Who is the sister of the daughter of thousands of families? It’s actually Zhang Kaili’s daughter, Zhang keying

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The TV series “happiness to thousands of families” starring Zhao Liying is popular. Zhao Liying plays he Xingfu in the drama, and the female number two in the drama is he Xingfu’s sister he Xingfu. Who is the sister of the lady who is so happy? I can’t imagine how lucky it is that Zhang Kaili’s daughter Zhang keying plays it. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Who is the sister of the mistress of thousands of families

Many people pay attention to the role of he lucky when they see the happiness of thousands of families. As the daughter of the play, he Xingfu has a lot of scenes and plays opposite Zhao Liying. Although the role of he lucky is controversial, and even many netizens don’t like it, it is absolutely a very good resource for a new actor to play the daughter of such a big TV series.

Netizens found that the actor of he lucky turned out to be Zhang keying, the daughter of Zhang Kaili. Netizens said that no wonder Zhang keying’s resources are so good. Many stars in the entertainment industry have good resources. Zhang keying’s mother is Zhang Kaili, a well-known actor in the entertainment industry, and her father is rich businessman Zhang Jianquan. Her development in the entertainment industry is naturally stronger than that of many newcomers. Zhang keying has actually made her debut since 2013. She has also worked hard in the entertainment industry for 9 years and has acted in many works, but there was no splash in the entertainment industry before. Everyone still knows her as Zhang Kaili’s daughter.

He Xingfu is played by Zhang Kaili’s daughter, Zhang keying

Zhang keying’s appearance is not very outstanding in the entertainment industry with many beautiful women, but her professional ability is still very strong, and she has honed her acting skills in the entertainment industry for the past nine years. Although Zhang keying’s he Xingyun is a controversial role, she plays it very well. I believe that after that, Zhang keying will also be recognized by more and more audiences. Everyone will see that she will directly call Zhang keying’s name instead of Zhang Kaili’s daughter.

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