Who is king Yu Peng? What is the relationship between King Yu Peng and Sun Wukong?

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Who is king Yu Peng? What is the relationship between King Yu Peng and Sun Wukong? Next, let’s enjoy it with the editor of China story network.

It is said that when Sun Wukong was the king of the mountain in Huaguo Mountain, he made six brothers. These six brothers were the great sage Bull Demon King, the great sage Jiao demon king, the great sage Peng demon king, the great sage lion camel king, the great sage macaque king, and the great sage Yu Peng king. The Dragon demon king is a nine headed worm, the Peng demon king is a golden winged ROC, and the lion camel king is a green haired lion king, which is the mount of Manjusri Bodhisattva. This monkey king is a six eared macaque. Only the old Liuyu Monkey King is mysterious and has never surfaced. Xiao Bian told me today.

Yu is a kind of monkey in ancient Chinese legends. It lives in trees. It looks like an ape, has a white face and black cheeks, many beards and colorful fur. Its tail is longer than the body, with a fork at the end. In rainy days, it plugs its nostrils with a fork. Love the group, the old in front, the young behind. Eat and eat each other, live in love, live together, and die together. The ancients said it was a benevolent animal. In the compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen said that his name was sure enough, and sure enough, it was originally his own name. If a person catches one, it will cause them to cry in groups and chase after it. Even if they are killed, they will not leave. As expected, it is necessary to pursue it. Shuowen: Yu, a female monkey, has a head like a ghost. It looks like a monkey and is large. It is also called Mu monkey. The book of mountains and seas: there are animals. They look like Yu and have white ears. Guo Pu’s note: Yu is like a macaque with long red eyes and long tail. Marmosets are apes and monkeys. They are short and like squirrels. They have yellow silky soft hair and long tails. They live in trees. That is, the golden monkey.


To sum up, there are three characteristics of this kind of animal. First, I like to live in trees; second, I like to live in groups; third, I am very kind and righteous. If one is dead, the other will swear not to be the only one. Where did king Yu Peng appear later? Sun Wukong collected Zhu Bajie and passed by futu mountain. Zhu Bajie said that there lived a WuChao Zen master who was an old acquaintance with him. He also had some Taoist practices. He also advised Zhu Bajie to practice with him, but Zhu Bajie did not agree. Zen master WuChao lives on a fragrant cypress tree. There is a wood and grass nest on the tree. When the three monks of the Tang Dynasty came near, Zen Master Wu Chao jumped down from the tree. After the greetings, the designated Walker of Zen Master Wu Chao asked, “who is this?”? The walker smiled and said, “how can this old Zen recognize Bajie but not me?”? The Zen master said, “because you don’t know your ears.”. Then Zen master WuChao passed on a volume of the Tang Monk’s “multi Heart Sutra”. If you encounter a miasma, it will not hurt you to read this sutra. Then he stepped on the cloud light to go to the black nest, but was dragged by Sanzang to ask the end of the road to the West. The Zen master first talked about the monsters on the road, and finally said that the wild boar carried the burden, and the water monster met him first. The old stone monkey, who has been there for many years, is angry. If you ask that acquaintance, he knows the way to the West.

Sun Wukong sneered and said, “let’s go. Don’t ask him. Just ask me.”. Sanzang still didn’t understand his meaning. The Zen master turned into golden light and went to the black nest. The elder went up to thank him, and the walker was furious. He held up the iron rod and looked at it. He saw that the lotus blossomed and the auspicious fog protected thousands of layers. Although a traveler has the power to stir up the sea and turn over the river, he does not want to hold a wisp of rattan in the black nest. Sanzang holds onto the path of the walker, Wukong, such a Bodhisattva, what are you doing with his nest? Xingdao, he cursed my brothers and went there. He said that the wild boar shouldered the burden is the eight commandments to scold; The old stone monkey who has been scolding for many years is the old sun. Elder martial brother Bajie Dao, calm down. The Zen master also knows the past and the future. But I don’t know whether this sentence he met with the water monster before. Let him go. Seeing the lotus mist near the nest, the traveler had to ask Master to mount his horse and go down the mountain to the West.

Zen master WuChao and Sun Wukong both behaved very abnormally. When they met, they pinched each other. Wukong asked him why you didn’t know me. He said that I didn’t know you well. Zen master WuChao passed on the Heart Sutra and prepared to leave. However, he was entangled by the Tang Monk and insisted on asking the way to the West. Zen master WuChao said that Sun Wukong knew the way to the West and I knew him. Sun Wukong also said that you can ask me without asking him. When master WuChao got into his nest, Sun Wukong tried to smash the nest with a golden cudgel. The reason was that the master said that he was an old stone monkey for many years, and he was angry. If everything is abnormal, it will be a demon. If Zen master WuChao and Sun Wukong are strangers, why are they so inhumane. It can be seen that the two people are old acquaintances, and they just pretend not to know each other.


If we regard Master Wu Chao as king Yu Peng, then everything will be well explained. Zen master WuChao also lives in trees, just like King Yu Peng. Zen master WuChao is also kind and righteous. Zhu Bajie lives on the Fuling mountain eating people. He wants to let Bajie practice with himself. The Tang Monk wants to go to the west to get scriptures. He also passed on the Heart Sutra of the Tang monk to defend against demons. The only difference is that Yu Peng lives in a group, while Zen Master Wu Chao lives alone. So why did he live alone? It turned out that not long after the seven saints were sworn in, Sun Wukong caused a great disturbance in the heavenly palace and was suppressed. The six saints were scattered. The ox demon king ran to the flame mountain, the Jiao demon king ran to the North Sea, the Peng demon king established the lion camel Kingdom, the lion camel King became the mount of Manjusri Bodhisattva, the monkey king turned to Tathagata Buddha as a backup replacement for Sun Wukong, and the king Yu Peng turned to Guanyin Bodhisattva. Guanyin Bodhisattva named him a Zen master. A Zen master is a monk who can practice meditation and calm his mind. Guanyin Bodhisattva also passed on the Heart Sutra to him. Why didn’t Zhu Bajie practice with him? It was too bitter. Zhu Bajie was not a monk. Then why did he and Sun Wukong pinch each other as soon as they met? It’s understandable. If Sun Wukong had not caused havoc in the heaven palace, King Yu Peng would not have had to cultivate his face in such a place with rare human traces. In fact, he and Sun Wukong are both in prison. The only difference is that Sun Wukong is under the pressure of the mountain. He lives in his den and can still move, but he can’t leave futu mountain. Sun Wukong also hated him for not seeing himself for 500 years and pretending not to know him when he met him, so they hated each other. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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