Who are the Seven Demon Kings of Huaguo Mountain? Why did Sun Wukong rank last

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Sun Wukong returned from learning from Bodhi’s founder and killed the evil king who occupied the industry. He went to the Dragon Palace and grabbed Ruyi’s golden cudgel. He went to the hell to check out the book of life and death. At that time, all the evil kings came to him and asked him to be called the boss.

The most proud thing for Monkey King at this time should be that he has sworn to the Six Demon Kings as his brother. But what makes people confused is that the boss is not him, the second is not him, and the third is not him at all. He only ranks last and became a younger brother.

We don’t know how the other demon kings are capable, but the level of the Bull Demon King is almost the same as that of Sun Wukong.


Then, with Sun Wukong’s personality and prestige, why would you like to be the last to be a little brother?


Some people say it is sorted by age.

This is obviously wrong. The age of Monkey King is not much different from that of several demon kings!

When the Buddhist scriptures gathering team passed by Mount Hao, Red Boy said that his father was nearly a thousand years old. At this time, how old should Sun Wukong be? Let’s calculate: he was 342 years old when he returned from studying arts and was captivated by the King of Hell. In addition, he was forced to stay at the foot of the Five Elements Mountain for 500 years (actually, it was more than 600 years since Wang Mang usurped the Han Dynasty to Zhenguan), which was almost a thousand years old. In other words, the Monkey King is as big as the Bull Demon King.

Since the age difference between the Monkey King and the boss is not much, it is very likely that he is not the youngest.

Some people say it is sorted by martial arts.

As I said just now, the level of Monkey King is similar to that of the Bull Demon King. In order to fight for the plantain fan, the two brothers fought for thousands of rounds, and no one could win. When Monkey King made a scene in the Heavenly Palace, although the gods released water, it was difficult to catch him.

As for other demon kings, they basically disappear. If they are really awesome, they can’t leave their names in the Jianghu. Tianting and Buddhism can’t help picking them up. That is to say, if ranked according to martial arts, Sun Wukong is not only the second, but also the third.

Others say it is ranked according to prestige.

This is even more unlikely. The Monkey King just killed the Devil King and robbed the Golden Stirrup Stick. It was at the height of the sun. The other demon kings had hardly heard of any outstanding deeds. Therefore, with his prestige, the Monkey King should not be the last.


So, what is their ranking?

In the 41st chapter of the original work, Sun Wukong himself explained the reason and told Red Boy——

?? “You don’t know that I was Monkey King, the Great Sage of the Qi Kingdom, who made a great fuss in the Heavenly Palace five hundred years ago. When I didn’t make a fuss in the Heavenly Palace, I traveled all over the corners of the world and the four continents. At that time, I was devoted to heroes. Your father was called Niu Demon King, who was called the Great Sage of the Qi Kingdom. He married my grandson as seven brothers and made him the eldest brother. There was also a Jiao Demon King, who was called the Great Sage of the Fu Sea, who became the second brother… Only the younger grandson, who was called the Great Sage of the Qi Kingdom, ranked seventh ?”

It turns out that because Monkey King is small, he can only rank seventh.

How tall is Sun Wukong? It is also explained in the original book——

The Devil King smiled and said, “You are less than four feet old, but you are only thirty years old, and you have no weapons in your hands. How dare you be so bold? What do you want to see from me?”

Less than four feet, converted to today’s units, it is about 1.3 meters. The height of six children is much higher than that.

By height, this is probably the most funny ranking, right? I don’t know who came up with the idea.

But after careful consideration, it is a good way to solve the seven brothers’ ranking dispute.

Let’s think about it. If we rank them by age, do the younger and larger demon kings agree? I must have left early.

If ranked according to prestige, do those demon kings who are skilled and late in their careers agree? Must have risen early.

According to the ranking of martial arts, do those older and senior comrades agree? Must have been angry and scolded.

Ranked by height, it’s hard to say. It’s not that we want to put you in the last place. It’s mainly that your parents didn’t make you good. Who’s to blame?

Although Sun Wukong was a late starter with high kung fu, his foundation was unstable after all, and he needed to consolidate his territory with the help of the Six Demon King. If he goes to compete for ranking for several demon kings, the unity will be broken, and the demon world will not be able to unite, so he has to compromise and accept the ranking.

At the same time, this ranking also made him face saving. People didn’t disrespect me, mainly because I was not tall enough.


The most important thing for Chinese people is ranking, which is the most painful ranking of organs.

Who sits at the main table when eating? Who is the host? Who will sit with you? That’s very particular. After all, some leaders will never come to the table, believing that this is a kind of contempt for him.

Some people say that this is simple. Don’t you just rank the officials in a small order?

That won’t work! What if there are old and prestigious leaders who have retired? What if there are leaders’ families, people around them and celebrities? Although they may be one of the common people, you are the first to try?

During the meeting, there should be no mistakes in seating arrangement. Who sits in the middle of the rostrum, who sits first on the left in the middle, and who sits first on the right in the middle, is more particular (it is said that the secondary ranking is opposite to the dining ranking).

Some people say that it is easy to arrange directly according to the position! This shows that your baby is not on the road!

What if they were sent by their superiors? Although the post is a little lower, it represents the higher authorities. How can it stand behind? What if they are senior retired leaders? You are in the back row, calling old comrades disrespectful. Many politically sensitive people can interpret the political situation from the ranking, so this ranking can’t be wrong!

When the year-end summary and the promotion of cadres are made, the ranking is more particular. For example, people around the leaders must have an opinion that we are not tired of accompanying the leaders if we reward them according to their work achievements? Is it not a job for us to coordinate for the unit? Our invisible work is more important than your work on the table!

Rank by contribution? Old comrades must be unhappy. When we took part in the revolutionary work, you were still wearing underpants. Can you promise not to make mistakes without our direction? Without our burden, can you make achievements?

Reward according to qualifications? That’s even worse. Young comrades are unconvinced. We are doing all the work. What can we do to make old comrades win? In the end, it will inevitably lead to many jobs that old comrades cannot do and young people are unwilling to do.



Many times, the Chinese are hard pressed to win a good battle. During the war, everyone stared at the foreign enemies; When dividing the fruit, everyone stares at their own people. If a unit doesn’t get a good score, many people will definitely have a problem in the next war. If everyone is not united, this battle cannot be fought.

The ranking of Chinese people seems to be unimportant. A person sitting at the main table does not mean that he can eat more, and a person sitting in the middle of the rostrum does not mean that he can absorb less haze. However, the main table and seat represent respect and honor.

However, most of the time, you can’t take the initiative to grab the main seat and the main table, and you need to be invited again and again before you can “take the trouble” to sit down. Otherwise, it means that you are not modest, it means that you are big, everyone will not say anything to face, and you will definitely be stabbed in the back.

Some people feel that they should take the main seat, or they can take the front seat, but no one has invited them. They must feel uncomfortable for a long time, and even have a lot of opinions about people who arrange meetings or meals. Those who take their own positions may be regarded as enemies from now on.

The Chinese people’s friendship is even more unreliable. Although it is said that the word “righteousness” is in the first place, if the ranking is not good and the number one and the number two cannot be distinguished, then they will eventually break up! Just because the seven brothers of the Monkey King chose a strange ranking method to balance at that time, when the external situation changed, the seven brothers naturally went their separate ways. It is not surprising that Sun Wukong was pressed at the foot of the Five Elements Mountain, and none of the six elder brothers went to see him. Disclaimer: The above content comes from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If it infringes your original copyright, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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