Who are the three remaining judges in the legendary underworld except Zhong Kui?

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In ancient Chinese folklore, a judge is an official who punishes people’s good and evil in the underworld. In people’s impression, the judge is very fierce, but he is kind-hearted and very upright. Their duty is to judge people’s reincarnation. Reward the good and punish the bad. In Fengdu City, the judges are responsible for judging all the dead souls who come to the nether world. In fact, there are four most famous judges in the underworld. They are responsible for rewarding the good, punishing the evil, searching for and enforcing the law. Among them, Zhong Kui, the most familiar one, is only one of them, and the other three assume different responsibilities.

Wei Zheng was originally the Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty. After his death, he was appointed as a judge of the reward department by Emperor Fengdu. Wei Zheng’s image of a judge is: he is good at holding thin hands, wearing green robes and smiling. There are arrangements for the souls of those who did good deeds before they died. He will reward the dead soul according to the degree of kindness he did during his lifetime. In the six paths of reincarnation, the souls of those who did good deeds before they died, or became gods, or reincarnated as human beings, just drink a bowl of Mengpo’s ecstasy tea, and you can forget all your gratitude and resentment during your lifetime. Wei Zheng was originally a Guanglu doctor in the period of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. His life was just beginning, and he even broke his words to admonish the king of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, after his death, he was awarded the title of the judge of the reward department by the emperor Yanluo. Zhong Kui was also a native of the Tang Dynasty. Because he was not placed in an important position by the king of the Tang Dynasty, he angrily crashed into a pillar and died. Because Zhong Kui was upright, after his death, he was appointed as the magistrate of the punishment Department of the underworld by the emperor Yanluo of the underworld. Zhong Kui’s image in the underworld is that he wears purple robes, his eyes are full of anger, his lips are always closed, and he is not angry. He is a business adopted son.


It is said that all ghosts who come to the underworld must come to the evil mirror to show good and evil in their lives and distinguish between good and bad. Zhong Kui will deal with all the souls of those who did evil before they died. Zhong Kui’s punishment principles are: disloyalty, unfilial, unfilial, unbelief, shameless, incorruptible, unjust and rude. The evil spirits of the dead will receive light or heavy punishment according to these. After punishment, they will be pressed to the 18th hell to receive second punishment. Finally, these souls will come to the hall of reincarnation, become pigs, cattle, horses and other animals, and return to the sun. Punish the evil justice, the holy emperor Zhong Kui.

Lu Zhidao is also called Lu judge in Liaozhai Zhiyi. Lu Jian and Zhu Erdan became close friends. After drinking, Lu Jian also changed Zhu Erdan’s heart. After Zhu Erdan got a change of heart in Lu’s judgment, his literary thoughts soared, and he won Kuiyuan in Qiuwei. Later, Lu Jian also changed Zhu Erdan’s wife’s head. After being changed, Zhu Erdan’s wife only left a red thread on her neck, which was praised for her amazing skills. Lu’s image in the underworld is that he has eyes like electricity, is upright, and is awe-inspiring. His duty in the underworld is to let those who did good in their lifetime get good rewards, and those who did evil in their lifetime get due punishment. It was Lu Zhidao in the Song Dynasty.


Cui Jue was a magistrate of Zizhou County under the rule of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), and later served as a minister of rites. Cui Jue and Wei Zheng were close friends. He was an upright official all his life. After his death, he was appointed as the investigating judge by the emperor Yanluo and was in charge of the investigation department. Cui Jue’s image in the underworld is wearing a red robe, holding a life and death fight in her left hand and a soul drawing pen in her right hand. He specially added longevity to those who did good, and captured the evil to the underworld. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Cui Jue was the judge of the underground Yin Law Department, in charge of the life and death book. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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