Who is most afraid of our great revival? It can’t afford any of these six consequences!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Recently, the United States likes to say a word, do not misjudge.

What the United States means is that they take their friends to the South China Sea to show off. In fact, they just threaten you and scare you, but they really don’t come to fight with you.

Don’t get me wrong, don’t shoot

I have analyzed many articles. For the United States, if it wants to fight, Afghanistan is the upper limit and Iran is the upper limit. It is impossible to surpass it any more.

In the current Russian Ukrainian war, the United States would rather see its little brother cut off by Russia’s blunt knife. No matter how ZELINSKY scolds every day, it firmly declares that it will not participate in the war.

Because once we enter the war, confront Russia head-on, and fight a stalemate with Russia, will capital still have confidence in the United States?

The ruble’s credit is based on energy and food, and the dollar’s credit is based on military deterrence. Military deterrence is used for deterrence, not for war. The United States cannot afford this risk.

Since 2016, after the confrontation in the South China Sea, the military superiority of the United States in the Asia Pacific region has completely ended. Now, no matter how the United States intimidates and lures, ASEAN firmly says that it will not stand in line.

The speech made by the defense minister of Indonesia at the Shangri La meeting represents the general attitude of ASEAN countries.

Prabowo said that over the past few centuries, Southeast Asian countries, as the crossroads of imperialist and colonial aggression against Asia, have been oppressed and enslaved. China is a pioneer in anti imperialism and anti colonialism and a good friend of Indonesia.

Of course, now ASEAN will not stand in line with China, but sit on the wall. Prabowo is very smart. After praising China, he said a few good words from the United States, and finally said:

I know that foreign countries in the region have many ideas, but we believe that regional countries must respect the legitimate interests of the people’s Republic of China.

Indonesia has made a neutral choice that does not favor either side. I believe that the United States and China will treat us kindly.

In fact, whether we are good friends of ASEAN ultimately depends on how many warships and missiles we have. The stronger our force, the more confident ASEAN is that China can protect them, the more determined ASEAN will think that China is a guardian rather than a threat, and will speak more and more well of China

Of course, we will not let ASEAN down The three shipyards are getting together to make a big drive, and there will be more and more dumplings

Even for Australia, as long as another prime minister with normal IQ knows that he will not follow the United States to the black.

During the Shangri La meeting, the defense ministers of China and Australia met. The Australian side hopes to repair China Australia relations.

Although as one of the five Anglo Saxon dogs, the United States will form gangs to encircle China in the future, and Australia will not be able to escape. In the future, Australia will play a role in discrediting China. However, with the continuous enhancement of our naval strength, in about five years, Australia will realize that China can fully protect its security, and will also start to learn from ASEAN

There is only one country. No matter how our strength changes, even if we have 1000 ships, its hostility to China will never change.

Well, I’m not talking about America.

In fact, the United States does not hate China. The United States hates all countries that can threaten its hegemony, but we have the ability.

For the United States, just like Britain in those days, no one is an eternal enemy. Everything changes in the interest of the United States.

In the next five to ten years, when China’s military strength in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, the United States will lose all its influence in the Asia Pacific region and Asia, which is a sign of the collapse of American hegemony.

After losing its hegemony, the United States still has the opportunity to live in peace with China. After all, for more than 200 years, the United States has been the leader for decades.

Britain has not been the boss for many years. Now they have adapted very well and accepted it quickly.

No forever friend, no forever enemy.

Except Japan.

It has nothing to do with interests and development. Japan always regards China as its biggest threat, which has been the case for thousands of years.

It has nothing to do with China’s strength.

Do you think Japan launched the war of aggression against China in 1931 because China was too weak? That’s not true at all.

In the battle of baijiangkou in 663 A.D., China was at the height of its national power during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty. Japan learned technology from China and turned around to rob without delay.

During the Wanli Korean War in 1592, China was also at its most powerful time, and the world’s silver flowed into China. Fengcheng Xiuji dared to say: in the year of my existence, I vowed to bring the territory of Ming Dynasty into my territory.

Japan simply wants to be blind. Hideki toyoo wrote a letter to the king of Korea, asking to attack China by way of

Chairman Mao said that backwardness means being beaten. Since 1840, China has been bullied by big powers because of its weak national strength. However, Japan is very firm. He doesn’t care about China’s strength at all. He will fight if he is backward or not. He will fight North Korea whenever he is free. He will always want to attack China and use North Korea as a springboard.

After China has proved its strength, Sino US relations can be eased. There may not be a war between China and the United States. As long as we have the courage to fight, when China’s scientific and technological capabilities and military deterrence surpass that of the United States, the United States will probably recognize and accept the reality, but Japan will not.

Japan’s Anti China determination has overwhelmingly surpassed that of the United States.

This is because:

First, Japan has committed numerous crimes against China, including more than 35million military and civilian deaths and injuries. No country can believe that the other side will forgive itself for committing such heinous crimes until the crimes have been thoroughly cleared up.

Note that it is not the question of whether China should forgive Japan, but that Japan cannot believe that someone can forget such hatred.

If China is weak, Japan can still have peace of mind, but it can’t be relieved to see China step by step towards the top of the world.


Second, Japan’s domestic political system is a family marriage and hereditary door valve system. Politicians come down in one continuous line from the war criminals during World War II. It can be said that all the important officials in the Japanese government are inseparable from the war of aggression against China.

Take the example of Wen Xiong Kishida, who is now the first. After the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, his great grandfather Yoshida Kishida made his fortune by plundering resources in Jilong, Taiwan, by Japanese military forces. During World War II, his grandfather Masako Kishida served in the Japanese Navy, and successively served as naval participation officer, naval political affairs undersecretary, National Defense Commission, liberal party general affairs, etc.

After World War II, masuki Kishida was dismissed from public office because of his status as a war criminal, but eventually he served as a house of Representatives again because of the dirty trade between Japan and the United States.

For another example, Japan’s deeply rooted Shinzo Abe and his family have committed numerous crimes against China.

Its grandfather, an Jiexin, was once called the demon of Manchuria. He was the vice premier of the puppet Manchukuo, the “Vice Minister of the general affairs department”, and his hands were stained with the blood of the Chinese people.

The first major achievement was the large-scale cultivation of opium poppy and monopoly of opium trade in Northeast China, which became the second largest financial source of the puppet Manchukuo after tariff revenue. The goods had personally brought tons of opium to Shanghai for trading, and together with the Japanese garrison in Shanghai, they made huge profits. After making money, most of the funds were dedicated to suppressing and slaughtering Chinese Anti Japanese elements and innocent people.

The second achievement is to vigorously promote the Japanese Manchukuo development group to immigrate to Northeast China, forcibly occupy the land and villages of Chinese farmers, resulting in a large number of Chinese families losing their land, displaced, frozen and starved to death.

The third achievement is that during the period in Manchuria, he also actively prepared comfort stations for the Kwantung Army, forcibly recruited or deceived Chinese and Korean women as comfort women for the Japanese army to vent their animal desires

The fourth achievement was the establishment of the notorious 731 bacteriological army, the main cost of which was raised by him. He can be said to be one of the main planners of 731 army.

Because of his numerous crimes, he was greatly appreciated by the Japanese military. After returning to Japan at the end of 1939, he became the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and industry in the Japanese cabinet. In November 1941, Hideki Tojo nominated kishisuke as Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and industry.

Kishisuke reciprocated, firmly supported the launch of the Pacific War, and signed the declaration of war against the United States. He became the most capable general of Tojo Ying’s cabinet during the aircraft war.

Under the full operation of kishinsuke, the plundered Chinese coal, grain, iron ore, oil, rubber, wood, copper and other strategic materials from Nanyang countries were continuously transported to Japan, which became the driving force of the crazy war machine of Japanese militarism.

At this time, kishinsuke had changed from a Manchu demon to a Showa monster.

After the defeat of Japan, kishisuke was listed as a class a war criminal, but it was still because the emperor knelt and licked the United States, and the whole country was a comfort center. MacArthur was furious, and finally nothing happened.

Kishinsuke thought he could not escape death, but was “acquitted” by the Americans. He was grateful to the United States when he came out of his cell. He just wanted to lick the American gutter for generations and show his loyalty by flattery. The Americans immediately said: Yes, it’s you. We can rest assured that Japan will take care of it in the future.

With the strong support of the United States, war criminals became the Prime Minister of Japan in 1957. At this moment, kishisuke is closer to the United States than to his father, and vows to serve the United States with a lifetime of loyalty. In the process of licking the dog and kneeling to lick the United States, he made great achievements.

The greatest “feat” was to vigorously promote the Japan US security treaty under his leadership, that is, to advocate that the United States must defend Japan and that Japan must be defended by the United States. Finally, Japan became a vassal of the United States.

In fact, at that time, many opposition parties in Japan opposed whether to become a colony of the United States. However, kishinsuke even ignored the process of the Japanese Constitution and went to Washington in January 1959 to sign the new security treaty. Since then, Japan is no longer an independent country.

After returning home, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators surrounded the national assembly hall, and voices of opposition rose one after another. However, the goods ignored them, vowed to serve the United States to the death, forcibly approved and ratified the new security treaty, which automatically took effect one month later.

Why do Japanese politicians like visiting Yasukuni toilets so much?

Because the toilets in Yasukuni are dedicated to their grandfather or maternal grandfather, all of whom are their relatives

If China loses the game between China and the United States, the United States will always help Japan hide its evil history. Japanese politicians are the descendants of war heroes.

If China wins, the Japanese government will be almost all the descendants of crime.

This gap is too big, so Japan will certainly try its best to contain China for its own evil glory.

Third, Japan’s obsession with Taiwan, China province of China is far stronger than that of the United States, and Japan is firmer than the United States in supporting Taiwan independence forces.

Japan has occupied Taiwan for 50 years. The “imperial policy” implemented during colonial rule has left a large number of Japanese descendants and elite Japanese elements on the island today. For Japan, many chaebols also have a nostalgia for Taiwan. For example, Yasuo Kishida’s great grandfather started in Taiwan.

Under the distorted background of “50 years of colonial feelings”, the relationship between Taiwan and Japan is very ambiguous, both among the people and the government. This gives Japanese politicians a sense of superiority as a colonial mother country. After all, the colonial time of Taiwan is the most glorious moment of the Japanese Imperial dream.

All Japanese politicians covet Taiwan, inherit the evil legacy of war criminals, and try to return to the original dream. Taro Aso, the finance minister, and his grandfather is former Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida. In 1952, the Yoshida regime promoted the establishment of the so-called “diplomatic relations” between Japan and Taiwan, and tried in vain to encourage the Taiwan authorities to “recover the mainland”.

Defense Minister Taixiu Nakayama and his father Zhenghui Nakayama, who was also a “die hard pro Taiwan faction”, strongly opposed the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan in 1978.

At the same time, in Japan’s view, Taiwan’s strategic position is very important. Many politicians have frequently said that Taiwan’s security is directly related to Japan’s security, because Japan, as a country highly dependent on foreign trade, all commodity exports and energy imports must pass through Taiwan’s waters, which is a sea life route to maintain its economy.

Once China is unified, it is equivalent to cutting off Japan’s economic artery at any time, which is unacceptable to Japan.

Fourth, the Ryukyu Islands are an important strategic extension of Japan, extending Japan’s strategic defense line for more than 1000 kilometers. They are also a core component of the U.S. blockade of China’s island chain.

The oil tankers that pass through the Strait of Malacca are escorted by the Ryukyu Islands.


However, the Ryukyu Islands did not belong to Japan, but were illegally robbed. According to the declaration of the victors of World War II, Japan should have returned the Ryukyu Islands.

Finally, because Japan was determined to serve the United States, the United States signed the San Francisco Treaty with Japan in 1951, illegally recognizing Japan’s management of the Ryukyu Islands.

China has always refused to recognize the San Francisco Treaty. At that time, Premier Zhou issued a statement on the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan by the United States and its subordinate countries, which clearly stated:

The Central People’s Government of the people’s Republic of China once again declares that the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan is absolutely unrecognizable because it was not prepared, drafted and signed with the participation of the people’s Republic of China.

In other words, under the international order dominated by the United States, the Ryukyu Islands can still belong to Japan. When the United States is driven out of the Asia Pacific region?

Fifth, after Japan’s shameful defeat in World War II, the Constitution clearly states:

The Japanese people sincerely hope for international peace based on justice and order, and forever give up wars launched by state power and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes.

The Constitution also stipulates that Japan’s military strength can only be maintained at the level necessary for self-defense, and its total military strength shall not exceed 100000.

However, how could he be reconciled to letting Japan, which likes robbery and expansion most, give up the war?

It has been a long cherished dream for Japanese politicians to normalize the country and restart the war machine. In particular, recently, they have held joint land, sea and air exercises with the United States and other countries, and tried to get rid of the shackles of the peaceful constitution under the pretext of revising the three principles of defense equipment transfer, thus asking the way for the so-called transformation of the Japanese self defense force and even the adjustment of military strategy.

Japan knows very well that once China realizes great rejuvenation and the reunification of the motherland, how can Japan achieve national normalization?

How can China, which is committed to establishing an international order with a community of shared future for mankind, tolerate Japan, which has committed numerous crimes against the world, to arm itself again?


Sixth, as the most loyal servant of the United States, as long as the United States is still the world overlord, Japan can safely be the second child, the leader of the United States, and the agent of the United States in the Asia Pacific region. Anyway, for the United States, South Korea will never be close to Japan.

However, once the United States withdraws from the Asia Pacific region and finally ceases to be the global hegemon, Japan’s international status will plummet. Now, under the instigation of the United States, whether it can succeed or not, Japan can still dream of becoming a permanent member of the United States. Once the international order is rewritten, Japan can only die forever.

Today, Japan is still the most trusted dog of the global overlord. However, once China revives, it is absolutely impossible for China to want Japan as a dog.

Can Japan not be afraid when it comes to the idea that even dogs can’t do it?

The RAND Corporation, the most famous think tank, has persuaded the United States to leave the Asia Pacific region in its “exercise restraint” report, because today in the Asia Pacific region, the power of the United States can no longer compete with China.

The United States has no Asia Pacific, Europe and America, but what about Japan?

As we mentioned in the previous 6 points, Japan will be doomed because:

1? War crimes are completely liquidated;

2? The so-called glory of the parents and grandparents of politicians and plutocrats has been completely lost, and the true history of war criminals has been restored;

3? It is no longer possible to covet Taiwan, and the sea lifeline may be cut off at any time;

4? The Treaty of San Francisco was abolished, and Japan lost more than 1000 kilometers of strategic defense line;

5? The normalization of the country will always be a bubble;

6? Overall decline in international status;

He can’t bear any of these six consequences!

In particular, the first point is that Japan has committed numerous blood debts.

Once the United States leaves the Asia Pacific region, it will indicate the beginning of the collapse of American hegemony, and China will return to the top of the world and form a new international order of a community of shared future for mankind.

For this new global leader, Japan has invaded five times in its thousands of years of history, killing and plundering madly, causing more than 35million casualties.

If China says to Japan that it will be friendly from generation to generation, can Japan believe it?

Because Japan’s dream is to rob China for generations, Japan says:

I’m not buying it

This is like a villain who has been killing and setting fire to his family for a long time in history. As a result, Feng Shui has changed in turn. His neighbors are becoming stronger and richer. The whole village has chosen him as the village head. Can the villain sleep well at night?

Therefore, no matter how much goodwill is released to Japan, he cannot believe it.

Just like before 2020, not to mention that Chinese people buy Japanese goods, nearly 8million Chinese tourists travel to Japan every year, which has fully activated the Japanese economy. Tourists only spend more than 1.7 trillion yen a year in Japan.

Even Mo Yan, who has always believed that literature can only be criticized but not praised, criticized China endlessly and wrote essays to praise Japan when he came to Japan Mo Yan said that their image of me and our gratitude to them will accompany me all my life.


But so what? You like Japan. Does Japan like you?

No matter how much you like Japan, Japan should also shout to help defend Taiwan every day.

According to the poll, Japan is the least fond of China, and 90% of Japanese do not like China.

Why, as I said just now, you always kill and set fire to the house next door, and you owe a lot of blood debts. Now the house next door is becoming stronger and stronger, so powerful that you can easily crush you. Dare you like him?

Is there a war between China and the United States? I have analyzed it. It’s not necessary. The probability is impossible.

But between China and Japan? That’s hard to say.

It is definitely not the United States that fears China’s revival most. It must be Japan.

Therefore, on the Taiwan issue, Japan danced the most happily and did not need the instigation of the United States at all.

If it wants to contain China’s rise, the United States does not want to fight, and Japan will instigate the United States to fight.

I have always believed that Japan will give a big gift to China’s national rejuvenation, because Japan will force China to act, and it will be more and more happy on the Taiwan issue.

The United States just wants not to change the status quo, and Japan dares to take a more clear-cut stand in supporting Taiwan drug addicts.

In June, the Japanese government has decided on a policy to send current defense ministry officials to the Taipei Office of the Japan Taiwan Exchange Association. They will be stationed as early as this summer to strengthen their ability to collect intelligence.

This is another clear provocation.

Seeing that Japan is dying more and more, I am more and more confident that it will one day come down to our red line.

The United States today does not dare to fight with China. It cries out every day not to misjudge. Only Japan has the courage and determination.

The confrontation in the South China Sea in 2016 has completely changed the rules of the game between China and the United States in the Asia Pacific region.

Similarly, we need an action to mark the complete departure of the United States from the Asia Pacific region.

This action, I think, is not in Taiwan Province. The best place is in Japan!

From 663 A.D. to today, the accounts of 1357 are not clear. How can it be called great rejuvenation?

How can Japan sleep soundly without a clear account?

If we can’t effectively protect the neighboring country with only a narrow strip of water and let it be bullied by the United States, how can Japan believe that our friendship will continue from generation to generation?

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