Who is afraid of “foolish old man moves mountains”?

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Original: Shen Peng source official account: heihara childe has been authorized to reprint

Taiwan writer Xi Murong once attended a speech at Nankai University and talked about “foolish old man moves mountains”.

She asked the students present whether the article “Yu Gong Yi Shan” in the textbook still existed? After receiving a positive reply, she said that the article “foolish old man moves mountains” was too terrible. She must move away and encouraged the teenagers present to “vote down together”.

She believes that “Yu Gong Yi Shan” is a “destruction of the environment”, and we should “respect nature”.

I don’t know what kind of person will think “foolish old man moves mountains” is “too terrible”?

Since she said it was terrible, it showed that she was really scared to death.

Why are you afraid? Not afraid of Yu Gong, nor of Yu Gong’s children and grandchildren, but afraid of him, afraid of the group of people who “make up their minds, not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties, and strive for victory”.

Some traditional writers of frog in the well have the ability to hide their ears and steal the bell. They think that if they can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, so they try their best to eliminate his influence and erase the traces of his existence… As long as these traces and memories are still there, they will be frightened and can’t sleep.

In history, under his guidance and guidance, the Chinese people really moved the three mountains away.

Yes, the Chinese people are serious. What can’t they do? Let alone moving mountains and filling the sea, even if it is to reopen the earth fire and geomancy, it is not impossible to change the world.


The literati of frog Island puppet regime do not understand new China, nor do they understand the new Chinese nation. They still live in that old world, reciting the wind and the moon, pretending to be a little fresh and elegant, pretending to be quiet and good years, and talking about respecting nature. They do not understand the red flag canal, the Qinghai Tibet “heavenly road”, the Three Gorges Dam, the sea crossing bridge, and the Baihetan Hydropower Station





I don’t know whether they understand Shandong warships and Fujian warships, and whether they understand the flowers in the east wind night



What is “respecting nature”? Nature is constantly changing and developing with each passing day. We should get rid of the old and make new ones, change the world, sweep garbage into the garbage heap of history, and build a new world… That is to respect nature.

People who truly respect nature are already transforming the world, turning deserts into oases, connecting mountains and rivers, making the ends of the earth close at hand, building water conservancy and dredging rivers, making nature better, and achieving the true “unity of heaven and man”.

“Foolish old man moves the mountain” is a very interesting ancient fable story. Taihang and Wangwu blocked the road. Foolish old man must dig down the mountain, and no one can stop it. If one generation can’t, then two generations, three generations, thousands of generations… Finally, the gods had to be moved and moved the mountain away. So, what is this “Yugong”? “Yu Gong” is the “vanguard” of the Terran, and I don’t have to succeed.

“Foolish old man moves mountains” is also a report made by the teacher in 1945. He clearly said:

Now there are also two mountains pressing on the Chinese people, one called imperialism and the other called feudalism. The Communist Party of China has long made up its mind to dig up these two mountains. We must persevere and work constantly, and we will also move God. This God is no other than the people of China. The people all over the country came together to dig these two mountains with us. What’s wrong with digging them?

The U.S. government’s policy of supporting Chiang Kai Shek and opposing the Communist Party shows the rampancy of the American reactionaries. However, all attempts by the Chinese and foreign reactionaries to prevent the Chinese people from winning are doomed to failure. In the current world trend, democracy is the mainstream, and the anti democratic reaction is just a countercurrent. At present, the reactionary countercurrent attempts to overwhelm the mainstream of national independence and people’s democracy, but the reactionary countercurrent will not become the mainstream after all.

Is there “Feudalism” and “imperialism” in China now? Of course, on that island, U.S. imperialism is still in deep collusion with the reactionary regime to betray the interests of the country and the people.

This mountain will eventually be moved.

It’s useless to be afraid. It’s always about solving this problem.

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