Who is the famous general Liu Bei really missed in his life

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China has been a country with vast territory and abundant resources since ancient times. China is also one of the four most famous ancient countries in the world. The other three ancient countries, ancient India, ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon, are also more or less due to various reasons. The ancient culture has gradually disappeared in the world, so China has also become the only ancient civilization that continues ancient culture to this day.

From ancient times to now, there are more than 20 dynasties in China. In addition to Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, there are still many dynasties worth remembering. Next, I will introduce Liu Bei, who was very famous during the Three Kingdoms Period, to you. The only three famous generals that he really missed in his life were not Tai Shi Ci nor Zhang Liao. Next, I will introduce Liu Bei to you. He missed these three famous generals in his life.



The first famous general is Zhang Ren. Zhang Ren, a native of Shu County in Yizhou, was subordinate to Liu Zhang, a herdsman in Yizhou in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. In the war that Liu Bei attacked Liu Zhang, Zhang Ren, as Liu Zhang’s right-hand man, naturally led his troops to fight against Liu Bei. It was in this war that Zhang Ren lost his life. The reason why we can say that Zhang Ren is one of the three generals Liu Bei really missed in his life is mainly because Zhang Ren is the first general in Sichuan who has both intelligence and courage. He fought very bravely and was very loyal. In fact, Liu Bei could bring Zhang Ren under his command and let Zhang Ren work for himself in that war, so that Liu Bei could have another general, but we all know that the result of this war was really tragic.

The second famous general is Tian Yu. Tian Yu was the general of Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms Period. He was under the command of Liu Bei at the beginning of the Three Kingdoms Period, but he himself was a very filial person. Because Tian Yu’s mother was too old, he returned to his hometown with his mother, and then chose to follow Gongsun Zan. Later, after Gongsun Zan’s defeat, Tian Yu joined the camp of Cao Wei. When Cao Cao captured Hebei, Tian Yu was highly regarded as a military general, and made great contributions to the Cao Wei camp. Therefore, Tian Yu became the first general of Cao Wei to defend the northern frontier. So Liu Bei really regrets that he lost Tian Yu.

The third famous general is Pound. After many twists and turns during the Three Kingdoms Period, Pound was surrendered to Cao Cao, who also knew that Pound was brave in battle. So Pound was awarded the title of official general, the title of the official and the title of the official, the title of the official, the title of the official, and the title of the three hundred households in the city. This shows that Cao Cao valued him. The most commendable thing is that Pound once fought with Guan Yu. Guan Yu also admired Pound very much. He wanted to persuade Pound to surrender, but Pound was very just and resolutely refused to obey. If Liu Bei gets this person, the combat effectiveness of the army will certainly improve a lot.

We all know that in the Three Kingdoms period in history, Tai Shi Ci and Zhang Liao were both famous generals that Liu Bei missed, mainly because the two famous generals were also very famous, but the three famous generals that Liu Bei missed were not Tai Shi Ci or Zhang Liao, but Zhang Ren, Tian Yu and Pound.

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