Who is the disciple of red sperm? Why can’t red sperm beat their disciples?

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Who is the disciple who brought the red sperm to you today? I hope it can help you.

Speaking of the red sperm, in fact, it is much stronger than the ordinary immortals in the legend of Fengshen. I feel that his magic power is very strong, so it is very attractive. Recently, many people have said that they want to understand the red sperm. What is the mount of the red sperm? What are weapons? And what is ontology? Let’s analyze and uncover the secrets together!


What is the mount of red sperm

After many discussions and inquiries, this red sperm has no mount.

What is the weapon of red sperm

There are many weapons and magic weapons of red sperm, including the eight trigrams purple ribbon immortal clothes, yin and Yang mirrors, water fire duo, killing immortal sword and so on.

What is the body of red sperm

It seems that the bodies of the twelve golden immortals are all human beings, not animals. Besides the white crane boy and he XUHU, there are also the Yellow Dragon immortal.


Extended reading: why can red sperm beat their disciples?

In my opinion, red sperm didn’t want to give all the treasures of the cave to Yin Hong, but the original emperor ordered him to do so.

How can you tell?

Yin Hong went down the mountain after LV Yue was beaten away.

Why did red sperm let Yin Hong go down the mountain at that time? Based on the original work, we found that at that time, the red sperm had been practicing hard in the cave, and only one unusual thing happened. That’s a letter from the founder of the sect brought by the white crane boy.

The original book said: “let’s talk about the red sperm in the Yunxiao cave of Taihua mountain. It was only because the three flowers on the top of the cave were cut off, and the five Qi in the chest was dissipated. Sitting in the cave to maintain the Tianyuan, I saw a white crane boy from the yuxu palace coming with a letter, and the red sperm met me.”

What is written in the letter?

The original text said: “after thanking you, you will know that Jiang Ziya is a general in Jintai.” The letter explained the days when Jiang Ziya paid tribute to the general in Jintai, and asked red sperm to go down the mountain to participate in the grand meeting.

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this letter, but after careful consideration, it is very problematic.

What’s the problem?

The only reason is that when Yin Hong went down the mountain, it was at the beginning of the 28th year of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, and when Jiang Ziya paid tribute to the general in Jintai, it was on March 15th of the 30th year of King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty.

It is clear that the Jintai worship will be held two years later. Why did the original Tianzun let the white crane boy inform him so early?

Are you worried that the road is long and the red sperm won’t be able to catch up? Is it because of the inconvenience of message delivery, so notice in advance?


As early as several decades ago, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty had already worked out the general requirements of the action of deification hundreds of years ago, and several important time points had been determined early. This includes the time point of the admiration of Jintai.

Even if it’s a temporary notice, the white crane boy’s escape can be conveyed within a day.

In short, there is no need for the original Tianzun to notify the red sperm two years in advance.

What’s more, the red sperm was only present at the ceremony, and there was no need for him to do anything at all.

Therefore, the truth came to the surface: the reason why the original Tianzun sent the letter early two years ago seemed to remind the red sperm to watch the ceremony, but in fact it was to remind the red sperm to send his disciple Yin Hong down the mountain. Moreover, the original Tianzun asked the red sperm to give all the magic weapons to Yin Hong!

In the previous chapter on Shen Gongbao’s anti earth movement, I mentioned that after the Yellow River array, the twelve Immortals’ first cultivation was abandoned, and the elucidation was in an extremely weak period. At this time, if the Shang Dynasty independently summoned powerful immortals, the Xiqi camp could hardly resist. For this reason, the high level of hermeneutics sent Shen Gongbao to consciously say that he was a disciple of three generations of anti hermeneutics, so that his own people could fight their own people, and everyone could know the root and the bottom, so as to better control the situation of the two armies.

What’s more, although Yuanshi Tianzun did not want his beloved twelve generation disciples to join the heavenly court, how could he allow the immortal to control the heavenly court in the future? To this end, we must also send a part of the forces to join the Tianting. The best choice is to let the disciples of the three generations of elucidation die and become gods like the immortal of the truncated religion.

In this way, you can also block the mouth of the apostasy – you are not the only ones who died in the God sealing war!

Based on the previous analysis of the sanctification of the flesh, we can know that many years ago, the high-level hermeneutics such as Tianzun and Laozi in the Yuan Dynasty had made a good plan to sacrifice the Shang Dynasty and discredit King Zhou. Among the three generations of disciples who can become saints in the flesh and who must die, the high level has made arrangements long ago.

Like Yin Hong and Yin Jiao brothers, they are the princes of the Shang Dynasty. This is the original sin.

On the other hand, such natural nobles as Yin Hong and Yin Jiao would not be willing to be Xiqi’s vassal. For this reason, the high level of elucidation arranged for the red sperm to send a hole of magic weapons. Under the bewilderment of the powerful power of the three magic weapons, Yan Hong lost himself and finally sent himself to the road of death.

As a teacher, red sperm is still very concerned and loves Yin Hong.

Red sperm knew the temper of disciple Yin Hong, and must not resist temptation. He didn’t want to give Yin Hong the three magic weapons, but he dared not disobey master’s orders. So when Yan Hong had collected his things and was ready to go down the mountain, the red sperm even called Yan Hong back specially to warn him, and made Yan Hong swear that he must not disobey his orders, or he would die!

After Yin Hong swore that he would break his promise and turn his limbs into fly ash, the red sperm was released from the mountain.

Later, red sperm saw Yin Hong being turned into fly ash by the Taiji diagram, and couldn’t help crying: “no one in Taihua mountain can cultivate Taoism and practice. It hurts me to see this under my Taoist sect!”

Red sperm is so sad and helpless. He cried not only for Yin Hong, but also for himself!


As a master, he could not escape the blame for the death of his disciple. Although the red sperm is the first immortal to beat the golden bell in the yuxu palace, it is still a chess piece unable to control its own destiny in front of the saints.

Yin Hong died on the Tai Chi map. Is it true that the yin-yang mirror is so powerful that it can only be suppressed by the Tai Chi map, one of the strongest magic weapons in the deity world? In the process of killing Yin Hong, another immortal head of yuxu palace came. Who is this person and what is the purpose of his coming to Xiqi? Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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