Who else but Wukong stole the peach? This man stole three times. Why is it okay?

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Do you know who else stole the peach besides Wukong? Next, the editor of China story network will explain it to you.

Sun Wukong was suppressed by the jade emperor when he stole flat peaches. Why did no one dare to provoke him when he stole flat peaches? Who is his master

Many people read ancient novels and felt that it was not easy for ordinary people at that time. On the one hand, they didn’t eat and play as much as they do now. On the other hand, they were also constrained by the Tao. After all, there was no loess in the world. If they were not careful, they might offend the dragon’s face and lead to death.

However, in ancient mythological novels, those immortals are actually not easy. Just like the Dragon King of Jinghe River in the story of the journey to the west, he was ordered by the Jade Emperor to be beheaded on the Dragon cutting platform after changing the number of rain privately. However, even those immortals whose strength and status are many times higher than that of the Dragon King will come to the same end, for example, Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the journey to the West.


What did Sun Wukong do? It was written in the original book: “I saw a group of people who made wine and played with the immortal officials:” I don’t know who messed up the ‘Peach panning meeting’ and stole the jade liquor and refined liquor. All the eight treasures and flavors were also stolen. ” If you change the number of rain, you will be beheaded. The crime of directly stealing the peach and disturbing the peach club will not be light.

And the Lingguan said to the Jade Emperor and the queen mother, “those who disturb the heavenly palace are the great saints of Qi heaven.” You should know that the great sage of Qi Tian is a legitimate official, and Sun Wukong is also very powerful. But what about the Jade Emperor? Similarly, they will not be merciless “tied to the demon subduing column, chopped with knives and axes, stabbed with spears and swords, and ordered the fire gods to set fire and simmer.”

Although the people under the Jade Emperor had nothing to do with Sun Wukong, they finally called the Buddha Buddha and pressed Sun Wukong at the foot of the five element mountain for more than 500 years. According to the truth, it is very good that Sun Wukong was not executed. However, we can not believe that there is another person in the three realms who has stolen flat peaches, and more than once. Why is he all right?

In fact, this person is Dongfang Shuo. The original book says: “wearing Taoist clothes, you can float in the clouds and walk on the mountain. You can refine the essence of the yuan, take off the shell, and enjoy yourself when you are successful. Turn the corridor, climb the treasure Pavilion, and touch the peaches in the sky three times. The immortal is Dongfang Shuo. When the traveler saw it, he smiled and said:” this little thief is here! There are no peaches in the emperor’s place. You can eat them! “


Even Sun Wukong, the father of stealing, knows that Dongfang Shuo steals flat peaches, and he steals them three times in a row. Then, Sun Wukong has been pressed for stealing flat peaches for more than 500 years. Why is Dongfang Shuo OK? It turns out that his master is the emperor of Donghua. What can this great God do? It turns out that all the people, ghosts and demons who become immortals must first worship the Eastern Prince before they can fly into the Ninth Heaven.

Therefore, if the emperor Donghua does not agree, no one can become an immortal, and the emperor Donghua is also called Donghuang Zhengqi and is the great father of all living beings. Be a respected teacher for all ages. Tao is the crown of heaven and man. The most holy God. Party A and Party B are Gao Zhen. Qingxu Yiqi great Tianzun did not expect that Donghua emperor was still the title of great Tianzun. In the three realms, only the Jade Emperor was also the title of great Tianzun, and even Sanqing was only the title of Tianzun. It can be imagined that, as the disciple of the great God, who can provoke, let alone the monkey king can be compared with, what do you think? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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