Who is the protagonist of Seven Captures of Meng Huo? The story of Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo

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Introduction to the protagonist of the story of Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo

Zhuge Liang (181-234), courtesy name Kongming, nicknamed Wolong (also known as Fulong), Han nationality, native of Yangdu, Langya, Xuzhou (now Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong), Prime Minister of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms Period, outstanding statesman, strategist, prose home, calligrapher. When he was alive, he was named Marquis of Wuxiang, and after his death, he was posthumously named Marquis Zhongwu. Zhuge Liang worked hard to help the Shuhan regime, and he did everything he could, and then he died. The representative works of his prose include “Apprenticeship List”, “Ji Zi Shu” and so on. He invented wooden cows and horses, Kongming lanterns, etc., and transformed the repeating crossbow, called Zhuge Repeating Crossbow, which can be shot with a single crossbow. He died in Wuzhangyuan (now in Qishan, Baoji) in 234.
Meng Huo, the leader of the ethnic minorities in South China during the Three Kingdoms period of China. It was a common surname in Jianning County (now Jinning East, Yunnan) during the Three Kingdoms period. Date of birth and death unknown. After the official to the imperial censor in the prime minister.
Before and after the death of Liu Bei, the first lord of Shu, Meng Huo followed Yong Kai, a surname in Yizhou County, to rebel against Shu Han, and incited the Yi people to rebel together. According to the “Han Jin Spring and Autumn Period”: At that time, the Shunan Yi commander rebelled, and Zhuge Liang came to Nanzhong and fought a hundred victories. He heard that there was a man named Meng Huo who was served by the local Yi and Han, so he must be captured alive. Later, Zhuge Liang really captured Meng Huo in Pandong.

The story of Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wei, Shu and Wu divided the world into three parts. Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of Shu, was entrusted by Zhaolie Emperor Liu Bei to be entrusted by his orphan’s widow, and he was determined to expedition to the north to restore the Han Dynasty. At this time, the southern barbarians in the south of Shu came to invade Shu again, and Zhuge Liang immediately ordered troops to march south. When they reached the land of Nanman, Zhuge Liang won the first battle and captured Meng Huo, the leader of Nanman.
But Meng Huo was not convinced, saying that victory or defeat was a matter of military affairs. Kong Ming learned that Yi Xiao ordered Meng Huo to be released. After letting Meng Huo go, Kong Ming called his lieutenant and deliberately said that Meng Huo had put all the blame for the rebellion on his head. The lieutenant was very angry when he heard this and shouted his grievance, so Kong Ming put him back. After the lieutenant returned to the camp, he was always indignant.
One day, he invited Meng Huo into his tent, bound Meng Huo and sent him to the Han camp. Kong Ming managed to capture Meng Huo twice, but Meng Huo refused to accept it, so Zhuge Liang let him go. This time, the Han camp generals were a little confused. They thought it was a joke to let the enemy go so easily. Kong Ming has his own reason: only convincing people with virtue can really convince people; convincing people with strength will have trouble later.
Meng Huo returned to the cave again, and his younger brother Meng You offered him a strategy. In the middle of the night, Meng You brought people to the Han camp to defraud him. Kong Ming saw through him at a glance, so he ordered a large amount of fine wine to be given to the soldiers of the southern barbarians, so that the people Meng You brought were drunk. At this time, Meng Huo came to rob the camp as planned, but unexpectedly fell into the trap and was captured again. This time, Meng Huo was still not reconciled, and Kong Ming let the tiger go back to the mountain for the third time. Meng Huo returned to the main camp and immediately started to rectify the army, ready to go.
One day, a spy suddenly came to report: Kong Ming was checking the terrain alone in front of the formation. Meng Huo was overjoyed when he heard this, and immediately brought people to arrest Zhuge Liang. Unexpectedly, this time he fell into Zhuge Liang’s trap again, and became the turtle [bi?] in the urn [wèng] for the fourth time. Kong Ming knew that he would definitely not be convinced this time, and let him go again. Meng Huo led the troops back to the camp.
One of the generals in his battalion brought the cave owner Yang Feng, who was captured and released several times because he followed Meng Huo. He was very grateful to Zhuge Liang. In order to repay his kindness, he and his wife got Meng Huo drunk and escorted him to the Han camp. Meng Huo was captured five times, but he still refused to accept it, shouting that he was framed by internal thieves. Kong Ming let him go for the fifth time and ordered him to fight again. This time, Meng Huo did not dare to be careless when he returned, and the Shu army launched a massive southern expedition. Kong Ming used a trick to sow discord, so that Gao Ding killed Yong Kai [y?ng k?i] and Zhu Bao, and brought their heads down to bring them down. Yongchang was in danger. Solved.
The prefect Wang Wei welcomed Kong Ming into the city, and the defender Lu Wei presented the “Pingman’s palm map”, Kongming was overjoyed, and took Lv Kai as the guide to go deep into the barbarian realm. Just as he was about to send troops, he suddenly reported that the emperor sent an envoy to reward the army, it was Ma Su.

The story of Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo – the detailed process of the seven captures

one catch
After Kongming defeated the Nanman Marshal Sandong, he set up an ambush, letting Wang Ping and Guan Suo lure the enemy. The two pretended to be defeated, and led the southern barbarian king Meng Huo into the canyon, and then Zhang Yi and Zhang Yi chased after them. Wang Ping and Guan Suo returned to Ma Jia to attack.
Meng Huo couldn’t resist and was captured alive by Wei Yan. But Meng Huo was not convinced, and said, “I was not careful and fell into your plan, how can I be convincing?” Zhuge Liang did not force him, and let him go back cheerfully.
Two captures and two verticals
After Meng Huo was released, he was obediently captured a second time because he was a man of courage and no strategy, not Zhuge Liang’s opponent. Meng Huo, however, was not convinced, saying that victory or defeat was a matter of military affairs, and that when he returned, he would fight with Kong Ming again, only to be convinced if he was captured again. After listening, Kong Ming laughed heartily and said that you are ready to come again, and let him go back.
Three captures and three verticals
Meng Huo said to his younger brother Meng You, “We know the military situation of the Shu army. You led more than a hundred elite soldiers to offer treasures to Kong Ming, and took the opportunity to kill Kong Ming. Kong Ming asked Ma Su if he knew about Meng Huo’s conspiracy, and Ma Su smiled and wrote Meng Huo’s conspiracy on paper. Kong Ming laughed after seeing it, and ordered people to put medicine in the wine and let Meng You and other barbarians eat and drink.
That night, Meng Huo led 30,000 soldiers into the army to capture Kong Ming, and only when he entered the tent did he realize that he was fooled. Meng You and other savage soldiers were all drunk. Wei Yan, Wang Ping, and Zhao Yun attacked in three separate ways. The barbarians were defeated, and Meng Huo fled to Lushui alone. Meng Huo was intercepted in Lushui by Ma Dai’s soldiers disguised as barbarians and taken to see Kongming. Meng Huo said that this time his younger brother Meng You had made a drinking mistake, but he was still not convinced. So Kong Ming let him go for the third time.
Four escapes and four verticals
In order to avenge, Meng Huo borrowed 100,000 swords and swords to fight against the soldiers of Shu. Meng Huo wore rhino leather armor and rode a red-haired ox. Pai Dingbing was naked, with grimace painted and his hair disheveled, rushing towards the camp of Shu like a savage. Kong Ming ordered the gate to be closed without fighting, waiting for the opportunity. When the power of the barbarians had diminished, Kong Ming sent out surprise troops to attack, Meng Huo was defeated, and fled under a tree. Seeing Kong Ming sitting in a car, he rushed over to arrest him, but he fell into a pit and was captured instead. Meng Huo was still dissatisfied, and Kong Ming let him go back again.
Five captures and five verticals
Meng Huo hid in the Bald Dragon Cave for help. Yang Feng, the owner of Yinye Cave, was grateful for Kong Ming’s grace for not killing his clan, so he captured Meng Huo in the Bald Dragon Cave and gave it to Kong Ming. Of course Meng Huo refused to accept it and wanted to fight Kong Ming in Yinkeng again, but Kong Ming let him go.
six escapes
Meng Huo gathered more than a thousand people in the Yinkeng Cave, and also asked his wife and brother to ask the King Mulu, who could drive away poisonous snakes and beasts, to help him. Meng Huo was shocked, and his wife, Zhu Rong, led the troops into battle. Zhu Rong injured the general Zhang Yi with a flying knife and captured him alive.
The next day, Kong Ming also used a plan to capture Zhu Rong’s clan, and used her to exchange Zhang Yi and Ma Zhong’s two generals. Meng Huo asked King Mulu to fight. The wooden deer rode on a white elephant, chanted incantations and bells in his hands, and drove a group of poisonous snakes and beasts toward the Shu army. Kong Ming took out the wooden behemoth that had been prepared, and it breathed fire and smoked from his nose, frightening the beast of the barbarian soldiers and occupying Meng Huo’s silver pit.
The next day, when Kong Ming was about to divide his troops to capture Meng Huo, he suddenly got a report, saying that Meng Huo’s wife and brother brought Meng Huo to the Kongming Village to surrender. Kong Ming knew that it was a false surrender, and ordered the sergeants to take them all down, and searched out the weapons on each of them. Meng Huo refused to accept it, saying that if he could capture him seven times, he would be convinced. Kong Ming then let him go.
seven escapes
Meng Huo also invited the Wu Ge Guoteng Jia Army led by Wu Tugu to fight Kong Ming decisively. Kong Ming used oil chariots and gunpowder to burn countless savage soldiers to death, and Meng Huo was captured for the seventh time before he sincerely surrendered. When Meng Huo was arrested for the seventh time, he was in deep admiration. From now on, I dare not go back. After Meng Huo returned, he persuaded all the tribes to surrender, and the southern and central areas were returned to the control of Shu Han. So far, Meng Huo has been captured alive by Zhuge Liang seven times.

Comments on the story of Zhuge Liang’s seven captures of Meng Huo

After reading this story, I think that Zhuge Liang was not only wise but also very broad-minded. In the face of the captured enemy, he could have executed Meng Huo, but not only did he not do so, he also loosened his bonds and gave him food and wine. Treat each other with courtesy and return the land occupied by Shu to him. Although Meng Huo was a rude person, he was also moved by this magnanimity. It can be seen that the most powerful force is not the fist! Therefore, when there is a conflict between classmates, we must not fight, we can change the big things into small things in another way!

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