Who defeated the Buddha in the fight before Sun Wukong? Why is Sun Wukong inferior to him?

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Today, the editor of China story network brings you an article about the monkey king. Welcome to read it~

After all kinds of difficulties and solving all kinds of demons and ghosts, Tang Monk’s teachers and disciples finally arrived at Lingshan. The Tathagata was satisfied with their performance. Seeing that they were also hard-working, he praised them and rewarded them. Sun Wukong can be said to be the bravest and hardest on the way. Every time Tang monk was caught, he always worked on the front line. He was not afraid of difficulties and tried his best to rescue the master, Therefore, in addition to the Tang Monk becoming a Buddha, he was also awarded the title of fighting Buddha. Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng are the messenger of the clean altar and the golden arhat.

In fact, the posts granted to them by the Tathagata are not temporary, but have long existed in Lingshan. However, these posts are not in place for the time being. Therefore, the post of fighting against Buddha has always existed. Before Sun Wukong, who held this post?

Before you know the answer, you should first understand what the position is and what the position is in Lingshan.

In Buddhism, the interpretation of Buddha is awakening, and his highest state is to reach the state of no self. In addition, there are levels in Buddhism. The highest level is Buddha, the next level is Bodhisattva, and the last level is arhat. From this level, we can probably understand that in the future, Sun Wukong’s level will surpass Guanyin’s. This time, the Scriptures were too valuable for him. He climbed directly from a monkey who was nothing to Guanyin’s level.


Although the Buddha’s rank is the highest, the Buddha’s rank is also divided into several categories. It is not that as long as it is a Buddha, everyone has the same status. The Buddha is divided into 35 categories, and the fighting Buddha ranks 31. The daily work in Lingshan is to take the responsibility of force. It is the most powerful of all Buddhas. It also has some real power. That is, all the fighting people are under his control. In addition to taking charge of the people in charge of daily work, as long as it is related to fighting, they generally have to come forward.

This is why it is called fighting against Buddha. It is hoped that people in this position can keep a competitive heart and never admit defeat. Therefore, people in this position not only require strength to take responsibility, but also need to constantly surpass themselves.

There is only one person in Quanling mountain who can meet this requirement, that is, Xu Bodhi. He has a very smart mind, but he was a little rascal when he was young. He was idle all day and did nothing. Later, he followed Sakyamuni, worshipped him as a teacher, followed him to learn art, and entered the Buddhist school to concentrate on studying. After understanding the truth, he changed his shortcomings. For this reason, he was later called the first to solve the void. Jiekong means to change one’s own problems and make sure that success is like Buddha.

But why is it that Wukong is far from Subhuti? The reason still lies in Wukong. At first, because he was too naughty, he relied on his strength. Because he was making trouble in the heaven, he was pressed down by the Tathagata. Later, although he followed the Tang Monk all the way to learn scriptures and continue to practice, he still often made mistakes. Just before reaching Lingshan, he killed several precious rhinoceros for their horns. Through this event, we can prove that Wukong still lacks in inner cultivation. Because Buddhists believe that they do not kill animals and are devoted to good, even if they are monsters, they should also focus on influence, so Wukong needs to make progress in this aspect.

Of course, this is only a small direction. In fact, there is still a bigger gap in the name. Wukong is the realization of the true meaning of Buddhism. To be precise, it is also a kind of self-examination, that is, just reaching the standard; To solve the problem of emptiness is to pass on the Dharma to others and answer their doubts. One is self realization, and the other is to help others solve their doubts. It is clear at a glance who is high and who is low.

Therefore, compared with the solution of emptiness, Wukong is naturally much worse. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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