Who are the Sanqing, Siyu and Wulao in journey to the west? Where should the jade emperor be placed?

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Who are the Sanqing, Siyu and Wulao in journey to the west? Where should the jade emperor be placed? Today, I have brought you relevant content to share with you.

Sanqing, Siyu and Wulao are originally Taoist deities. They are often described in folk novels. In the novels, Sanqing does not appear many times. It is the embodiment of Taishang Wuji Avenue, transformed into the three treasures of Taoist Scriptures, and educated the world.

Generally speaking, Sanqing refers to Qingwei Tianyuan Shitian Zun in Yuqing, Yuyu tianlingbao Tianzun in Shangqing, dachitian moral Tianzun in Taiqing, Yuqing is holy, Shangqing is real, Taiqing is fairyland, and Sanqing is the highest god of Taoism. Most of the famous magic weapons in the journey to the West were created by the Supreme Lord Lao Jun. Monkey King’s golden cudgel, pig Bajie’s nine tooth rake, monk Sha’s demon subduing staff, seven star sword stolen from Golden Horn and silver horn, purple gold gourd, front gold rope, yin and Yang gas cylinders, diamond bracelet stolen from qingniu, banana fan taken from qingniu, and purple gold bell given to Guanyin Bodhisattva. Sanqing is very powerful in any relevant records!

The four emperors generally refer to the Jade Emperor, the Ziwei emperor, the gouchen emperor, the emperor, the emperor and the earth. There are only four gods. The Jade Emperor is in charge of the three realms, and the other three emperors are auxiliary to the Jade Emperor. In some Taoist Scriptures, the four emperors are auxiliary to the Sanqing Dynasty, while others are auxiliary to the Jade Emperor. This is a contradiction.


There is also a contradiction, that is, in the Sutra of the Supreme Lord of the upper Qing Dynasty (1616 – 1911), it is recorded that the Jade Emperor evolved into the emperor Sanqing during the three robberies, that is to say, the emperor Sanqing was the incarnation of the Jade Emperor, or the Jade Emperor was the incarnation of the three Qing Dynasties. There is an embarrassing question. At this time, can the Jade Emperor and the other three emperors be put together? Of course not, then we have to put the Jade Emperor in a separate position.

What did the five old gentlemen say? [the Eastern Qing emperor qinglingshi laojiuqi Tianjun] is called the Qing emperor. He wears a blue jade crown on his head and a blue feather coat with nine Qi. He often drives Canglong, builds quail flag, follows God a and B, and has 900000 officials It guides the harmony of the nine heavens, and the fragrance of the nine springs. It nourishes the two instruments to last forever, and protects Yin and yang to achieve eternal prosperity. [Southern Red Emperor danlingzhen laosanjie Tianjun] is called Red Emperor. He wears a red jade crown on his head and a three Qi Dan Yu flying suit He often drives a red dragon, builds a Zhu flag, and has 300000 officers and generals from God bingding. The upper part guides the reification of the Xuanyuan of the Thai Qing Dynasty, and the lower part is the Tao Rong of the three Qi, so that everything can last forever and the essence of heaven can be transported to the southern Xia Dynasty.


The central Yellow Emperor Xuanling Huang Lao Yiqi Tianjun is called the Yellow Emperor. He wears a yellow jade crown and a five color flying suit. He often drives the Yellow Dragon, builds the yellow flag, and has 120000 officers and generals It is the sum of superior nature and the spirit of the five earths. Heaven and earth are protected without loss, and Yin and yang are used without inclination. [the White Emperor of the west, HaoLing emperor and laoqiqi Tianjun] is called the White Emperor. He wears a white jade crown and a white feather flying suit. He often drives the white dragon, builds a plain flag, and has 700000 officers and generals from shengengxin The upper flood diversion is superior to the upper heaven, and the lower and sentient beings are superior to the soul.


The name of the northern black emperor’s five spirits xuanlao five energy Tianjun is black emperor. He wears a xuanjing jade crown and a Xuanyu flying suit. He often drives a black dragon, builds a soap flag, and has 500000 officers and generals from the God. It guides the flow of the five emperors, saves the harmony of the living, protects the two instruments without tilting, and protects the group’s name These five are also innate gods, and they are extremely noble. If you want to rank high and low, you can be on the same level as the four guards. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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