Who is the actress who doesn’t flush the toilet? Is Ajiao forwarding Zhao yingzi

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Since the launch of sister Lang 3, the most controversial female star is Zhao yingzi. Many netizens said that Zhao yingzi wanted more tea than Chen xiaoque in the second season. We didn’t like zhaoyingzi at all, but we didn’t expect a more exciting play to come again. Who is the actress who doesn’t flush the toilet? Ajiao forwards the leaked video. Is it about Zhao yingzi? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Who is the actress who doesn’t flush the toilet

The cause of the incident was that a gossip blogger recorded a video to reveal that one of the elder sisters was annoying. The most unbearable thing for netizens is that the actress doesn’t flush the toilet after going to the big size. Because the sisters live together, sometimes when other sisters go to the toilet, they will find that the toilet is not flushed. But when the sisters questioned the actress, the actress said innocently that she would flush the toilet by herself because the toilets in her home were intelligent.

In addition to the first time, the blogger also broke out a lot of material about changing female stars, which has caused various annoying behaviors of female stars outside the program. The netizens of zhulangjie 3 knew that the actress was talking about Zhao yingzi. Moreover, the melon eaters also found that sister Ajiao, one of sister Lang 3, even forwarded this video. The heat of this matter came up all at once. Netizens thought that Ajiao was connoting Zhao yingzi.

Is Ajiao forwarding Zhao yingzi

Because before, Zhao yingzi also made various contributions in the program of sister Lang 3, and forced Gillian to apologize to her. At that time, Gillian’s white eyes flew into the sky. Netizens who had watched the program thought Gillian really hated Zhao yingzi. Now the melon eaters are flocking to Zhao yingzi’s social platform, and various messages ask her why she doesn’t flush the toilet after going to the large one. Zhao yingzi’s name has also been directly listed on the hot search list. I don’t know whether Zhao yingzi is embarrassed that she has been removed from the news, or happy that she has so much attention.

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