Who is the boss of spicy Yoko? Is the boss behind spicy Yoko Zhao Wei

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In the entertainment circle where there are so many beautiful women, Kimo’s appearance is really not outstanding. Even many netizens think that Kimo is a little ugly. But I didn’t expect that Kimo has developed very well in the entertainment circle in recent years, which is naturally supported by capital. Who is boss kimiko? There is a rumor that Zhao Wei is the boss behind Ramu Yoko. What’s the matter? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Who is boss kimiko

Since 2020, the resources of Ramu Yoko have become very good. She was an online celebrity at the beginning and later entered the comedy industry. However, since the second season of “actors in place” in 2020, he has started to take on the resources of many variety show hosts, and began to play many TV dramas and films, and even become a leading lady. The resources have soared with the naked eye.

If it weren’t for the recent car rollovers, kimiko would have joined the group to shoot Zhao Liying’s new play and Phoenix. The role of kimu Yoko was originally an enemy of Zhao Liying, and was also designed by the first beauty. It is obvious that this role does not match the appearance of kimu Yoko, but kimu Yoko can still get such good resources because of her strong capital.

Zhao Wei is the boss behind Kimo

Even raku Yoko has been boycotted by netizens because of one car rollover after another. However, raku Yoko’s development in the entertainment industry has not been affected. Moreover, the capital behind her will soon come out for public relations. The impact of these negative news has basically passed. Many netizens are particularly curious about the capital behind lame Yoko. It turns out that lame Yoko signed a contract with Zhao Wei’s company in 2020. Although Zhao Wei is now banned by the entertainment circle, her network resources in the entertainment circle are still there. Therefore, the development of kimiko in the entertainment circle is still protected by Zhao Wei.

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