediately lit the beacon on the tower, and the neighboring beacon towers also lit one after another, calling the police to the nearby princes. When the princes saw the beacon fire, they knew that the capital was in an emergency and the emperor was in trouble. They had to send troops to King Qin to rescue him. Father Shi of the state of Guo offered advice to order the beacon tower to light the beacon without any reason, and invited the princes to come here for a free trip, so as to make Baosi laugh.


The fatuous king you of Zhou accepted the suggestion of Guo Shifu, and immediately took Baosi with him to mount Lishan beacon tower, accompanied by Guo Shifu, and ordered the guards to light the beacon. For a while, the flames of war rose in all directions. As soon as the princes saw the alarm, they thought that the soldiers were coming. As expected, they led their troops to the rescue. At the foot of Lishan Mountain, there was not even a dog soldier. Only the sound of playing and singing on the mountain was heard. It seemed that king Youwang of Zhou and Bao Sigao were drinking and making music on the stage. King Youwang of Zhou sent someone to tell them that there was nothing wrong here, but the king and the princess set off fireworks for fun. Only then did the princes know that they had been teased and returned with resentment. Seeing that thousands of troops came and left at once, Bao Si felt very amused, and could not help smiling. King you of Zhou was overjoyed and immediately rewarded Guo Shifu with a thousand gold coins. King you of Zhou teased the princes for several times, and the princes gradually stopped coming.

In order to further appeal to Baosi, king you of Zhou, disregarding the rules of his ancestors, deposed the queen Shen and the crown prince Yi Jiu. After conferring Baosi, Bo Fu, the son of Baosi, became the crown prince. He also ordered the Queen’s father Shen hou to be removed from the throne and prepared to send troops to attack him. After receiving the news, marquis Shen took the initiative to attack Haojing in 771 B.C. by joining forces with Marquis Zhu and the soldiers of the northwest Yi people. King Youwang of Zhou was panicked when he heard the news of the attack of Canrong, and hurriedly ordered the beacon tower to light the beacon. The beacon fire was burning, but the princes were fooled last time, so they paid no attention to it this time.

The beacon tower was full of smoke during the day and full of flames at night, but no rescuers came. This made king you of Zhou complain incessantly. The garrison of Haojing hated king you for his incompetence. They were dissatisfied with the generals’ regular withholding of food and salaries. At this time, they were unwilling to serve. As soon as the soldiers arrived, they reluctantly parried for a while and dispersed in a crowd. The soldiers and horses swarmed into the city. King you of Zhou, with Baosi and Bofu, hurried out of the back door and ran to Lishan. On the way, he ordered to light the beacon again. Although the flames of War reached the sky, there was no rescue from the princes. Hourong soldiers chased him closely, and king you of Zhou fled all the way, leaving only more than 100 people fleeing into the Li palace. King you of Zhou adopted his subordinates’ opinions and ordered to set fire to the front palace gate to confuse the soldiers of the dog army. He himself escaped from the back palace gate. Not far away, the soldiers of gunrong came up again, and there was a flurry of killing. Only king you of Zhou, Baosi and Bofu were left. They were paralyzed in the car by fear. Seeing that king you of Zhou was wearing the clothes of the emperor, the soldiers of dog Rong knew that it was the emperor of Zhou, so they hacked him to death on the spot. He grabbed the prince’s robe from Baosi and killed him with a knife, leaving Baosi alone as a prisoner. At this point, the Western Zhou Dynasty was declared dead.

At this time, the princes knew that Gung Rong had really entered the ho capital, so they united and led a large group of people to rescue. Seeing the arrival of the princes’ army, Canrong snatched away the precious property accumulated in the Zhou Dynasty for many years and set fire to retreat.


After the dog Rong conquered the ho capital, killed the king you and retired, Duke Shen, Duke Lu and Duke Xu jointly established the original crown prince Ji Yijiu as the son of heaven. In 770 BC, he ascended the throne in Shen (now the north of Nanyang, Henan), and was king Ping of Zhou. Because the capital of Ho was destroyed by the war, and most of the land in the west of the Zhou Dynasty was occupied by the army of soldiers, King Ping of Zhou was afraid that the capital of Ho could not be protected. In 770 BC, he moved to the capital of Luoyang (now Luoyang, Henan Province) under the escort of Qin, and established the country with the assistance of Zheng and Jin. The Zhou Dynasty after moving eastward. It was called the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

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