Who is the real hero of the Three Kingdoms?

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Right and wrong of the Three Kingdoms, commented by experts. Yesterday, shenbojun, director of the Sichuan Three Kingdoms culture research institute, was interviewed by reporters. Although Professor Shen said it was too early to make an evaluation, as an expert who attended the grand ceremony of the play, he disclosed many highlights in front of and behind the stage. Surprisingly, if it were not for director Ji Yi of the new version of the Three Kingdoms, the general consultant of this annual drama would be shenbojun from Sichuan!

Shenbojun has been watching the play since the first episode. However, he spoke cautiously and did not give any comments for the time being. “I know that there are many voices outside, questioning and criticizing, but I think that such a masterpiece should be qualified to be evaluated only when it has at least more than 20 episodes.” Shenbojun revealed that he would later write a weighty article exclusively published in the morning post.

Although he is reluctant to speak now, shenbojun, as an invited authoritative expert, competed with director Gaoxixi on the same stage at the grand opening ceremony of the new edition of the Three Kingdoms in Beijing. In shenbojun’s view, “the romance of the Three Kingdoms” is the most influential of the four famous works on the spiritual life and national character of the Chinese nation. One thing that coincides with Gaoxixi is that shenbojun also believes that Cao Cao is a hero! “At the end of the Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos, and all the heroes rose together. Who was the real hero? As a result of the competition, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan came to the fore. They were heroes who looked at the world and aspired to unity!”

Shenbojun has studied the Three Kingdoms for more than 30 years and is one of the most authoritative experts in China. This also led to the meeting between yanjiangang, the former director of the new version of the Three Kingdoms, and him. “The director previously determined was yanjiangang. At that time, the producer came to Sichuan to find me and hoped that I would serve as the general consultant or screenwriter of the play.” Shenbojun revealed that he also got the script of the play at that time. “Originally, there were only 60 episodes. After Gaoxixi took over, he expanded a lot of content.”

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