Who are the top ten evil spirits in ancient times? Chiyou No. 1 no doubt

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There are many stories in ancient China. During the great famine period, there were ten fierce beasts, and in ancient times, there were also ten demon gods. Who are these ten demon gods? Today, the China story network Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look together with interested partners.

The top ten demon gods in ancient times include Chiyou, the God of war, Xing Tian, Kuafu, the God of stars, Gonggong, Fengbo Feilian, Yushi Pingyi, the God of the underworld, Yu Lei, the queen of the demon star, the goddess of drought, and yinlingzi, the reclusive God.

I. Chiyou, the God of war

Chiyou was an outstanding leader of the Dongyi tribe in the lower reaches of the Yellow River in ancient times, and was also the head of the top ten demon gods in ancient times. According to the unofficial history records of tortoise shell, Chiyou was born in the family of a clan leader in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. He had natural magic power due to the influence of the Pangu axe deeply buried under the court. When he was born, a cry would start three evil dragons sleeping in the mountains and lakes. The clansman predicted that this son would become a great weapon in the future. Later, the Yellow Emperor sent troops from the upper reaches of the Yellow River to the battle of banquan, defeated the Yandi tribe in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, and established the most powerful Huaxia tribe in the Yellow River Basin. The Huaxia tribe continued to move eastward, defeating many tribes in the lower reaches of the Yellow River.

Chiyou tribe did not want to submit to Xuanyuan, so they united nine tribes in the lower reaches of the Yellow River to form Jiuli tribe to fight the Yellow Emperor. In the battle between Jiuli and Huaxia, Chiyou, together with Xing Tian and Kuafu, and with the help of Kanghui, the God of water, and Feng Boyu, defeated the Yellow Emperor in a row. Later, the Yellow Emperor invited the daughter of the great emperor of the Arctic crape myrtle to defeat Chiyou in the battle of Zhuolu. Chiyou was killed by Ying long when he was defeated in the battle of Zhuolu. The blood flying from his neck formed Chiyou’s flag, which sealed the sky. As a result, nvyu and Ying long could not return to the sky, providing an opportunity for the migration of the Dongyi tribe to the south. The body was buried in Xishuipo, Puyang, known as “Emperor Hill”. Chiyou died in the battle of Zhuolu.


II. God of war Xingtian

The weapon that punishes the angel is Qi, a kind of giant axe, and a bronze square shield, which was called Gan in ancient times.

Xing Tian was the leader of a tribe in the east of Yan Emperor’s tribe in ancient times. Later, he joined the Dongyi tribe and became the main leader of Jiuli tribe. He was one of the top ten demon gods in ancient times, and his force value was no less than that of Chiyou. According to the Shanhaijing, Xing Tian fought with the Yellow Emperor, who cut off his head and buried him at the foot of Changyang mountain. Although Xing Tian had broken his head, he was still determined. With his nipples as his eyes and his navel as his mouth, he continued to wield his shield and axe, and decided with the Yellow Emperor again.

However, according to the annals of Yuanyang, Xing Tian had the stone of the Holy Spirit. He fought against the dragon with Ge Qi. It was too dark to part with him. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor took the opportunity to attack the dragon from behind and cut off his head. However, Xing Tian still stood and fought on the battlefield. Later, Jiutian Xuannv sent Xuantian Yunv to say a word to Xing Tian. He fell down and was buried in Changyang mountain. Xing Tian died in the battle of Zhuolu.

III. star God Kuafu

Kuafu was the leader of the giant tribe of Kuafu camp of Sanmiao tribe, an ancient Miao man tribe, and later went north to join the Dongyi tribe. It is estimated to be one of the most well-known ten evil spirits in ancient times.

It is recorded in the general annals of Shulin, a folk miscellaneous history: Kuafu and nvyu fought in the field of deer competition. The nvyu couldn’t beat Kuafu on the ground, so she flew into the sky, surrounded by the fire, and looked from the ground like a red sun in the middle. Kua Fu used his magic to increase his height by several times. He continued to chase the girl with a peach tree fight until he was dried up by the fire. He was hungry, thirsty and tired. Finally, he was tired to death. Kuafu died in the battle of Zhuolu.

IV. shuishen Gonggong

Gonggong is a disciple of Xuannv of Jiutian and a senior brother of Xuannv of Xuantian. In the annals of Yuanyang, Gonggong, also known as Kanghui, takes water as the law. Jiutian Xuannv and Nuwa were at odds, so she sent her co workers to help Chiyou fight against the Yellow Emperor who was supported by Nuwa. Emperor Yan attacked Chiyou’s troops in Nanye, chasing deer. The co workers went to fight. Zhu Rong, Limu, Jumang, Yingzhao and other four generals, who were sitting down alone as Emperor Yan, also won.

Later, Nu Wa set up an altar in Buzhou mountain to seal the sky, so that Chiyou’s troops could not retreat. Gonggong was furious and scolded heaven for the injustice of God. Then he collapsed into Buzhou mountain and died, breaking Nuwa’s Tianfeng formation, so that the troops of Jiuli nationality could flee after the defeat. Gonggong died in the battle of Zhuolu.

V. Fengbo Feilian

According to the ancient history proverbs, Feng Bo Feilian, a deer with a bird’s head, sharp horns, leopard print and a yellow snake’s tail, helped Chiyou to participate in the battle of Jiuli in China. Once united with rain master Pingyi to defeat ice God Ying long. Later, he was defeated by nvyu and captured and killed in the battle of Zhuolu. Feilian died in the battle of Zhuolu.

Feng Bo’s name is Feilian. He used to be Chiyou’s younger martial brother. His appearance is strange, with a deer like body and leopard like patterns. His head is like the head of a peacock, with strange horns and a snake like tail. He once worshiped a true Taoist with Chiyou as a master and practiced in Qishan.

Vi. rain master screen

In the ancient history proverbs, it is said that the rain master Pingyi is like a seven inch thin silkworm with scales and wings on its back, helping Chiyou to participate in the battle of nine Li in China. Once united with Feng Bo Feilian to defeat the ice God Ying long. Later, he was defeated by nvyu and captured and killed in the battle of Zhuolu. Pingyi died in the battle of Zhuolu.

The earliest God of rain was called Pingyi, which was like wearing a feather crown or a feather coat. Because the original wizards prayed for rain, they all wore feather coats and dressed up as birds, so the rain master was called Pingyi. In legend, he often appears with Feng Bo, who belongs to the top ten demon gods in ancient times. He was a subordinate of the Yellow Emperor.

VII. Youming double gods

1. Dark god tea

In the records of tortoise shells, Shentu and Yu Lei are both the heads of evil spirits and monsters. They were subordinated to Chiyou and later captured in the battle of Zhuolu and surrendered to Xuanyuan. She was appointed by Nu Wa as the God of the underworld and took charge of the underworld together with Yu Lei, the God of the underworld. It is said that God and man can subdue evil spirits. It is often called Yu Lei, another God and man. Divine tea is also known as “tea” or “tea and”.

2. Dark God Yu base

In the records of tortoise shells, Yu Lei and Shentu were both called the head of demons and monsters. They were captured and surrendered in the battle of Zhuolu. She was appointed by Nu Wa as the God of the underworld and took charge of the underworld together with the God of the underworld.


VIII. Empress of the demon star

It is recorded in the annals of Yuanyang that Hou Qing was the younger brother slandered by the later earth emperor and was sent by the latter earth to help the Yellow Emperor fight Chiyou. Unexpectedly, Hou Qing, under the influence of Chiyou and others, joined the eastern barbarians to fight against the Yellow Emperor, and even did not hesitate to turn himself into a flying corpse like the female one. Even after his death, he turned into a demon star and made trouble everywhere. Later, Nuwa United Houtu, crape myrtle, gouchen and dizang to seal it with the five element array.

Hou Qing is a demon God in ancient Han mythology. According to the unofficial history, Hou Qing and the other three ancestors of Zombies (Ying Gou, Hanyu and generals) were born in the period of human beings and monsters. They did not disappear until the middle ages.

IX. goddess of drought

The God of drought in the book of mountains and seas, one of the four great zombie ancestors, has the dual identity of God and monster. The image of Ganyu is represented by the image of the goddess of heaven. According to legend, it is a goddess in green. The place where she lives is burning like a fire. Chiyou attacked the Yellow Emperor, who ordered Yinglong to attack Jizhou. Chiyou invites the fengboyu division to deal with Yinglong’s troops with violent storms. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor ordered the female dog to help the war. The female dog stopped the heavy rain and finally helped the Yellow Emperor win the war. Tamarind is also the only female among the top ten demon gods in ancient times.

X. Yin Lingzi

Yinlingzi is a firefly who became a demon under a ginkgo tree. He calls himself yinlingzi (also known as bright Warcraft). He is one of the top ten Warcraft born in the flood. He is good at psychedelic spells. His psychedelic spells can’t even help the God Yihe who subdued the demon at that time. According to the annals of Yuanyang, yinlingzi was a great general of the eastern barbarians and was good at protecting himself. After Chiyou died, the Mountain Ghost led part of the Dongyi tribe to move southward to the Miao man area of Kuafu. The rest of the Dongyi people moved eastward with him to the east of Mount Tai and escaped the pursuit of the Yellow Emperor sitting down and General Wang Hai.

It is said that the bright Warcraft (yinlingzi) is one of the top ten demon gods in ancient times. In the battle between gods and demons, only the earth Warcraft and the bright Warcraft are still alive. The first ranked earth Warcraft is trapped in the seal, while the last ranked bright Warcraft has the ability to predict the future and run away, and finally escaped the battle between the gods. Later, because the bright Warcraft never hurt people except for self-defense, the gods did not chase it because of internal fighting. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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