Who is Liu Bei’s higher status than Guan Yu and Zhang Fei?

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A man who wanders in the Jianghu can’t escape being stabbed.

In order to avoid being hurt, the safest way is: first, less offending others, convenient for others and yourself; Second, make more friends with Jianghu heroes and rely on your father at home?, Go out by friends. In the Jianghu, heroes can often be seen in groups pulling flags on the mountains, such as “thirty-six righteousness of Jia Jia Lou”, “five rats in an empty island”, “seven heroes in a disorderly rock mountain”. The largest scale is Shuibo Liangshan. 105 men and three women drank chicken blood and worshipped the pawn.

However, if we want to talk about the most famous brother in the Jianghu, we can say with open mouth: Liu Guan and Zhang Taoyuan made three alliances. The first chapter of the romance of the Three Kingdoms tells the story of the chaos in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. The three heroes Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei swore to be sworn brothers in Taoyuan and wandered the Jianghu together.

These days, I don’t know that there are not many people who don’t know the romance of the Three Kingdoms. The marriage of Liu Guan and Zhang Sanxiong is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has a great influence. Liu Xuande, a poor royal family who sells straw mats, Guan Yunchang, a murderous and desperate mung bean trader, kill? Zhang Yide, a self-employed butcher, formed the best super Trio in history.

Uncle Liu is good at using a pair of double legged swords, uncle Guan is carrying an 82 Jin Leng Yan saw, Uncle Zhang is holding a Zhangba snake spear gun, and the three brothers worked together to achieve fame in the Jianghu. Liu Bei later became known as the king of Hanzhong and worshipped the five tiger Generals: Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei took the top two seats with due respect.

For Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are not only the old ministers who fight the world, but also the three brothers who wear a pair of pants and die without separation. How close are the three brothers? Liu Bei once said affectionately, “brothers are like brothers, and wives are like clothes. Clothes are broken, but they can be sewn; hands and feet are broken, and they can be continued?”

Because of this sentence, Liu? They are often labeled as “discriminating against women”. In fact, Liu Bei was wronged. This was not invented by Liu Bei. Before Liu Bei said this sentence, there were three words: the ancients said. Of course, the most important thing is that Liu Bei loves his brother more than his wife. It is the novelist’s words that “the romance of the Three Kingdoms” beautifies Liu Bei to an unprecedented degree, but it is not official history after all.

Taoyuan San Jie Yi is obviously a plot fabricated by Luo Guanzhong, but although Luo Guanzhong wrote about the Three Kingdoms, some of them were fabricated against the wall, they were basically extended from the relevant records in historical materials. Luo Guanzhong pulled out the bridge section of Taoyuan baibazi, which must be inspired by the sentence “annals of the Three Kingdoms, Shu Shu, biography of Guan Yu”: “the first lord and two people (Guan Zhang) eat together, sleep in the same bed, and be like brothers. And thick people sit widely, stand all day, and follow the first lord around, avoiding difficulties and dangers.”

In fact, not looking at the romance of the Three Kingdoms, from the historical data of the official history, the relationship between Liu Guanzhang is also unusual, not brothers is better than brothers. As for three people sleeping in the same bed, don’t think about it. The ancients often slept together, such as the famous Jin Dynasty generals Shuangbi Liu Kun and Zu ti. They once slept together. Before dawn, Liu Kun kicked Zu Ti up with a kick, and the two danced to the cock.

However, in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, the book of Wei, biography of Liu Ye, Liu Ye said, “Guan Yu and Bei, righteousness for the monarch and minister, grace for the father and son. Yu’s death cannot serve as a return to the enemy for the rejuvenation of the army, and there is insufficient distinction at the end.” It means that Guan Yu and Liu Bei have a father son relationship. If Liu Bei doesn’t avenge Guan Yu, he will be sorry for the father son relationship in those days.

Are Liu Bei and Guan Yu “en Ruo brothers”? “En Ruo father and son”? Although Guan Yu is older than Liu Bei according to textual research, his age does not mean anything. First, Liu Bei is the Lord and Guan Yu is the minister; Second, there is no one who has a son older than his father, such as Shi Jingtang, the emperor of the ages

In fact, there is no need to entangle in Liu Guanzhang’s relationship. Whether it is a brother or a father and son, good feelings are really good. Liu Guan and Zhang Bei are close as brothers (father and son), but “thick people sit around all day long”, indicating that Guan Zhang and Liu Bei are still superior and subordinate. Liu Bei sat, Guan Zhang stood; Liu Bei ate and Guan Zhang watched. Their task should include the personal protection of Liu Bei, similar to the role of a bodyguard.

As for Liu Bei’s birth background, it is not as shabby as Luo Guanzhong said. What family is poor and can’t afford to eat, weaving straw mats and peddling life. Liu? His family background is relatively low, but according to the official history, Liu Bei should have been born in the small citizen class. Thanks to the support of his kindred Liu Yuanqi, Liu Bei also studied in a private school for two years with Lu Zhi, a great Confucian.

In Liu Bei’s youth, he liked to make friends with heroes and heroines on the street and was “good at making friends”. It costs money to make friends. Usually, drinking a little wine and gambling a little money are all means to win over people. Liu Bei’s money for making friends is estimated to be saved from the pocket money given by Liu Yuanqi.

Of course, compared with Cao Cao and Sun Quan, Liu Bei’s family background is indeed a lot shabby. Cao Cao’s father Cao song is a rich man with a huge family capital, and Sun Quan is a rich young master born with a golden key. The appearance fee of Liu Bei’s crusade against the yellow scarf was sponsored by Zhang Shiping and Su Shuang, a big family in Zhongshan. That’s why he was able to raise one? Team, who can play with you without money.

Competition in troubled times is actually burning money. Whoever burns more is closer to victory. Liu Bei’s two small coins were soon burned out, plus no one in Liu Bei’s court. Although he had made great contributions to breaking the yellow scarf, he only got a low-grade official such as Anxi County lieutenant, but Cao Cao moved to Jinan Xiang (Sheriff). At this time, Liu Bei did not necessarily know which way Cao Cao respected God.

Liu Bei only worked as a county lieutenant. Seeing that the boss had no money in his pocket, the brothers around him would be hungry and thin sooner or later, and they all dispersed in a mass. But no matter who comes and who goes, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will always stand behind Liu Bei.

The romance of the Three Kingdoms says that Zhang Fei has the word Yide, but in fact, Zhang Fei has the word Yide. Of course, Zhang Yide was not modified by Luo Guanzhong. Zhang Yu of the Northern Song Dynasty wrote “Zhang Yide” in the biography of seventeen histories and a hundred generals.? The reason why Guanzhong uses “Zhang Yide” should be that the word “Yi” has more dynamic picture than the word “Yi”, which means that it is like adding wings to a tiger.

Luo Guanzhong said that Zhang Fei “has a leopard’s head and eyes, a swallow’s jaw and a tiger’s beard”, as if he had climbed out of the coal pile. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Zhang Fei is a white faced Confucianist, and calligraphy came out. He is good at writing “eight point calligraphy”. Critical novels often recreate historical real characters according to specific needs, but Zhang Fei’s force value has not decreased. Cao Cao knows that Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are “enemies of ten thousand people”.

In the romance, one of the most wonderful scenes of Zhang Fei’s early appearance was “Nu Bian Du you”, which was written smoothly and vividly. How happy is it! This play is true in history. The plot is not bad at all. The only change is that the protagonist of the whip is not Zhang Fei, but Liu Bei, Zhang Fei’s eldest brother?

According to the “Dian Lue”, Liu Bei is known as “Wu Yong”, and he is also a practicing family who eats Jianghu food. But Luo Guanzhong beautified Liu Bei too much, crying all day, and even Jiangshan cried. However, generally, the boss doesn’t carry a knife to fight. Liu Bei’s martial arts is estimated to be at the level of a fan, and it’s OK to bluff a layman. To really attack people, it depends on Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

In fact, what Guan Yu and Zhang Fei really moved future generations was not their peerless martial arts, but their loyalty. In this real world, loyalty is often just a myth, audible and invisible. With the skill of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, it’s not a problem to be a plus general if you follow Cao Cao or Sun Quan.

But they followed Liu Bei. They had to suffer and be poor. If they wanted to change to other people with weak wills, they would have long abandoned the challenge and looked for another one? Head off. At that time, Liu Bei wanted no land, no money, no guns, and there was only an illusory and confused future, the so-called “ambitious, empty handed”.

Without seeing the other side, Guan Zhang didn’t jump off Liu Bei’s broken boat and climb another high branch, but shared life and death with Liu Bei. Brothers in trouble eat together, brothers in trouble carry together, never leave, this is what a man does! Luo Guanzhong’s deification of Guan Yu is not without reason. The real Guan Yu in history is enough to move us.

The best expression of Guan Yu’s loyalty is in the fifth year of Jian’an (A.D. 200), when Cao Cao conquered Xuzhou, Liu Bei fled to Hebei in a hurry and sought refuge from Yuan Shao. Guan Yu was captured by Cao Cao. Although Cao Cao tried to persuade Guan Yu to join the gang, Guan Yu was unmoved by fame and wealth, and insisted on crossing the Yellow River north to find Liu Bei’s whereabouts.

This period of history is only a few words in the history books, but it was interpreted by Luo Guanzhong to be soul stirring. The second master of Guan rode a red rabbit horse, served two royal sisters, hung seals, sealed gold, and rode alone for thousands of miles. After five passes, he killed six generals? It is the first climax of the apotheosis of Guan Yu.

Guan Yu left the most profound impression on later generations: benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and filial piety, which is the essence of traditional Confucianism. Compared with Liu Bei’s image of paying more attention to “benevolence”, Guan Yu’s main thinking behavior highlights the word “righteousness”. Generally speaking, it is to attach importance to emotion and righteousness, which is the most desirable quality of a good man.

Jianghu and officialdom are two completely different social levels. No matter what the quality of people in officialdom is, the word “benevolence” must be spoken of every day. Anyone who says he doesn’t love the people and publicly says he wants to make money for the people is difficult to get along in officialdom.

However, the social moral system of Jianghu in a narrow sense is not as strict as that of officialdom. The core value of Jianghu is a word of “righteousness”. The ancients called it “righteousness” by worshipping the son, and they have never heard of “benevolence”. The gathering place of heroes in the water margin is called the “righteousness gathering hall”, which is an important measure of whether people in the Jianghu can pay.

Guan Yu is very loyal. Although he “lives in Cao Ying and has a heart in Han”, he doesn’t want to return to Liu Bei all the time. But Guan Yu knew that Cao Cao treated him like a national, and he couldn’t bear to leave like this. He couldn’t leave without guilt until he thanked Cao Cao for his kindness.

Don’t Guan Yu love prosperity? Of course! But what affects Guan Yu’s thinking is “a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely”, as Guan Yu said when he rejected Cao Cao’s bribe in the romance: “I firmly know that Cao Gong treated me very well. However, I received the kindness of uncle Liu and vowed to die together. I will not stay here.” Was Guan Yu relieving Cao Cao of the siege of white horses? After attacking and beheading general Yan Liang of Yuan Shao in the Wanjun formation, he “left the book and returned to the former Lord”.

While praising Guan Yu’s “righteousness”, we should not forget Cao Cao’s “righteousness”. Cao Cao’s generosity and tolerance are also admirable. If Cao Cao didn’t listen to Guo Jia and others’ advice to kill Liu Bei because he took into account his glorious image, there are actually many excuses that can stand up in theory for Cao Cao to kill Guan Yu.

Cao Cao did not do so, but calmly told his men that “each has its own master”. It’s a pity that Cao Cao didn’t get Guan Yu, but this regret just sublimates the brilliant image of Guan Yu and Cao Cao.

No matter in the real history of the three kingdoms or in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, only Liu Bei can make good use of Guan Yu. Because Guan Yu’s role is very important to Liu Bei, who has been poor for half his life? Yes, there are no talents around, and then let go of Guan Zhang, Liu Bei can only be eliminated by history.

From his own point of view, Guan Yu cannot choose Cao Cao. Although Liu Bei is down and out, following Liu Bei can highlight his role as a pillar. If you follow Cao Cao, you are just at the same level as Zhang Liao and Xu Huang. There are a lot of famous generals under Cao Cao. This consideration also applies to Zhang Fei.

“Better be a chicken than a cow”. When choosing the future in the workplace, you can pay more attention to small companies while staring at the positions recruited from large companies. Some small companies also have development prospects. Small companies are scarce of talents, and large companies may sometimes face internal competition. Once small companies develop and grow, the first batch of entrepreneurs are “Founding Fathers”, who earn both fame and wealth. Zhu? Liang chose Liu Bei for this reason.

Guan Yu really has vision and courage. Using the stock market as an analogy, Guan Yu bet all his capital on a small stock at the beginning. Whether the stock rose slightly or plummeted, Guan Yu kept biting. Finally, for various reasons, this small stock suddenly became a big bull, and Guan Yu naturally made a lot of money.

Liu Bei has been in the Jianghu for a long time, and has been in the state of fighting guerrillas. Today he has a drink and a few plums here in Cao Cao, and tomorrow he will go to Yuan Shao for a big meal. To put it harshly, he is a beggar. But there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the grass roots, and beggars are not without great achievements. Please see Zhu Yuanzhang.

Liu Bei’s real turnaround was after the battle of Chibi, through various means, under the control of Jingzhou, a? Being a vassal enjoying thousands of hours a day, he is qualified to be on an equal footing with Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei followed Liu Bei to the Jianghu for nearly 20 years, and finally came to the end. Not to mention fame and wealth, but more importantly, they embodied their own life value.

“See a bosom friend in adversity”. When Liu Bei was poor and depressed, Guan Zhang never gave up on Liu Bei. Even if he broke up, he would find his eldest brother a thousand miles away. Although the future is extremely dangerous, the brothers hold together to fight the world in a sea of flames.

Yang Xi, the Shuhan Shesheng school captain, commented on Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in his “praise for the officials of Ji Han Fu” that “we should help difficulties and praise Hong Ye”. Guan Zhang gave his whole life to Liu Bei without reservation. Even to put it mildly, the value of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is to devote everything to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei is a very emotional man. Guan Zhang’s loyalty to him can be learned from the sun and the moon. Of course, Liu Bei treats Guan Zhang like his own flesh and blood. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have been carved into Liu Bei’s life and become a part of Liu Bei’s life.

Although Liu Bei has great respect for Zhugeliang, his chief think tank, the relationship between Liu Bei and Zhugeliang is an alliance in career and a kind of hero’s sympathy. In terms of feelings, Liu Bei may not regard Zhugeliang as his own person, or he won’t try his best to play Tuogu in Baidi city before his death. Fools all know that Liu Bei is not at ease with Zhugeliang.

Liu Bei’s friendship with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is not only friendship, but also an unforgettable kinship. This is how people interact with each other. The more estranged the relationship is, the more polite it is, and the more iron the relationship is, the more casual it is.

In terms of Liu Bei’s emotional tendency, only Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, MI Zhu and FA Zheng really belong to the core of Liu Bei group. Mi Zhu not only married his sister to Liu Bei, but also dedicated all his domestic slaves to Liu Bei when Liu Bei was in the poorest years.

Although Mi Zhu has little ability, Liu Bei is grateful to him all his life because he has completed the most important emotional investment in his life. After Liu Bei pacified Shu, he basically did not have Mi Zhu’s share in the distribution of power, but Liu Bei “rewarded Mi Zhu with unparalleled favor”. Only one, none. Mi Zhu’s position in Liu Bei’s mind may even be slightly higher than that of Guan Zhang.

Mi Zhu can’t write or fight, and Liu Bei can’t count on him when he is doing business. Liu Bei has basically formed a talent reserve framework in Jingzhou, including Zhugeliang, pangtong, Ma Liang, Yin Guan, Wu Guanyu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, Huo Jun. the development of his career is about to usher in a big blowout.

From the strategic consideration of Liu Bei group, Jingzhou is only Liu Bei’s springboard. His real goal is to seize Yizhou under Liu Zhang’s rule. However, Liu Bei is eyeing Yizhou. At the same time, he must prevent Cao Cao and Sun Quan from attacking Jingzhou behind their backs, especially Sun Quan.

In fact, the core of Liu Bei’s Yizhou strategy is Jingzhou. Liu Bei absolutely dares not to gamble on Yizhou at the risk of losing Jingzhou, which can be clearly seen from Liu Bei’s personnel arrangement this time. When Liu Bei went to Yizhou, he only brought Pang Tong, Huang Zhong and Wei Yan, which are basically the second-line reserve forces of Liu Bei group. Zhugeliang, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, the frontline forces, all stayed in Jingzhou to guard their homes.

After Liu Bei went west, Zhugeliang and Guan Yu were mainly in charge of the military and political affairs of Jingzhou. At this time, Guan Yu’s defense line was in the north of the river, and the main defense target was Cao Cao. Liu Bei left his family to guard Jingzhou. Such an arrangement is indeed very secure. Cao Cao and Sun Quan basically had no chance to talk.

However, as Liu Bei’s army was in trouble in Yizhou, Pang Tong, the front-line chief think tank, was shot dead by random arrows, and Liu Bei was in danger of death. In desperation, Liu Bei could only mobilize his family. Zhugeliang, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun all entered Sichuan to suppress Liu Zhang, and Jingzhou was handed over to Guan Yu.

After Pang Tong’s death, Liu Bei had no brain trust around him. Zhugeliang had to go to Sichuan to help Liu Bei with strategic planning. Choosing Guan Yu to guard Jingzhou, objectively speaking, Guan Yu is not a suitable expert in this field. Guan Yu is “rigid and arrogant”, arrogant and compassionate, and is not good at dealing with interpersonal relations, including diplomatic relations.

What if Liu Bei transferred Guan Yu and left Zhang Fei? It’s not right. Zhang Fei is a “reckless bumper”. Zhang Fei loves to respect gentlemen rather than soldiers, “violent but ungrateful”, is he better than Guan Yu in the middle and lower ranks of the army? be unpopular;not enjoy popular support. Liu Bei knows Zhang Fei’s weakness like the back of his hand, so the two evils are the lesser of each other. Liu Bei can only choose Guan Yu.

As for Zhao Yun, the “four generals” in the novel, in fact, Zhao Yun’s position in Liu Bei group is not high. According to the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the ranking of general Xichuan’s five tigers is: Guan Zhang, Zhao Mahuang, while the ranking of the annals of the Three Kingdoms is Guan Zhang, Ma Huang, Zhao Yun, the penultimate.

Although Zhao Yun’s position is slightly low, Zhao Yun is a rare strategic general in Liu Bei group, more stable than Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Zhao Yun’s outstanding talent can be seen from his later empty camp plan to persuade Liu Bei not to search for the people of Xichuan, and finally from the political point of view to analyze the mistakes of the strategy of defeating Wu.

Although Zhao Yun is excellent and has followed Liu Bei for many years, I don’t know why, Liu Bei? Zhao Yun is not to be reused. Zhao Yun is loyal to Liu Bei and even saved Liu Adou. Liu Bei doesn’t trust Zhao Yun very much. Naturally, it’s impossible to hand over Jingzhou, which is related to his family’s life, to Zhao Yun.

Liu Bei let Guan Yu sit in Jingzhou, or as a last resort, but it was indeed the most smelly move of Liu Bei’s life. When Liu Bei entered Yizhou in the west, the safety factor of Jingzhou was whether he could stabilize Sun Quan, who coveted Jingzhou. However, Guan Yu repeatedly made big mistakes in the strategy of “Donghe Sun Quan”, which eventually led to a catastrophe and completely shattered Liu Bei’s dream of unifying the world.

Because Liu Bei once reached a gentleman’s agreement with Sun Quan, Jingzhou was borrowed by Liu Bei from Sun Quan in terms of rank. After Liu Bei ate Xichuan, he returned Jingzhou to Sun Quan. During Liu Bei’s expedition to Shu, Sun Quan had to face the pressure from Cao Cao alone,? He was unable to attack Jingzhou secretly, and he was unreasonable, so he couldn’t control Liu Bei for the time being.

But when Liu Bei succeeded in taking Liu Zhang, Sun Quan immediately demanded the ruling power of Jingzhou from Liu Bei. After eating it, there was no reason to spit it out again. Liu Bei began to haggle and cheat, saying, “our plan is to build Liangzhou, and Liangzhou will settle with Jingzhou.” When Sun Quan saw that Liu Bei was going to get a bad rap, he was naturally furious and prepared to take Jingzhou by force.

There was a serious rift in the sun Liu alliance, and Guan Yu, caught between sun and Liu, became the key point to solve the Jingzhou dispute. Liu Bei think tank suggested that Liu Bei should appropriately give Sun Quan some sweets and let Sun Quan share the strong pressure from Cao Cao, otherwise Sun Quan would come to the door every day to ask for money, and his childhood would be over.

Liu Bei finally agreed to assign Changsha, Lingling and Guiyang to Sun Quan? Sure enough, Sun Quan was stabilized. Although Liu Bei’s strategy of abandoning the small and maintaining the large was a helpless move, it was also wise. However, the good plan of Wu Shu alliance was unfortunately bad in the hands of the arrogant Guan Yu, who refused to give Wu three prefectures and spoke disrespectfully to Sun Quan. The result annoyed Sun Quan, forcibly accepted the three counties by force, severely slapped Guan Yu in the face, and Liu Bei probably had a fever on his face.

However, the dispute between Wu and Shu has not been resolved, because the three counties were not given by Liu Bei, but by Sun Quan himself. Sun Quan did not accept Liu Bei’s favor at all, although Guan Yu caused the disaster. Guan Yu followed Liu Bei’s lead all his life. The boss said that if you beat a dog, Guan Yu would never drive a chicken. But this time, Guan Yu disobeyed Sun Quan and almost killed Liu Bei.

Liu Bei? I have faintly felt uneasy, especially about Guan Yu’s arrogance. But Liu Bei wanted to compete with Cao Cao in Hanzhong and had no time to interfere in Jingzhou affairs. Secondly, based on his understanding of Guan Yu, Liu Bei believed that Guan Yu could learn from the loss of three counties.

Once a person’s character is formed, it is extremely difficult to change. Guan Yu actually did not learn a lesson and remains Lao Tzu’s No. 1 style in the world. After Liu Bei won Hanzhong and became the king of Hanzhong, Guan Yu’s weakness in dealing with interpersonal relationships among the group’s top executives was undoubtedly exposed.

When Guan Yu learned that Liu Beifeng’s “five tiger admiral” had veteran Huang Zhong, he immediately shook his face and said that “the big husband will not be listed with the veterans in the end”. In fact, Guan Yu’s attitude had long been expected by Liu Bei and Zhugeliang. The front Sima Feishi who came to grant the seal said all the good words. Does Guan Yu look forward to the boss’s face? This is the end.

Guan Yu’s weakness of being good at going down and proud of going up has never been corrected. Zhang Fei is better at this than Guan Yu. Zhang Fei’s righteous interpretation of Yan Yan is a story of history. Huang Zhong should know that Guan Yu despises his own things. Huang Zhong is indifferent and never cares about these.

Guan Yu played a small game with his family, and they didn’t see eye to eye with him. But Sun Quan is an outsider. Sun Quan doesn’t recognize which onion Guan Yu is and offended Sun Quan. Sun Quan must revenge Guan Yu, which is Guan Yu’s sorrow.

In the 24th year of Jian’an in the Han Dynasty (AD 219), Sun Quan took advantage of Guan Yu’s leading northern expedition against Cao Cao and the emptiness of Jingzhou, and began to attack Jingzhou. We all know the final outcome: Lu Meng and Lu Xun played a beautiful white cross the river, took Guan Yu at one stroke, and completely blacked out Jingzhou. A generation of famous general Guan Yu said goodbye to the world, and achieved a period of breathtaking, sad and lamentable history.

Guan Yu and Liu Bei broke out together. Guan Yu’s death and the loss of Jingzhou were almost a disaster for Liu Bei. In addition, Mengda and others who guarded Shangyong three counties rebelled against Shu and surrendered to Wei, resulting in the loss of two shortcuts to attack the Central Plains, and Liu Bei almost faced bankruptcy overnight.

I don’t know whether Liu Bei hates Guan Yu in his heart, but decades of brotherhood still exists. What Liu Bei should hate most is not Guan Yu, but Sun Quan, the number one shit stirring stick in the history of the Three Kingdoms. In those days, Sun Quan made great efforts to fight against Cao Cao, but it can’t be said that Liu Bei didn’t contribute at all. Sun Quan completely wiped out Liu Bei’s contribution and found a theoretical basis for his occupation of Jingzhou.

Jingzhou is the west gate of Jiangdong. Sun Quan couldn’t stay in Jingzhou for a day and couldn’t sleep well for a day. However, Jingzhou was also an important strategic channel for the northern expedition of Shu Han to the Central Plains, and Liu Bei was never willing to lose Jingzhou. After Liu Bei became emperor in 221 ad, the first thing he did was to dump the soldiers in Shu, attack Wu on a large scale, and recapture Jingzhou.

The real reason for Liu Bei’s attack on Wu, whether in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, the annals of Huayang, or the Zizhi Tongjian, is to avenge Guan Yu, at least literally. Chen Shou said that Liu Bei “resented Sun Quan’s attack on Guan Yu”, Chang Yu said that Liu Bei “will fight eastward to recover Guan Yu’s shame”, and Sima Guang said that Liu Bei “was ashamed of Guan Yu’s death”. The death of Guan Yu greatly stimulated Liu Bei. In order to beautify Guan Yu’s charm and Liu Bei’s benevolence, the romance of the Three Kingdoms wrote Liu Bei’s attack on Wu as pure? Revenge for the second brother Guan Yu.

Of course, if you choose words, you can also take Guan Yu as a synonym for Jingzhou. However, from the two comments of “en Ruo brother” and “en you father and son”, Liu Bei and Guan Yu have deep feelings, which can understand Liu Bei’s anger and despair. When Zhou Yu died, Sun Quan also cried to death.

Everyone has feelings, not to mention the blood brothers who have shared weal and woe for decades! The death of Guan Yu not only made Liu Bei extremely sad, but also a devastating psychological blow to Zhang Fei. Although it’s not clear in the history books? Zhang Fei’s emotional reaction to Guan Yu’s death, but the biography of Zhang Fei in the annals of the Three Kingdoms begins by saying that Zhang Fei “is less in charge of Guan Yu in advance, Yu is several years older, and brother Fei is in charge”. Guan and Zhang have become proxies for famous generals. Guan cannot leave Zhang and Zhang cannot leave Guan, just like Meng (Liang) cannot leave jiao (Zan) and Jiao cannot leave Meng among the Yang generals. The second brother died, and Zhang Fei’s pain can be imagined.

Liu Bei has always been very fond of Zhang Fei, and his eldest brother often has special feelings for his youngest brother. Liu Bei knows Zhang Fei’s personality very well. Contrary to Guan Yu, he is good at being up and strict at being down. Liu Bei often advised Zhang Fei not to be too hard on the servants around him. If the servants were forced to hurry, Zhang Fei’s life would be in danger at any time.

Zhang Fei was also a stubborn donkey. He ignored Liu Bei’s kind words and warnings and still went his own way. All say Liu beiliao? In fact, it’s not as good as Cao Cao. Cao Cao also has some time to lose sight. When Lu Bu attacked Yanzhou, Cao Cao confidently told his men, “Yan people can betray me, but Wei Chong won’t abandon me.” As a result, the first rebel was Wei Chong, who almost shamed Cao Cao to death.

Liu Bei is very accurate. If Zhang Fei listens to Liu Bei, even if he restrains a little, he won’t be killed angrily by his men on the eve of sending troops to avenge Guan Yu. After Guan Yu was killed, Zhang Fei became Liu Bei’s only spiritual support. From a certain point of view, Liu Bei was living for Zhang Fei.

The death of Zhang Fei was another heavy emotional blow to Liu Bei. The scene of the three brothers’ happy gratitude and hatred together and galloping across the rivers, mountains, lakes and fields was always in Liu Bei’s memory. Will they accompany Liu Bei? Lost between heaven and earth.

With Liu Bei’s defeat in Yiling, not only did Guan Yu’s revenge not be avenged, but Liu Bei also became pained because of the great defeat, and finally died in Baidi city at the age of 63.

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