Who is the biggest beneficiary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict!

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Author: Waiter Fatty Source WeChat official account: think tank Bai Xiaosheng

Who blew up the Beixi oil pipeline? European politicians seem to have stopped paying attention to this problem. Even if the answer is obvious, no one is willing to pierce the last layer of window paper.

The whole Europe plays the new dress of the emperor in a collective way, and looks at the truth without seeing it.

What are they afraid of? The inner timidity without self-knowledge.

Political kidnapping, military control, economic bloodsucking, Europe has almost become the puppet of the United States, and the strategic purpose of the United States to control Europe has been achieved.

Europe’s timidity towards the United States can be seen in the European Parliament held in Strasbourg, France, last week.

Two members of the European Parliament mentioned the destruction of the Russian natural gas pipeline “Beixi” to Europe and the disclosure of the famous American investigative journalist Simo Hesh.

Wallace questioned in his speech that after the destruction of the “Beixi” pipeline in September last year, the President of the European Commission, von der Leyen, said that the investigation was “vital”, that any deliberate destruction of European energy supply was “unacceptable”, and vowed that the European Union would make “the strongest response”. But now the American journalist Hirsch has revealed that the United States is behind the destruction of the pipeline, but Europe has been silent. “


“Strong response“

”Does the EU care? Do you need to know who did it? Do you want to know? “

“This is a premeditated terrorist attack against important infrastructure in Europe, and it is terrorism that destroys the environment.”

“Have you asked them (the United States)? Have you asked them if they did it? Have you asked them any questions?”

“Are we so timid? Is the EU so timid in front of the US Empire? You dare not even ask if they have done this?”

It is no wonder that Germany has no longer had the courage of the past since Mrs Merkel stepped down. The traffic light government has nearly destroyed Merkel’s political legacy.

Since the merger of East and West Germany, the Germans rely on Russia’s cheap energy, rely on the dividend of the European Union’s unified market, and take advantage of the opportunity of euro integration, Germany has directly obtained European profits from exporting its industrial products.

I remember that a few years ago, the European Political Center released a report entitled “Twenty Years of the Euro: Winners and Losers”, which studied the impact of the introduction of the euro on the economic prosperity of member countries.

The report found that in the more than 20 years since the introduction of the euro, only Germany and the Netherlands among the 19 members have enjoyed relatively large profits, while the economic prosperity of other member countries such as Italy and France has declined.

Due to the introduction of the euro, Germany gained 1.9 trillion euros (2.1 trillion dollars) from 1999 to 2017, with an average of 23000 euros per resident.

The second is the Netherlands, with a total of 346 billion euros, with an average of 21003 euros per resident. Other euro zone countries suffered losses.

France lost 3.6 trillion euros and Italy 4.3 trillion euros, equivalent to 56000 euros and 74000 euros per capita, respectively.

In fact, Americans have long been interested in Germany, but Aunt Mo is on the stage. She has always had a good relationship with Russia and has not given Americans a chance.

However, as soon as Aunt Mo stepped down, the Green Party, which was supported by the Americans, came into power and formed a traffic light government. With the help of the Green Party, which is almost like a scumbag, anti-China and anti-Russia have become politically correct and glorified in the fight against power.

One of the leaders of the Green Party, the current German Foreign Minister Burke, even spoke at a forum held in Prague:

“If I make a promise to the Ukrainian people, we will stand with you as long as you need it, then I will honor it. No matter what German voters think, I want to honor it to the Ukrainian people.”

Germany’s own foreign minister has given priority to the interests of other countries, regardless of the ideas of its own people. It must not be that her head was squeezed by the door, but that she did not care about the interests of the German people at all. She put the interests of the master first.

On February 18, at the “Munich Security Conference” forum, the host asked her, “If Putin continues to govern, can the West ensure the security of Ukraine for a long time?”

Berburk did not hesitate to answer: “If he (Putin) does not make a 360-degree change, it will not”.

360 degrees, that is to turn around in place. Nothing needs to be changed. Her answer was ridiculed by the German crowd, and her ignorance was appalling. The painter was almost jumping out of the cemetery.

Behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict, compared with other NATO countries, Germany is the country most unwilling to have conflicts with Russia.

At first, Germany’s assistance to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia were very few. Because more than half of Germany’s natural gas comes from Russia, the cooperation between the two countries in the past three decades is much closer than that of other European and American countries.

However, the Americans must drag Germany into the water, so they joined forces with Norway to blow up the Beixi oil and gas pipeline.

Germany did not want to provoke Russia and was not willing to provide heavy tanks at all.

However, the countries within NATO, led by the Baltic Sea and Poland, continued to exert pressure on Germany, and the Americans also fooled and announced that they would provide heavy tanks for Ukraine.

As a last resort, the Germans announced that they agreed to provide Panther 2 tanks to Ukraine.

However, the Germans were still deceived. The Netherlands and Denmark temporarily reneged and no longer gave the Ukrainian Panther 2 tanks.

We agreed to get together, but you baked oil behind my back.

On February 7, the defense ministers of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark just released a joint statement, saying that they would refurbish at least 100 old “Leopard 1” tanks from their inventory and deliver them to Ukraine.

Before Finland joined NATO, it would not provide any tanks.

Sweden said that it was not willing to deliver Panther tanks at present.

France only delivered a “light tank” to Kievano. As for the main battle tank, there was not even a shadow.

American tanks don’t know when they will arrive.

US President Joe Biden told Prime Minister Schultz by telephone last week that he would review the possibility of such delivery.

However, a person familiar with the matter said that Washington would use the funds of the “Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative” (USAI) to purchase tanks from the allies and send them to Ukraine after overhaul. However, this process may take months or even years.

Germany: XXX

Isn’t this a group scam?

However, the matter has come to this point. The Germans have been tied up on the ship and have no courage to say no to the Americans.

Last year, German President Steinmeier made a public statement to thank the US military for serving in Germany for decades. He said that the US military stationed in Germany is of vital significance to the security of Germany, the European continent and the Union. “As Germans, we should thank all these people.”


The first infantry division of the US military stationed in Germany is located in Uzburg, and the headquarters of the first armored division is located in Wiesbaden. Another 40000 people are distributed in Baden-Wurtenburg, Bavaria, Hessen and Lefa.


Alas, how dare the dog bark at the master?

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