Who are the twelve golden immortals of Kunlun in myth and legend?

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Kunlun Mountain, also known as kunlunxu, is the first sacred mountain in China and the mountain of ten thousand ancestors. It is also the Taoist place of the great gods such as the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty and the mother of the west king in myths and legends. So who are the twelve golden immortals of Kunlun in myth and legend? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Taoist temple: Taoyuan cave of Jiuxian mountain

Disciple: Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Yinjiao

Magic weapon: Fantian seal, soul bell and immortal sword

Introduction: guangchengzi is an ancient immortal. In orthodox mythology, he is an ancient immortal. He is so powerful that he was once the teacher of Xuanyuan of the Yellow Emperor. He taught the tactics of the Yellow Emperor and helped him unify the human race.

However, in the history of deity worship, he was the first disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun. He was the first to expound the twelve golden immortals. He was most loved by Yuanshi Tianzun and was granted the heaven seal by Yuanshi Tianzun.

This seal was made by half of Buzhou holy mountain. Although it is the treasure of the day after tomorrow, its power is far more than most congenital treasures. Once it is sacrificed, Buzhou mountain will suppress it. Under the infinite weight, you can still put down the seal no matter how high you are. Two of the five saints were killed by him with the Fantian seal, and one was beaten back to its original form, so he was also called “the virgin killer”


Red sperm

Taoist temple: Yunxiao cave of Taihua mountain

Disciple: Yinhong

Magic weapon: Yin Yang mirror killing immortal sword

Introduction: Red sperm, the third disciple of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, has an excellent relationship with guangchengzi, and is also an ancient immortal with great powers. His Taoist temple is located in Yunxiao cave of Taihua mountain. It is a place of Futian cave. Its internal origin gave birth to a congenital treasure – Yin Yang mirror.

This mirror has both yin and Yang sides. The Yin side is black and the yang side is white. The black side can wipe out people, while the white side can revive people killed by the black side. Its power is terror.

Red sperm regards this mirror as the most precious treasure to protect the Tao and never leaves the body easily. However, in order to get rid of the disaster, he takes Yinhong, the second son of King Zhou, as his disciple. He temporarily gives Yinhong the yin-yang mirror and orders him to go down the mountain to help King Wu defeat Zhou. But he didn’t want Yin Hong to turn back temporarily and help the Shang Dynasty deal with Xiqi. Under the yin-yang mirror, the immortal god stopped, that is, the red sperm had to avoid its edge.

Immortal Huanglong

Taoist temple: Magu cave, Erxian mountain

Disciple: None

Magic weapon: None

Introduction: Immortal Huanglong, a nine clawed Huanglong who got the Tao, is one of the twelve disciples of the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. However, he is the most disliked by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty because he is a scaly beast. He has neither powerful magical powers nor powerful treasures around him. He can be called the weakest of the twelve golden immortals.

However, although he was a fairy without gold, his luck was excellent. During the apocalypse, he was beaten by zhaogongming, chased by the plague ancestor Lu Yue, trapped by the nine bend Yellow River array, and tricked into tightening the hoop by Ma Shen After a series of tragedies, he survived the apotheosis disaster safely. This is not luck.

Be afraid of leaving grandchildren behind

Taoist temple: Feiyun cave of Jialong mountain

Disciple: Tu xingsun

Magic weapon: Fairy rope

Introduction: he is afraid of leaving his grandson. He is one of the twelve disciples under the throne of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. He practices the way of earth. He is best at defense and evasion. His skill of earth evasion is unparalleled in the world;

Not only that, he also has a treasure called trapped immortal rope, which is as big and as small as possible, and is not afraid of water and fire sabres. It contains a strong sealing power. It is an ancient immortal God. Once trapped, he has to be captured. That’s why he got the name “trapped immortal”.

However, his luck was not very good. During the apocalypse, he encountered the peerless fierce formation under the three sky cloth – the nine bend Yellow River formation, which was cut off from the top three flowers and fell into the mortal world. After countless years of hard cultivation, it all disappeared. In order to restore his cultivation, he betrayed the original Heavenly Master and resolutely defected from the yuxu palace to the Western Buddhism, which became the later fear of staying in the sun Tathagata.

Taiyi immortal

Taoist temple: Qianyuan mountain golden light cave

Disciple: Nezha

Magic weapon: Heaven and earth circle mixed with sky silk fire point gun wind fire wheel Kowloon divine fire mask

Introduction: Immortal Taiyi, one of the twelve disciples under the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, is also one of the most famous Golden immortals among the twelve golden immortals in Kunlun. Maybe you haven’t heard of immortal Taiyi, but you must know Nezha’s master.

Although he was a disciple of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, he practiced the way of nature, and followed the same path as empress Nu Wa. He had the ability to bring the dead back to life and create thousands of things.

In the canonization, Nezha’s body was destroyed, so immortal Taiyi made a stronger body for Nezha with a lotus flower, and gave Nezha his magic treasures such as heaven and earth circle mixed with sky silk, fire pointed gun, wind fire wheel, dragon divine fire hood, etc., which helped Nezha become one of the three major generals in Xiqi.


Master Lingbao

Taoist temple: Kongtong mountain Yuanyang cave

Disciple: None

Magic weapon: unknown

Introduction: Master Lingbao is one of the twelve disciples under the throne of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. His background is extremely mysterious. I don’t know where he came from. He is the least skilled of the twelve golden immortals. There is little information about him. I only know that he practices in Yuanyang cave of Kongtong mountain. Like immortal Huanglong, he has no disciples or disciples; However, if he could worship Yuanshi Tianzun as his teacher, his understanding, root bone and magic power would not be too bad.

Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun

Taoist temple: Yunxiao cave of Wulong mountain

Disciple: jinzha

Magic weapon: dunlong column

Introduction: Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun, one of the twelve disciples of the first Tianzun of the Yuan Dynasty, is called Tianzun, but the actual combat power of the twelve golden immortals belongs to the middle reaches at most. His most famous magic weapon is called Dun Long Zhu. It has the ability to dun long and capture immortals. Once it is sacrificed, it can catch and lock the opponent by itself.

However, when the Yellow River array was robbed, he was also cut off the top three flowers by Sanxiao and broke into the mortal world; In order to restore his Taoism, he also chose to betray his teachings and join the Western Buddhism. He became one of the three great Buddhists of Buddhism, Manjusri Bodhisattva.

Immortal Puxian

Taoist temple: Baihe cave, Jiugong Mountain

Disciple: Mu Zha

Magic weapon: None

Introduction: Immortal Puxian, one of the twelve disciples of the Tianzun in the Yuan Dynasty, is a real person who seeks Tao. He is not moved by foreign objects and lives in seclusion in Jiugong Mountain for many years. Later, due to the great disaster of the gods, he had to take Mu Zha as his disciple and go to the threethousand world of mortals.

But just because of this, the reputation of the nine bend Yellow River rose to a higher level, and another golden immortal was cut off by the nine bend Yellow River array. Like others, after the top three flowers were cut off, he also chose to join Buddhism and became one of the three great Buddhists of Buddhism.

Cihang Taoist

Taoist temple: Luojia cave of Putuo Mountain

Disciple: None

Magic weapon: pure glass bottle

Introduction: Taoist Cihang, one of the twelve disciples under the throne of Yuanshi Tianzun, is a favorite disciple of Yuanshi Tianzun. He got the crystal clear glass bottle given by Yuanshi. This baby is not ordinary. It contains endless space and can hold all the water in the world. It can flood the three realms; More importantly, every thousand years, this bottle can condense a drop of the first divine water in the three realms —– Sanguang divine water, which can make the flesh and bones of the dead alive and make all kinds of impossibilities possible.

It can be seen that Yuanshi Tianzun loved him if he could get such a treasure from Yuanshi Tianzun; However, it is a pity that he finally betrayed the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. After the battle of the gods, he joined the Buddhism and became the most familiar Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Immortal Yuding

Taoist temple: Jinxia cave of Yuquan mountain

Disciple: Yang Jian

Magic weapon: cut immortal sword and trap immortal sword

Introduction: Immortal Yuding, one of the twelve disciples under the throne of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, is also a hidden leader among the twelve golden immortals of the Kunlun Mountains. There is no doubt that he is a true scholar. He practices in the Jinxia cave of Yuquan mountain, likes to read various ancient books and collections, and has studied all kinds of skills and secrets. His teaching ability can be called an explosive table. The most famous thing is that he taught Erlang God Yang Jian, the first disciple of three generations.

Therefore, in many myths or film and television plays, he appeared as a famous teacher with poor combat power but profound knowledge and high teaching ability; But in fact, his combat power is not weak at all. He is definitely in the forefront among the twelve golden immortals. Otherwise, he would not be in charge of the cutting immortal sword and trapping immortal sword of Tongtian cult leader.


Daoxing Tianzun

Taoist temple: Yuwu cave of Jinting mountain

Disciple: Wei Hu, Han poisonous dragon, Xue Ehu and Wei Hu

Magic weapon: Demon subduing pestle

Introduction: Daoxing Tianzun is one of the twelve golden immortals under the throne of the original Tianzun. Passers-by feel that he is the best famous teacher among the twelve golden immortals in Kunlun. There are three disciples under him, but one of the real disciples is Wei Hu, the only one of the gods who can crush Yang Jian in martial arts.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Wei Hu, but you must have heard another name of him. That is Quan Zhen Weituo, the Dharma protector of the three religions. Contrary to Yang Jian’s peerless talent, the original text of the canonization said that Wei Hu was not highly qualified, and that he could teach Wei Hu who was not highly qualified to become the later Weituo, which shows the teaching ability of the Taoist God.

Pure virtue and true monarch

Taoist temple: Ziyang cave of Qingfeng mountain

Disciple: Yang Ren, Huang Tianhua

Magic weapon: five fire and seven bird fans, heart saving nail

Introduction: as one of the twelve disciples of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, he is a true cultivator of Taoism. Yuanshi Tianzun loved him very much. He not only gave him many magic weapons, but also gave him two divine beasts: Jade unicorn and Yunxia beast.

However, compared with practice, he seems to prefer medical skills and human body transformation. When he saved his disciple Yang Ren in the process of divination, it was clear that he could easily cure his eyes, but he installed an opponent in Yang Ren’s eye socket to make his eyes and eyes grow.

Although this image is strange, I have to say that the true king of pure virtue is really not good. These strange eyes can see the heaven from the top, the earth from the bottom, and know all kinds of things in the world. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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