Who is the six eared macaque in journey to the west? Uncover the secrets of six eared macaques!

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Today, China story network editor brings you who is the six eared macaque in journey to the west? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Who is the six eared macaque? This is the most controversial topic in the journey to the West.

There are many mysteries in six ears——

1. It looks exactly like the monkey king. King Li’s demon mirror can’t be seen, Monk Tang’s hoop spell can’t be tested, and even Guanyin can’t be seen. Di listens to it, but he doesn’t dare to say. Finally, it was the Tathagata who recognized it. Between heaven and earth, how can there be a monkey with no genetic discrimination, like the monkey king?

2. The weapon in his hand is called Xinxin iron soldier. It can fight with Monkey King’s golden cudgel for days and nights without interruption. It can also be large or small, and can be put in his ear.

3. The most important thing is that he gave monk Tang a stick and had to build a self Scripture learning team to learn scriptures, and he was not afraid that the Tathagata would not give him scriptures.

4. The Tathagata said that he had the ability to know for 500 years before and after. That is to say, he knew that he would be killed in Lingshan, but he still insisted on going to Lingshan with Sunwukong to find the Tathagata to identify the true and false.

To sum up, there is a saying that it is the real monkey king who was killed in Lingshan, and the six eared macaque who finally obtained the Scripture. Tathagata has a civet cat to replace the crown prince, replacing the disobedient Monkey King.


Before proving this argument, in fact, in the second episode of the original book, Monkey King actually mentioned six ears before learning art. What’s going on?

When Monkey King entered Bodhi cave, he didn’t immediately learn awesome skills, but worked for seven years. After seven years, Bodhi asked him what to learn. But he didn’t learn anything, only the art of immortality, which annoyed Bodhi, knocked him on the head three times, and then left.

All the martial brothers said that he had offended the teacher, and monkey king knew what he meant by turning his eyes. So, in the middle of the night, he secretly entered through the back door and went to Bodhi’s bed, waiting for him to wake up.

In fact, Bodhi didn’t sleep at all. He pretended to be awakened and asked the monkey what he was doing here if he didn’t sleep?

Sunwukong Road——

“There are no six ears here, only one disciple. I hope master will be merciful and spread the way of my long life, and never forget his kindness!”

Notice that there is no six ears mentioned here, only himself. So someone pointed out that six ears had already mixed into Bodhi cave, so Bodhi didn’t dare to teach Sunwukong skills openly, but secretly told him to come back to study in the evening.

In fact, this statement is wrong.

What does six ears mean? One person has two ears, two people have four ears, and three people have six ears. In fact, six ears refer to a third party.

In the original work, the Tathagata actually mentioned twice about who the fake Monkey King is.


The two Wukong couldn’t tell the true from the false in the hell, and flew straight to the Tathagata in the West. There is a poem in the original work:

People’s two minds cause disasters, and the ends of the earth cause suspicions.

This poem shows that the disaster of true and false Monkey King stems from “people have two minds”.

Knowing that the two monkeys were coming, the Tathagata left the table after lecturing and said, “you and others are all one mind. Let’s see the two minds competing to come.” The public looked up, and it turned out that there were two walkers, shouting to the sky and the earth, reaching the thundering victory.

Here, it is emphasized again that the six ears are the two hearts of the monkey king.

In other words, the six eared macaque doesn’t exist at all. It’s made up by the Tathagata. Using this name is to warn the monkey king: if you know this, I know it. If no third person knows it, don’t make trouble, and I’ll give you a lotus terrace when you arrive at Lingshan. Sitting on the lotus platform means becoming a Buddha.

Monkey king saw through the trick and got the promise of the Tathagata. Naturally, he waved his stick and killed the fake body. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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