Who are the Three Kingdoms counselors who have been infamous since their first official appearance?

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Since the popular publication of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, because Luo Guanzhong had enough strength to eat milk and waved flags and trumpets for Zhugeliang, the image of Zhugeliang as the “chief think tank” in the hearts of the Chinese people has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it has been difficult to change.

Zhugeliang not only became the number one representative of the three kingdoms’ think tanks, but also almost became the spokesman of the three kingdoms’ history. When it comes to the Three Kingdoms, I am afraid that the first reaction of many people is not Cao Cao or Liu Bei, but Zhugeliang.

In fact, this phenomenon of “one generation for one hundred” has existed since ancient times. In an excellent team or an industry, there are many elite talents, but often only one or several star figures are known to the public. For example, when we mention Tang poetry, we must say Li Du; Whenever Song Ci is mentioned, it must be Suxin; wait.

In fact, Li dusuxin is only a representative figure of his own cultural era, which can not explain that the level of other contemporary poets is poor. Who dares to say that wangchangling, Wang Wei, Bai Juyi, Xiao Li Du, Luo Yin, Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan, Liu ou, Qin Lu and Li Peizhao are not as good as Li dusuxin?

Back to the Three Kingdoms, it is said that the advisers of the three kingdoms are like rain, which is true. We are familiar with the elites in the three think tanks of Wei, Shu and Wu, such as Zhugeliang, Xun Yu, Xun you, pangtong, Guo Jia, Fazheng, Lu Su, Liu Ye, and so on.

These think tank elites have a very high exposure on the historical stage because they work for the three political and military blocs of Wei, Shu and Wu. A-list stars are often like this. The more popular they become, the more popular they become. It is difficult for ordinary people to know whether they are all. They can be called the mainstream think tanks of the three countries.

With the mainstream, there will naturally be non mainstream. The non mainstream here is not about individuality, but the exposure rate on the historical stage. For various reasons, in addition to those famous advisers who have been highly exposed on the stage of Wei, Shu and Wu, there are also several shining stars scattered in the sky of the history of the Three Kingdoms.

These non mainstream super strategists may be slightly less famous than Zhugeliang and Xun Yu, but they have the same status as Zhugeliang and others in terms of strategic level. For example, Jia Xu, Chen Gong, Chen Deng, Tian Feng, Ju Fu, Xu Shu and others, let’s talk about Jia Xu first.

Jia Xu is obviously very different among these five people. First of all, he is a super brand think tank under Cao Cao, and his status is by no means lower than that of Xun Yu. The reason why Jia Xu is not included in the article “Cao Cao’s think tank” is that although Jia Xu has a big hand, he is not Cao Cao’s confidant.

“Boasting that he was not an old minister of Taizu, he had a profound plan, was afraid of suspicion, closed his door, and retired without personal friends.” They belong to the kind of great hermits in the dynasty. From this perspective, Jia Xu can be regarded as a non mainstream, just like Liu Ba, the “little Jia Xu” of Shuhan.

In the first year of Jianhe (AD 147) of emperor Huan of Han Dynasty, Jia Xu was born in guzang, Wuwei County, Liangzhou. Since the founding of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty has waged a hundred year war with the Qiang Di tribes scattered around Liangzhou. The long-term chaos of war and the complex and dangerous living environment have just created Jia Xu’s strong adaptability.

Jia Xu’s strategic level is considered in the whole group of advisers of the Three Kingdoms. They are all super heavyweights. No adviser of the Three Kingdoms dares to say that his IQ is higher than Jia Xu. At the beginning, Jia Xu abandoned his official position and returned home. On the way, he met a di soldier who rebelled against the imperial court. Jia Xu and dozens of people in his company were captured alive, and the rebels wanted to bury them alive.

Jia Xu’s ability to cope with emergencies is very strong. In order to save himself, he lied that he was the nephew of Duan Yu, a guard of Qiang. At that time, Duan Yu was a senior official in the imperial court who specially suppressed the rebellion of Qiang di. He had a very high prestige in western Turkey. In addition, Jia Xu and Duan Yu were both guzang people. Di Bing knew Duan Gu’s weight. Of course, he dared not harm Duan Xiaowei’s nephew, so he let Jia Xu go.

Jia Xu is really talented. He bragged and lied, but his face was not red and his heart did not jump. He talked and laughed with the di Bing leader, drank chicken blood and worshipped him. Then Jia Xu swaggered away with the money sent by Di Bing, and all the dozens of unlucky people who accompanied Jia Xu were buried alive.

Of course, this is just a little smart. The difficulty coefficient is not high. People who respond quickly will say: who is my uncle and who is my second uncle. What really shows a person’s strategic intelligence is still in the big picture.

However, Jia Xu’s first official appearance on the historical stage has left a lasting reputation. It can be said that Jia Xu was responsible for a large part of the chaos in the early Three Kingdoms. In the third year of Chuping (AD 192), the great thief DongZhuo was jointly killed by Wang Yun and Lu Bu, a family slave with three surnames. Seeing that there was no hope for the future, Li Xi, Guosi and Zhang Ji, the three big horses under DongZhuo, were ready to return home and would not join the officialdom.

At this time, Jia Xu, who was working under Niu Fu, DongZhuo’s son-in-law, was full and had nothing to do. He wanted to show off his intellectual level. Jia Xu emboldened Li Xuan by saying that if we dispersed in a mass, a small pavilion leader of the government would be able to clean us up. Why don’t you join hands and fight with Wang Yun to the east? If we succeed, we will be princes. If we fail, we will run away.

Li Zhen, who was once a strong thief in the Jianghu, was so excited by Jia Xu that he really emboldened himself and took revenge on Wang Yun. Finally, he destroyed Wang Yun and defeated Lv Bu. Various warlords were killed in one place, and bricks flew everywhere. The Central Plains region suffered unprecedented damage from the war. “White bones are exposed in the wild, and there is no Rooster crowing for thousands of miles.”

Because Jia Xu said something he shouldn’t have said, he was severely criticized in history. In fact, apart from Jia Xu, Wang Yun, who was dead – headed, was really responsible for the chaos caused by Li Xi and Guo Si. If Wang Yun didn’t want to kill Li Xi and Guo Si, and refused Li and Guo to surrender to the imperial court, they would be cornered, and the situation would not be so out of control.

Jia Xu is a non mainstream genius who deviates from the mainstream social value and moral system. The value of Jia Xu may not be required by the general standard of patriotism and love for the people. In troubled times, people’s survival comes first. If people’s own value is highlighted, the whole society will also progress. After all, the society is composed of countless individuals.

As far as Jia Xu is concerned, it is impossible for Cao Touwang such as Li Xi and Guo Si to provide a good stage for Jia Xu to realize his personal value. How promising can he be with bandits? However, at that time, many heroes were in a scuffle. Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were just at the beginning of their careers. Jia Xu may not have much in-depth understanding of them. Coupled with the long distance, it was obvious that they were not suitable buyers for Jia Xu.

On Jia Xu’s selection menu, Zhang Xiu, Zhang Ji’s nephew, is a good candidate. Moreover, he lives in Nanyang and has a stable income. Jia Xu thought it safe to eat at Zhang Xiu’s house for the time being, so he secretly winked at Zhang Xiu. Sure enough, Zhang Xiu’s seven spirits and six spirits were hooked up. He sent someone to invite Jia Xu to become a military master.

Although Zhang Xiu’s stage is not too big, it is enough for Jia Xu to expand his talent. Jia Xu became famous in the Jianghu of the Three Kingdoms largely because he was in Nanyang? That was a wonderful performance. Green leaf, which cooperates with Jia Xu’s wonderful performance, is the No. 1 hero of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao.

It was the spring of the third year of Jian’an (AD 198). Cao Cao felt the pressure of the southern route because Zhang Xiu and Mu Liu Biao of Jingzhou formed an alliance. In addition, Zhang Xiu defeated Cao Cao in Nanyang the previous year, resulting in the death of Cao Cao’s eldest son Cao ang and the important general Dian Wei. Cao Cao wanted to avenge himself with one arrow, and Cao Cao made a large-scale expedition to the south.

However, shortly after Cao Jun arrived in Nanyang, the news came from the north line that Tian Feng advised Yuan Shao to sneak into Xudu. Cao Cao did not dare to joke about his nest and immediately withdrew his troops. Of course, Zhang Xiu didn’t want to let Cao Cao go. She took her brothers and shook her head and tail. The red headed man wanted to see Cao Cao off.

Jia Xu stops Zhang Xiu and persuades her not to pursue her. If she pursues her, she will be defeated. Zhang Xiu stares at Jia Xu and checks whether Jia Xu has been kicked in the head by a donkey. Why not have such a good chance to make a fortune? Zhang Xiu doesn’t listen and rushes out like the wind, but soon Zhang Xiu is defeated by Cao Cao’s ambush and almost loses her underwear.

After Zhang Xiu came back, Jia Xu immediately persuaded Zhang Xiu to go after Cao Cao again, and he was sure to win. Zhang Xiu believed Jia Xu and rushed out with bricks. As expected, she beat Cao Cao black and blue. Zhang Xiuyue thinks Jia Xuyue is less like a person. How can he be so calculating? Cao Cao was almost determined by his moves.

Zhang Xiu asked sincerely, and Jia Xu laughed: “it’s very simple. Cao Cao retreated when he first came. Xu Du must have been threatened by Yuan Shao before he hurried north. Cao Cao used his troops carefully. It was expected that the general would follow him later, so Cao Cao would set an ambush on the way, and the general was sure to fall prey to the plan. As for pursuing again, Cao Cao defeated the general’s pursuit, thinking that we would not pursue again, so he relaxed his vigilance against us.”

Zhang Xiu was completely convinced that Jia Xu could see the world so thoroughly. There are few people in the world today, just Guojia, Chengyu and Fazheng. Of course, from the perspective of hindsight, Jia Xu’s clever plan is really nothing strange, but the problem is that “hindsight” is worthless. If everything is “what happens after the event”, there is no need for history to exist.

A counselor of Jia Xu’s level really wronged him by squatting in the small temple of Zhang Xiu, just like Zhang Lu and other small shrimps can’t afford to use Fazheng. Zhang Xiu was just a springboard for Jia Xu. Jia Xu was destined not to follow Zhang Xiu all his life.

Later, Jia Xu finally followed Cao Cao in good faith, but because of his past gratitude and resentment with Cao Cao, Jia Xu still had a certain sense of distance from Cao Cao in his heart, which also affected Jia Xu’s intellectual development in Cao Cao.

However, Jia Xu is born to mix big scenes. He can always change the course of history intentionally or unintentionally. His only few beautiful strokes have left a deep impression on history. Cao Pi, later Emperor Wen of Wei, must have had the most experience of this.

As Cao Cao grew older, it was urgent to determine the successor of the Empire, but Cao Cao had been hesitating between Cao Pi and Cao Zhi. If it weren’t for Jia Yu’s words, “I thought of yuanbenchu and liujingsheng.” Cao Cao did not necessarily choose Cao Pi. It can be said that without Jia Xu, there would be no future for Cao Pi. Cao Pi was grateful to Jia Xu all his life. The Jia family lived in the Wei Dynasty, rich and noble.

All one’s life, living is living. Whether it is a decisive victory in the temple, a battle in the market, or a grass-roots life, it is only a process to prove that it once existed. Jia Xu was like this. Since he followed Cao Cao, Jia Xu made up his mind to retire. Although Jia Xu died in 223 A.D., in fact, Jia Xu’s political life ended as early as 199 A.D., when Jia Xu was 53.

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