Who is Li Mao’s son in the Tang Dynasty (complete introduction of Li Mao, son of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty)

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Li Mao (? – 775), originally known as Li Qing, was born in Didao, Longxi (now Qin’an County, Gansu Province). Li Longji, the 18th son of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, is the minister of the imperial family of the Tang Dynasty. His mother is Princess Wu Hui.

He was raised by Li Xian, King of Ning. In the 13th year of the Kaiyuan era (725), he was granted the title of Shouwang and led the governor of Yizhou Dadu and the envoy of Jiannan. In the 23rd year (735), after worshipping the third division of Yitong in Kaifu, he changed his name to Li Che and married Yang Yuhuan as his concubine. In the 28th year (740), he ended his marriage with Yang Yuhuan. Tianbao married Wei Zhaoxun’s daughter for four years (745). After the Anshi Rebellion, he fled to Shujun with Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty to comfort the soldiers. In the tenth year of the Dali era (775), he died and gave a posthumous gift to Tai Fu.



Nurtured by King Ning

Li Mao was first named Li Qing. The mother, Concubine Wu Huifei, was favored by Xuanzong in the first year of the Kaiyuan era, and all her sons died prematurely. Therefore, when Li Che was born, Xuanzong handed over to his elder brother Li Xian’s residence, Li Xian’s concubine, Yuan Shi, who nursed and nursed Li Che, and regarded Li Che as his own son. For more than ten years, Li Che has been living in Ningwang House. In the palace, he was called eighteen lang.

Nafei Yang’s

When Li Che was seven years old, he paid homage to his elder brother, Yongwang Li Lin. It was in line with the ceremony. Xuanzong saw his talent. In March of the 13th year of the Kaiyuan era (725), King Shou was granted and entered the palace. In the 15th year of the Kaiyuan era (727), he led the Dadu Governor of Yizhou and Jiannan Jiedu Ambassador. In the 23rd year (735), the third division of the Kaifu Yitong was added and renamed Li Che. In December, Nayang became the princess.

Before long, Princess Wu Huifei and Li Linfu planned to embrace him as prince. In the 25th year (737), the crown prince Li Ying was abolished, and he was forced to commit suicide on the same day with Li Yao, the king of Hubei, and Li Ju, the king of light. Zhang Jiuling’s fight failed. In the same year, Princess Wu Huifei died. In the 26th year of the Kaiyuan era (738), Li Linfu and others actively supported Li Che, and Gao Lishi recommended Li Yu (Li Heng), the third son of the emperor, as the crown prince.

The concubine is the father’s pet

After the death of his mother, Concubine Wu Hui, the concubines of Xuanzong had “no intention of being emperor”, and his wife, Yang Shi, became the new favorite of Xuanzong. In the 28th year of the Kaiyuan era (740), Xuanzong ordered Yang to become a Taoist woman. His marriage with Yang Shi ended, and there was no official historical data showing that the two had children. Folk legend said there was a daughter.

In the 29th year of the Kaiyuan era (741), Li Xian, the king of Ning, died. He regarded Li Xian as his adoptive father and served in mourning to repay his kindness. In the fourth year of Tianbao’s reign (745), Wei Zhaoxun’s daughter, Wei Shi, was Princess Shou. At the same time, his ex-wife, Yang Shi, was established as a royal concubine by the emperor.

Go south to Sichuan

In the first year of Zhide (756), after the outbreak of the An-Shi Rebellion, Xuanzong fled to Sichuan, and Li Che accompanied him. On the way, Chen Xuanli soldiers executed Yang Guozhong and forced Xuanzong to kill Yang Guifei. Xuanzong ordered Li Che to comfort the soldiers. Xuanzong ordered the Crown Prince Li Heng to stay and fight against the enemy. Later, Li Heng claimed the title of Emperor himself, for the sake of Tang Suzong, and respected Xuanzong as the emperor. In the tenth year of the reign of Emperor Zongdali of the Tang Dynasty (775), he died and gave a posthumous gift to Tai Fu.

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