Who is the prototype of Jigong? Who is the high status of Ji Gong and Yang Jian in the divine world?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com will bring you who is the high status of Ji Gong and Yang Jian in the divine world? I hope it can help you.

Ji Gong and Yang Jian, these two characters seem to have no relationship, but they often appear in many fairy tales. As a monk who “wine and meat pierce the intestines and stay in the heart of the Buddha”, Ji Gong seems to disdain many rules, and the Erlang God Yang Jian is also a very powerful fairy in legend. Someone will compare him with the Erlang God Yang Jian. Who is the higher and lower status between them, and who is more powerful between Ji Gong and Yang Jian?


1. Introduction to Jigong

Jigong (1130 or 1148-1209), formerly known as Li Xiuyuan, was named Hu Yin and Daoji. He was born in Yongning Village, Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province. He was an eminent monk of the Southern Song Dynasty. Later generations honored him as the “living Buddha Jigong”.

He broke his hat, fan, shoes, dirty clothes, and looked crazy. He first became a monk in Guoqing temple, then lived in Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, and then lived in Jingci temple. He was free from discipline, liked wine and meat, and behaved like a madman. He was a learned eminent monk who did good deeds and accumulated virtue. He was listed as the 50th ancestor of Zen and the sixth ancestor of Yang Qi sect. He wrote 10 volumes of quotations on the peak, and many poems, mainly included in the annals of Jingci temple In the sound of Mount Tai.

Ji Gong knew traditional Chinese medicine and cured many difficult and miscellaneous diseases for the people. Like to fight against injustice, stop people’s criticism and save people’s lives. His virtues, such as helping the needy, eliminating the evil, and punishing the evil, have left a unique and beautiful impression in people’s minds.

Stories and legends about Ji Gong began to circulate in the Southern Song Dynasty. First, some legendary fragments of the stories of Li Xiuyuan, a worldly prodigy, or Daoji, a Taoist monk, were heard and heard orally in Chinese folk. Later, through the storyteller’s storybook, the content was gradually enriched. In the Tiantai area of Jigong’s hometown, there are many stories about his birth, childhood life, trickery, punishing evil, helping the poor, such as “Jigong’s birth”, “little Jigong mustard leaf splashing water to save the temple”, “Liji bridge”, “Bangda longevity couplet”, “Zhexi saves children”, “Xiuyuan becomes a monk” and so on. The stories spread in Hangjiahu area are more extensive, because it is the main place of life and activities after Ji Gong became a monk. Among them, the stories of “flying peak”, “transporting wood in ancient well” and “teasing Prime Minister Qin’s Mansion” are the most popular. Until the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, there appeared a biography of Ji Gong, which described the legendary deeds of Ji Gong.


Ji Gong’s life is full of legend. He is both “arrogant” and “economic”. His virtues, such as helping the needy, eliminating the violent and pacifying the good, and highlighting the good and punishing the evil, have left a unique and beautiful impression in people’s minds. People miss him and deify him. Deification began with his birth. According to records of the western regions, “the ancient Fangguang temple on the Shiliang bridge of Tiantai Mountain, the abbot of 500 Arhats, is often known for his miraculous deeds.” When Ji Gong was born, the 17th arhat (i.e. dragon subduing arhat) in the arhat Hall of Guoqing Temple suddenly fell, so people said that Ji Gong was the reincarnation of arhat. Li Min hopes for a savior, and the society calls for heroes. When the people are in great need of saints, eminent monks have become “Living Buddhas”, and mortal Daoji has become a god worshipped in all dynasties. After becoming a Buddha, his title is as long as 28 words: “great mercy, great benevolence, great wisdom, purple gold arhat, the divine skill of the venerable Guangji, the guru, Sanyuan Zanhua God”, which integrates Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, and can be called the ultimate of deification. This also shows that Jigong is deeply loved by the broad masses of the people and has become the “living Buddha” in the hearts of the people, reflecting the broad affinity of Jigong’s image.

As a Zen monk, Ji Gong wrote 10 volumes of “Zhufeng quotations” and many poems. Like Han Shan, Feng Gan and Shi De (the “three sages”) in the Tang Dynasty, he was influenced not only by Buddhism and Zen, but also by the hermit style of Taoism. The difference is that the color of double cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism makes him unique among many Buddhist disciples. This is related to the fact that he studied in Chicheng mountain, where Buddhism and Taoism were practiced, and was cultivated by the folk custom of “Taizhou style hardness”.


2. Yang Jian’s position

With his personal strength, private armed forces and interpersonal relationships, Yang Jian’s power and influence in Tianting are beyond the control of the younger generation of generals. It is for this reason that the Jade Emperor gave Yang Jian the privilege of “listening to the tune but not to the propaganda”. This privilege means that Yang Jian and his soldiers will accept the order of heaven to go to war or participate in other military missions if they are willing, but will not go to heaven to see the Jade Emperor.

This is good for both the Jade Emperor and Yang Jian. The Jade Emperor can use Yang Jian’s troops to help him fight, but he doesn’t need to see this cold faced nephew. And Yang Jian can be useful without seeing this ruthless uncle. To put it bluntly, giving Yang Jian the privilege of “listening to the tune but not to the propaganda” means that the guanjiangkou Corps is no different from the local warlords. But this privilege is also a double-edged sword. Yang Jian also has the power not to be ordered. When Yang Jian accepted the order of heaven to subdue Huaguo Mountain, he said “I should draw a knife to help”. It can be seen that Yang Jian positioned himself as a helpful outsider, not a subordinate to obey the order.

Considering that Yang Jian would disobey the order, the Jade Emperor had never invited him before. In case Yang Jian didn’t agree to lead the troops, his face would fall greatly. After the recommendation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, the Jade Emperor didn’t want to do it, otherwise it would appear that he was afraid, but the Jade Emperor was very smart. When he sent the angel to preach, he promised to be promoted and rewarded after his success, and Yang Jian did go, After catching the monkey king, there was a heavy reward. The Jade Emperor rewarded Yang Jian with hundreds of golden flowers, hundreds of bottles of Royal Wine, hundreds of pills, exotic pearls, brocade and other items. Can he be promoted? No, Yang Jian has such power and influence in the lower world. Can God return it? The Jade Emperor and Yang Jian will never get together.


3. Who is the high status of Ji Gong or Yang Jian

From the perspective of archetype, the archetype of Ji Gong, the real Taoist monk in history, is not only a generation of eminent monks, but also has many tangible achievements to the folk people, such as being charitable and saving the sick. Yang Jian’s words, even if there is the name Erlang God, but the deeds are mostly legends, it is difficult to say whether there are really those things in history. Just as in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, when “cooking wine on heroes”, Cao Cao commented that sun CE was “not a hero in the name of his father”.

Ji Gong’s real body is the Dragon subduing arhat, one of the eighteen Arhats, that is, the Kaya venerable. The Kaya venerable is one of the disciples of the Tathagata. The human prototype of the Kaya venerable is mahakaya, one of the ten disciples of Sakyamuni. He is considered to be the most non persistent among the disciples of the Buddha. He is deeply trusted by the Buddha and can be described as a noble identity.

The Dragon subduing arhat incarnated by the vajraya venerable has boundless magic power, helping the Buddha subdue dragons and Demons and making many miraculous achievements. Erlang God and Jigong are two stories of the independent origin, and there is no intersection. It is completely impossible to compare them together. If you have to compete, you can only say that “in the story of Erlang God, Erlang God is stronger than Jigong, and in the story of Jigong, Jigong is stronger than Erlang God”. But this statement is really awkward.

Even the whole Taoist immortal system has done what we don’t know, but we often see on TV that the Buddha realm has descended to the earth to popularize the world. In terms of the development of China’s two religions, traditionally, no matter what the festival is, it is a Taoist culture, but in our belief, Buddhism is indeed more influential in society than Taoism.

Ji Gong and Yang Jian are in different classes, Ji Gong is in the Buddhist realm, and Yang Jian is in Taoism. Ji Gong is the eldest disciple of the Tathagata, and Yang Jian is the nephew of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor, known as the Haotian emperor, was in charge of 36 days and 72 places, and was in charge of all things of God, Buddha, saint, earth and hell. Commonly known as God, power is boundless.

Buddha Tathagata is only the supreme leader of the Buddha world. His magic power is really high, but the Jade Emperor came obediently with a word. The dishonest Jade Emperor dismissed him. Anyway, many people are staring at his position! The Tathagata Buddha is just a vassal of the Jade Emperor, and Ji Gong is the eldest disciple of the Tathagata. So it seems that Yang Jian’s status is much higher than Ji Gong. Why do you say so?

There is a saying: “there are people in the court who are good at being an official”. Yang Jian is the nephew of the Jade Emperor. Can his uncle not promote him? Ji Gong doesn’t have this advantage. He is far away from the center of power and will be marginalized sooner or later. Besides, in terms of magic, Ji Gong may not have beaten Yang Jian. Yang Jian is as famous as the monkey king. I’m afraid Ji Gong and the monkey king will lose if they can’t walk two rounds. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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