Who is the new killer in the storm? He is the illegitimate son of Uncle Tai

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The ending of the TV series is coming soon. If Lao Mo is the most powerful fighter in the early stage of the drama, then another killer who is not less powerful than Lao Mo has appeared. Who is the new killer in the storm? This killer is the illegitimate son of Uncle Tai, which is too surprising. The editor will introduce it today.

Who is the new killer in the storm

Another killer appeared in the storm. The killer was obviously from Zhao Lidong. So far, the TV series has not shown the name of the killer, but those who have read the original book know that he has called Shanfeng. Crossing the mountain peak is a cold-faced killer. He killed Wang Li without moving his face. Even after hurting Wang Li, he buried him directly in the cement bucket and buried Wang Li alive.

The way of killing people across the mountain is more cruel than Lao Mo, and can even be described as abnormal. On the surface, I saw that Shanfeng went to kill Wang Li, and was instructed by Zhao Lidong. But in fact, he and Gao Qiqiang also had great hatred. Because in the original book, crossing the mountain is the illegitimate son of Uncle Tai. At the beginning, Gao Qiqiang started his family by relying on Uncle Tai, but in the end, the two people broke up. Uncle Tai was directly put off by Gao Qiqiang, and even whether he died of old age or accidental death was uncertain.

Crossing the mountain is Uncle Tai’s illegitimate son

At the beginning, Uncle Tai always said that he was childless, so he wanted to accept his daughter as his son. Judging from Uncle Tai’s behavior at that time, he should not know that he had an illegitimate son. It was clear that he wanted to avenge Uncle Tai and kill Gao Qiqiang. According to the latest preview, the murderer of Gao Qiqiang in the tea restaurant is likely to cross the mountain. In the original book, Gao Qiqiang was also killed by his enemy. Maybe this person is the illegitimate son of Uncle Tai who crossed the mountain. Gao Qiqiang once said that he would take care of Uncle Tai’s old age and end his life. I didn’t expect that he would be sent away by Uncle Tai’s illegitimate son.

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