Who is the ox man of the three kingdoms that makes Zhugeliang feel inferior to himself?

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Zhugeliang, a brilliant and broad-minded man, is proud of the heroes in the Jianghu of the Three Kingdoms. There are really not many talents who can catch his eye. However, there is a very powerful genius, which Zhugeliang attaches great importance to. He not only took great pains to get it under Liu Bei’s command, but also sincerely publicly praised this person as better than himself: “I’m not as far away as my son if I plan in a tent.” (see notes of peisongzhi in annals of the Three Kingdoms, Shu Shu, biography of Liu BA)

The “Ziche” praised by Zhugeliang is Liu ba. Liu Bei also praised it and said, “Zi Che is extremely intelligent. If he is alone, he can be appointed. It is difficult for him not to be alone.” Cheeky Liu Bei didn’t forget to praise himself when praising Liu ba. It means that Ziche is extremely intelligent. Only heroes like Gu can use it. It is difficult for others outside of Gu to control him.

Liu Ba, Zi Che, from Lingling, Jingzhou. He was born in an official family, and his grandfather Liu Yao was once the governor of Cangwu. His father, Liu Xiang, used to be Jiangxia prefect and Dangkou general. Liu BA was very intelligent and talented when he was young, but he developed a personality of being arrogant. Although his surname is Liu, he has always looked down on Liu Bei’s origin of “weaving seats and peddling shoes”, so he despises Liu Bei from his bones.

At the age of 18, Liu Ba served as the chief clerk of the County Bureau in Jingzhou. At that time, Liu Bei happened to come to Jingzhou to join Liu Biao. The erudite Liu BA was already very famous at that time. Liu Bei asked his nephew Zhou Buyi to study with him. Liu Ba desperately refused and said, “my little knowledge is really nothing. If you let your nephew worship me as a teacher, it’s like destroying the beauty of the Phoenix and plunging into the small world of the swallow, how can it make him smarter?” Liu Bei was disheartened and disgraced.

On the eve of the battle of Chibi, which decided the fate of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei fought with Cao Cao in Changbanpo. As a result, Liu Bei was beaten by Cao Cao. Liu Bei, who was kind-hearted and led the general public, began to flee. The prominent scholars in Jingzhou also followed Liu Bei and joined the fleeing army. Only Liu Ba went north to find Cao Cao. It can be seen that he really dislikes Liu Bei, preferring to follow Cao Cao, who is “a Han prime minister in the Ming Dynasty and a Han thief in the real world”, rather than follow Liu Bei, who has a gold lettered signboard of Royal descendants.

Cao Cao was naturally overjoyed at the defection of the famous man Liu Ba, and appointed him as an “assistant”. Later, Cao Cao sent him to appease Changsha, Lingling and other places, placing great importance on him. Unexpectedly, Liu BA’s luck was really bad. Cao Cao was defeated miserably in the battle of Chibi, and Liu Bei won Changsha, Lingling and other counties.

After Liu Bei became the master of Lingling mausoleum, he heard that Liu BA was also here, and his heart for talent spontaneously arose. Liu Bei, who was eager for talents, paid a visit to Liu Ba regardless of past grievances. Only then did he find that Liu Ba had escaped and fled far to Jiaozhi (today’s Vietnam).

It turned out that due to the failure of the plot to appease Changsha, Lingling and other places, Liu Ba could not go back to Cao Cao and had to flee. Before he fled, Zhugeliang wrote a letter sincerely to persuade him to submit to Liu Bei, but Liu Ba replied, “it’s appropriate to come under orders, and it can’t be repaid. What’s wrong with your step!” He refused without hesitation, which made “the former Lord deeply hate”.

It’s not enough for Liu Ba to escape to Vietnam. I’m afraid Liu Bei will find him through channels and change his surname to Zhang. According to the biography of Lingling sages, Ba entered Jiaozhi, and his surname was Zhang. He disagreed with Jiaozhi Taishou Shixi’s plan, but went by the way. Detained by Yizhou County, the prefect wanted to kill him. The master said, “this is an extraordinary person. You can’t kill him.” Please send the master’s book to Yizhou to see Liu Zhang, the shepherd of Yizhou. Zhang’s father Yan used to be filial and honest for Ba Fuxiang. He was pleasantly surprised to see Ba, and he always paid a visit to every major event.

Liu Zhang was originally a pro Cao sect and sent Zhang song to show his attitude to Cao Cao. Unexpectedly, because Zhang song was not handsome, Cao Cao was indifferent to him. Zhang song, who came back with a stomach of anger, persuaded Liu Zhang and Liu Bei to fight Cao Cao together. Liu Zhang had no idea, so he agreed.

Liu Ba, who entered the curtain, gave Liu Zhang a very strategic suggestion: don’t accept Liu Bei. “Ba Jian said: ‘prepare, male people also, enter will do harm, not inside.’ after entering, Ba Fu Jian said: ‘if you make preparation to attack Zhang Lu, you will release the tiger in the mountains and forests.’ Zhang didn’t listen. Ba closed the door and said illness.” (see biography of Lingling SAGES)

Liu Zhang, who was very naive in politics, didn’t listen to Liu BA’s harsh advice. After the revelation of Zhang Song’s secret connection with Liu Bei, Liu Zhang realized that Liu BA’s original opinion was correct. But at this time, the general trend was gone, and Yizhou was quickly pocketed by Liu Bei. When Liu Bei besieged Yizhou, he ordered the three armies: “Whoever dares to harm Liu Ba will destroy his three clans.” Later, the soldiers caught Liu Ba, who could not escape, and Liu Bei was overjoyed.

Liu Bei invited him again, and Zhugeliang also wrote a letter to Liu Ba to persuade him bitterly. Liu Ba, who had no choice but to apologize for his helplessness, was appointed by Liu Bei as the left general Xi Cao (Liu Bei’s main official position at this time was the left general, and Xi Cao was in charge of the appointment of officials in the government). Zhugeliang is also very happy about this, because since Liu Ba took office, Zhugeliang’s workload has been reduced a lot. Liu Bei was called the queen of Hanzhong and took Liu Ba as the minister; After Fazheng’s death, Liu BA was promoted to shangshuling, responsible for handling daily government affairs.

Because Liu Ba always ignored Zhang Fei, Zhang Fei was very angry about it, and the relationship between the two had been very tense. Zhugeliang once advised Liu Ba to be polite to the emperor’s brother, but Liu Ba also didn’t buy it. Liu Bei, who has a strong love of loyalty to Taoyuan, was very disgusted with this point of Liu ba. He said to Zhugeliang, “Liu Ba is a talented Superman. If no one replaces him, then use him. If someone replaces him, then don’t use him.”

Zhugeliang replied, “I’m not as far away as my son if I plan in a tent.” (see the notes of Pei song in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, Shu Shu, biography of Liu BA) Liu Bei gave up the idea of giving up Liu Ba after hearing it.

As for Liu BA’s neglect of Zhang Fei, Zhang Zhao, the head of Soochow think tank, also stood by Liu Bei and thought that Liu BA was too much. But Sun Quan, the Lord of Wu, had another opinion. He said, “if Liu Ba is allowed to drift with the tide and please Liu Bei, how can he be called a high scholar?”

Liu Ba is frugal, unwilling to associate with others, and only focuses on business. When Liu Bei ascended the throne, all Wen Gao’s decisions were written by Liu ba. According to Liu Jixing’s textual research, at that time, Zhugeliang, Fazheng, Liu Ba, Li Yan, and the Iraqi nationality said that “the system of Shu branch was made by five people”. It can be seen that Liu BA’s ability is really great.

Liu BA’s greatest contribution was not long after he was annexed to Liu Bei. According to history, after Liu Bei captured Yizhou, the National Treasury was empty, and Liu Bei was very worried. Liu Ba said, “it’s a piece of cake. Three actions are done: first, cast copper plates worth 100 yuan; second, unify national prices; third, implement the public sale system.” (Ba said, “change your ears, but make a hundred coins straight, level all things, and make officials official.”) Liu Bei followed it, and in a few months, the Treasury was enriched.

In the second year of Liu Bei becoming emperor, that is, the second year of Shu Zhangwu (A.D. 222), Liu Ba died of illness at the age of 39. It can be said that heaven envied talents and died young at the age of Zhuang.

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