Who is shuiqingxia?

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February 6th

After winning the Asian Cup

The girls of the Chinese women’s football team

Finally, Gao Gao threw up their coach





Previously in the semifinals

When they beat Japan on penalties

The girls just want to throw up the water guide


Rejected by shuiqingxia


She thinks she’ll make it to the finals

It’s not time to celebrate

“Even if we win

I don’t think so

This is an amazing record

We are still preparing for the war as usual “

Before the final against South Korea

Shuiqingxia at the press conference

Said the above paragraph calmly

Lead the Chinese women’s football team

Return to the peak of Asian football after 16 years

Isn’t that “a great record”?

Netizens were filled with emotion that water guidance was “domineering”

Facts prove

This overbearing

It comes from the hard work


China Women’s football adult team

The first “native woman handsome” in history

Shuiqingxia is obviously confident



Shuiqingxia, a player of the Chinese women’s football team who participated in the Sixth Asian women’s Football Championship (issued on December 22, 1986). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter liuyusheng

“I lifted the Asian Cup five times in 11 years

Is the first

The golden generation of national team managers

She knows better than anyone

How to win the women’s Asian Cup “

More than 20 days ago

The official website of the Asian Football Association once commented on shuiqingxia

At that time, the Chinese women’s football team had just announced

List of 23 participants in the 2022 women’s Asian Cup

The sixth day of the lunar new year, more than 20 days later

The Ninth Chinese women’s football team

Shuiqingxia won the Asian Cup for the sixth time

the latter

This time as head coach




“In a row, God replaced man to win the Asian Cup!”

“The number one meritorious person who won the Chinese women’s football championship!”

“The first person in history!

Raise the Asian Cup as a player and a coach “

“Six games in the Asian Cup in 36 years, not one defeat!”


The media and netizens use a series of exclamation points

Express praise for shuiqingxia

It also proves that what the AFC official website said is true

But at the press conference after the game

Water guide I am still calm

(winning) it feels good

Especially when I saw

The fighting spirit aroused when we were behind

Thanks to all the team members

They overcame themselves in difficult circumstances

Also defeated the opponent “

She clearly emphasized

“Not that after winning the championship

The road ahead will be smooth

There are still many problems in training

The next step will be to win the championship

Psychology and tactics of team members

Further refinement and improvement “


“The golden generation of Chinese women’s football players”


“People who know how to win the Asian Cup”


“People who know better how to win the next game”

Shuiqingxia is like this

Keep walking

Running all the way on the green field

Practicing everything is “old age”



Shuiqingxia is 56 years old this year.

In 1977, when she entered the sports school at the age of 11, she was actually a track and field athlete when she first became involved in sports. The main events included the long jump and the pentathlon. When her coach recommended her to the women’s football team in 1983, shuiqingxia was already 17 years old. This age is “old age” for any sport.

Many years later, when shuiqingxia recalled this “accident”, her face was still full of miracles. She even told reporters that she thought

“How is it possible (for me) to play football? It’s terrible for girls to play football.”

Shuiqingxia would not have thought that the first women’s football team in Shanghai’s history and the newly started Chinese women’s football team would become the “theme” of her next life for most of her life.

Shuiqingxia later recalled, “in fact, my idea was relatively simple. Since I played football, I would play it.” But the reality is skinny. At the age of 17, she needs to start learning from hitting the ball. Fortunately, she was also surprised to find that she really had a bit of talent on the field. Soon after her career change, shuiqingxia stood out from more than 100 people and directly entered the first team of Shanghai women’s football team.

Just one year later, the name of shuiqingxia also appeared in the list of the Chinese women’s national team.

The experience of the “golden generation”

Now when it comes to shuiqingxia, the first title is often “China’s golden generation player”. As the main force who won the silver medal of the women’s football team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games together with Sunwen, liuailing, wenlirong and sunqingmei, shuiqingxia was actually one of the first members of the women’s football team to study abroad.

In the 1990s, Shui Qingxia made two journeys to Japan to play football. In 1992, at the age of 26, shuiqingxia went to Japan Prima club to play football and became the main force of the team. In February of the next year, Shui Qingxia returned to China after suffering a serious fracture in a teaching competition against the men’s team. At that time, the doctor performed internal fixation with steel nails for her. Five months later, she appeared on the training ground of the Shanghai women’s football team. In September of the same year, she represented the Shanghai women’s football team in the Seventh National Games held in Beijing. Because I was too busy, the steel nails left in my legs were not taken out until 7 years later.

In 1998, shuiqingxia, who went to Japan again, played for the Japanese Suzuki Shimizu team. She scored a total of 11 goals in the league that year, making her one of the top ten scorers in the league.

When she was a player, she had the experience of “learning from abroad”. After many years, shuiqingxia, who became a coach, also encouraged the girls to go abroad to try their skills, see the world, and better serve the country after learning.

In the opening game of the 2022 women’s Asian Cup, the Chinese team won a big score and made a good start. At the press conference after the game, shuiqingxia especially commented on Tang Jiali, a player who had just returned from England. Considering the impact of the tiring journey, she only gave Tang Jiali 15 minutes to play in that game, but the latter did a good job both in attack and defense. “What is more gratifying is that after playing in the Premier League for a few months, Tang Jiali can see that she has made positive changes in self-confidence building and self-awareness. We look forward to more Chinese players going to the European League in the future, exercising and proving themselves in strong European teams, and being able to do better after learning and improving their ideas.”

“Unique skill” from practice



In the player era, Shui Qingxia’s “unique skill” was set pieces. In addition to scoring directly from a corner kick, in 2001, at the age of 35, she also staged a free kick “world wave” in the final of the last national games before her retirement, scoring the only goal in the game, helping the Shanghai women’s football team to win the National Games championship again and again.

But few people know that, because they often “can’t get to the point”, set pieces were once the weakness that made shuiqingxia “feel very embarrassed” and “very guilty”.

On december14,1997, the 11th Asian women’s Football Championship ended in Guangzhou. In the final, the Chinese team beat the powerful team North Korea 2-0 with two shots by Eileen Liu, and won the Asian Cup for a second time. On the same day, in the title winning report released by the Xinhua news agency, it was mentioned that Shui Qingxia had a free kick: “(the start of the second half) 20 minutes later, the Chinese team forced a free kick in the left corner of the opponent’s restricted area. Veteran Shui Qingxia on the 8th took the penalty, and the ball shot directly into the left column. Liu Ailing’s middle shot was a make-up shot.”


Her later “unique skill” was not “talent”, but she practiced it by herself.

Transformation of water guidance



When a player, shuiqingxia is very strict with herself. At the beginning of her retirement as a coach, she was also known for her strictness.

“My own idea is actually very simple. I just want the team members to know what they need, but the team members may not understand.”

Shuiqingxia once exposed her heart to reporters like this,

“It would be better if we could encourage more players and say more affirmations than before…”

In the constant introspection, the water guidance began to change its style. In addition to actively studying and studying technical and tactical theories, strengthening daily training, it also attached great importance to the psychological adjustment of team members.

Having been a coach for more than 20 years, shuiqingxia sighed: “now the ‘post-90s’ and even’ post-00s’ players are too different from our ‘post-60s’ and’ Post-70s’ In her opinion, the players of her generation are relatively “skinny”, while children today are more sensitive, “maybe a word or a tone will produce some ideas.”

When the Asian Cup semi-final against Japan, shuiqingxia made a bold decision to let Wang Shuang, who was slightly injured, serve as a substitute. In the situation of falling behind twice, shuiqingxia helped the team always maintain the determination to win. She leveled the score twice at the last moment and won the penalty shoot out.

Before the penalty shoot out, shuiqingxia called the players to speak, “I told them to relax, because after two equalizations, we have more confidence.

I told them to maintain this confidence, and I believe this is a crucial moment for the game. “

In the first half of the final, the score of the Chinese team fell behind that of the Korean team, “at half-time, I told the players that the first thing is

Don’t be discouraged. Put down your burden and go for it.

”While encouraging the team members, shuiqingxia also launched the pre game plan. In the second half of the game, the Chinese women’s football team first replaced Wang Shuang, who was injured, and the young substitute zhanglinyan also lived up to expectations——

The Chinese women’s football team leveled the score in less than 5 minutes!

Timely adjustment of tactics and “psychological massage” are the key to the Chinese women’s football team winning the Asian Cup again after 16 years.

By next year, shuiqingxia will have been associated with the football field for 40 years.

Winning the Asian Cup this time is very much like a gift delivered in advance. The future of water coach and the women’s football girls led by her can be expected.



You can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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