Who is taking the opportunity to bully Biden?

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Author: Li Da, an idle man source: an idle man outside Di’an gate (id:damyyxr)

After the US Democratic Party came to power, the most important thing is to rebuild the global network destroyed by the leadership of Sichuan University.

The “deep state” behind the Democratic Party, that is, the interests of the official system, are mostly realized through the global network.

The carrier of the global network is various high-level meetings and support systems.

On the table is a suit, talking and laughing, drinking and preparing; Exchange interests under the table, clearly mark the price, share the fat and the stolen goods.

In order to well drive the officials in deep state, Biden convened the ASEAN countries last month to hold the US ASEAN summit. Now it is the turn of the American countries to hold the Americas summit.

The Democratic Party has always kept secret accounts, using ideology to spread its stall, so that divided countries are willing to pay protection fees for internal strife at all levels.

For example, in Japan, the Democratic Party, as the “arbiter”, collected a protection fee in the struggle between the ruling and opposition parties in Japan, and another protection fee in the struggle among the three East Asian countries.

But can Japan not pay it?

Once the struggle intensifies, there will always be people who want to use the United States and the Democratic Party. In order to prevent careerists from borrowing, those who have no ambition must borrow in advance. This is a genuine Yang Mou created by strength.

These jobs are what the affairs officers in deep state are doing, and they are also the main operators of protection fees. Fat.


Kishida has a deep relationship with the Kennedy family of the Democratic Party

In the past, the leader of Sichuan University had to follow the logic of the company’s operation because he did not have enough cards. Only when the actual benefits outweighed the costs would he be willing to spread out the stall and get rid of his arms.

Therefore, when he was in office, he did not attend the last summit of the Americas, which dealt a great blow to his two legs.

The global capital supporting the Democratic Party needs to rebuild its links with American countries, so as to activate the blood sucking network blocked and suppressed by the leadership of Sichuan University.

The compradors in American countries can regroup and get a pass to sell resources to their owners from the government.

Therefore, the higher the level of the meeting, the better. The higher the level, the greater the effectiveness of the pass. If the head of state is present, it means that he has been recognized by the highest level in his country. Then the comprador’s toss can go directly to heaven.

Back in 1994, President Clinton, who was also from the Democratic Party, echoed the victory of the cold war by bringing together 34 heads of state of the Americas other than Cuba in Florida.

Openly promoting democratic values is actually allowing American forces to enter countries in the form of U.S. funds, becoming an indispensable part of the local internal struggle, and then firmly holding the lifeline of American countries.

I have been to Latin America with the working group. It’s really far away. Flights from Beijing usually transfer in Europe and wait for an hour or so in Paris or Frankfurt before they can fly to their destination.

If you catch up with different airlines, you have to rush between terminals. It will take at least 20 hours to get to Latin America.

So Latin America is called the backyard of the United States. In my opinion, a large part of the reason is that it is too far away from other continents to establish connections.

In addition, it was stuck in the industrial chain by the United States early,

Therefore, we can only rely on the United States and the global market monopolized by the United States, maintain shallow prosperity by peddling primary products, and never cross the middle-income trap.

But this year’s summit of the Americas is different.

The gap between the rich and the poor caused by the epidemic has widened. People at the bottom of the ranks have raised grievances, pushing Latin American countries to turn left collectively. Most of the governments in power are left-wing governments.

The left-wing government worships Guevara, and Guevara’s revolutionary romanticism, in other words, is the classic sentence of zhangmuzhi in let the bullets fly, that is, the sentence at the end to Huang sirang.

“Without you, it’s very important to me.”

Biden’s purpose is also very clear. In addition to laying a stall to win over deep state, he also wants to import oil from Venezuela, lithium from Chile and Argentina and iron from Brazil at a low price to ease the pressure of domestic inflation.

But I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

The game is two-way. When the United States has an overwhelming advantage, everyone naturally vies to lick it.

But when the United States also began to ask for help, especially when it was determined to get something and take it back, the old boys knew that it was time to ask for a price.

In particular, the left-wing government is subject to public opinion, and the comprador has relatively little influence. Of course, it must charge a heavy price.


Some of the younger brothers who “bullied” the eldest brother in the group are iron headed, such as Venezuela, which holds oil and has not been able to subvert.

Others fish in troubled waters and want to make a living with the big army, such as Argentina, which has sold out all its money and still owes a lot of foreign debt.

This is not difficult for Biden to solve.

If the latter is severely cleaned up, it will naturally lead to shock and awe to defeat the alliance. The iron head will have to give in if he sees no help.

It is conceivable what the fate of a country like Argentina will be in the next few years.

This is always the end, but there are always challengers eager to try; Always be shocked and divided, but always be ready to move.

This was not the case in the boom years. Scared by the big brother, most countries shrink back and nibble at the bone in the corner.

But now, big brother doesn’t even have enough bones to eat.

The script has changed.

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