Who are the ten Buddhas in the myth? What are the strengths of the ten Buddhas?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has brought you an article about the top ten Buddhas. Welcome to read it~

Speaking of Buddha, in fact, you only heard it in the novel. Many people also said that the really relevant knowledge is really too little, so it still needs to learn more. Recently, many people have said that they want to see how the top ten Buddhas are ranked and what the ranking of these Buddhas is like. Let’s continue to analyze and have a look!


The top ten Buddhas are:

1. Mahaga leaf, asceticism first

Mahaga leaf is called mahaga leaf, which means drinking light. He is the inheritor of Buddha and the first ancestor of Fu fazang. The Buddha once held flowers for public display, and the public did not understand his meaning, but da Kaya smiled at the Buddha. The Buddha passed the Dharma to kayah and told kayah that after the Buddha destroyed the degree, kayah could not destroy the degree until Maitreya Buddha was born and handed over the cassock that Sakyamuni Buddha passed to him to Maitreya Buddha. Gaye is honored as the first Buddha, and also the first person in the past to practice asceticism. He is the most indomitable person. He was once given half a seat and Buddha by the Buddha. Sit with me. After nirvana, Zeng led the people to gather the first scriptures.

2. Ananda, first in many stories

Ananda is also called Ananda, which means joy and no dye. His face is like a full moon, his eyes are like green lotus, and his body is as clean as a bright mirror. Ananda’s memory is excellent. Every word the Buddha said is never forgotten. It’s like water pouring from one Dendrobium into another without being sprinkled. Ananda is known as the first person to hear much. Most of the Scriptures are written by Ananda and later compiled. This is the result of Ananda’s vow to protect all Tathagata Dharma long ago. Ananda, a disciple serving the Buddha, once urged the Buddha to allow women to become monks and become nuns.

3. Sheriff, wisdom first

Sariputra, also known as Sariputra, is the first disciple of the Buddha. It is intelligent, like the lotus incarnation in the mouth of the Buddha, and is called the first of wisdom. Often receive and answer the profound meaning of Prajna paramita. According to & lt& lt; Dharma Sutra &gt& gt; According to the records of the Buddha, the sari Buddha should become a Buddha in the future and be called Huaguang Tathagata.

4. Xu Bodhi is the first to solve the emptiness

Xu Bodhi is good karma, good luck and empty life. Wisdom is superior to others. It is praised as the first to solve emptiness and good at solving emptiness and righteousness. In & lt& lt; Vajra Sutra &gt& gt; Middle is the dialogue between Subhuti and Buddha.

5. Fuluna, the first one

Fuluna is also called midoroni Zi, which means full loving son, full blessing son and full wish son. There are thousands of people who have been educated. It is known as the first theory of law. According to & lt& lt; Dharma Sutra &gt& gt; According to the book, fuluna should be a Buddha in the future, and its name is fa Ming Tathagata.

6. Damu Qianlian, with the first magical power

Damu Qianlian was called the first of the gods. In &lt& lt; Shurangama Sutra & gt& gt; In the middle, Damu Qianlian Road, I travel ten directions without any obstacle. The invention of magic power is promoted to the highest level. The Buddha from ten directions sighs at my magic power. I am bright and quiet, free and fearless.


7. Mahagazhanyan, discussion first

Mahagazhanyan is known as the first of discussion. Be good at debating, often discuss with outsiders, and be able to convince people who ask questions with short words and clever methods.

8. Aniluda, the eye of heaven is the first

Analu translates as no destruction, no desire, no greed, and no struggle for existence. Once greedy for sleep and scolded by the Buddha, people can’t just sleep like pigs all day. So he didn’t sleep and developed eye disease, leading to blindness. Enlightened by the Buddha, the eye of heaven can be seen, and six beings in the sky and underground can be seen. It is known as the first eye of heaven.

9. You po Li, the first to uphold the precepts

Youboli is proficient in discipline and strict in practice, which is known as the first to uphold discipline. When the sutras are gathered, recite the law department. Luo Luo, the son of Luo fo before he became a monk, means covering obstacles and holding the sun. Practice intensively. It is known as “the first in secret travel”.

10. Luo Luoluo, the first in secret travel

Rahula is the son of the Buddha before he became a monk. It is also called Luo hula, Luo Hula or Luo Yun, which translates freely as covering obstacles, blocking the moon or holding the sun. It was named luohouluo because it was born during the lunar eclipse of the luo’a Shura King barrier. As for the birth mother of luohoura, there are different opinions in various Buddhist scriptures, such as Weiqu Yi or yeshutuora, but the latter is more common. According to the volume of the Sutra of never having karma, six years after the Buddha became a Taoist, he returned to the Acropolis of kapilah and made Luo Houluo become a monk, with Sariputra as the monk and muqianlian as asheri, which is the beginning of Buddhism with Shami. When he was a novice, he was not as good as the Dharma. He was admonished by the Buddha. After that, he strictly observed the precepts and refined his practice. He was praised as the first in secret practice. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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