Who is your mother? The story of Mo Mu grinding mirror

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Mother mo (m รณ) may not be very familiar with many of her little friends. She is also known as ugly girl. In ancient Chinese legends, she was the second consort of the Yellow Emperor and the daughter of the Xiling family. She looks ugly and virtuous. The following is a story about mother Mo grinding a mirror. Let’s read it later.

According to the Lu family’s spring and Autumn Annals, the story of meeting and uniting states that “my mother is in control of the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor said: Li rude is forgetful, and he is righteous with you, but he is weak. Although he is evil, he will be hurt.”. It is said that Momu was one of the four ugly women in ancient China, and the other three were Wuyan, Mengguang and Ruan (the daughter of Ruan Dewei). 5000 years ago, in order to stop the tribal “marriage snatching” incident, the Yellow Emperor specially selected an ugly woman (nicknamed Mo mu) who was virtuous, gentle and ugly as his fourth wife. The Yellow Emperor also said, “those who value beauty but not virtue are not true beauty. Those who value virtue but despise color are true sages.”

The historical records mentioned that the Yellow Emperor married the ugly mother Mo as his second imperial concubine. Volume V of the afterword to the history of the road records records that the Yellow Emperor married her as his second imperial concubine Mo, although she was ugly but had virtue. Although Momu was ugly, the Yellow Emperor trusted her and entrusted her with the responsibility of managing the imperial palace. When the Yellow Emperor toured the world, Lei Zu, the yuan imperial concubine of the Yellow Emperor, died of illness. The Yellow Emperor ordered Momu to direct the sacrifice and supervise the coffin. Momu not only has extraordinary organizational ability, the Yellow Emperor granted the official position of “Fang Xiang” and used her appearance to ward off evil spirits.

Huangfumi of the Jin Dynasty added many family members of the Yellow Emperor in the emperor’s century, saying that he had four concubines in total. In addition to Lei Zu, the imperial concubine of the Yuan Dynasty, there were three secondary concubines, one named Fang Lei (also known as Nvjie), one named Tong Yu, and one named mo (pronounced “Mo”) mother. He specifically noted that she was “below the three”, meaning that she ranked last and was lower than the three women. Ranked last, but not necessarily unknown.


According to legend, Mo’s mother took the surname Fang Xiang, a descendant of the Miao Nationality in the south of the Central Plains. According to the description in the collection of jade carvings ugly people in the Tang Dynasty, mother Mo’s appearance is “hammer forehead carvings” (sound “promoting Russia”), and the shape of the foot (sound “road”) is black “; That is, the forehead is like a spindle, the nose is flat and tight, the body is as fat as a box, and the appearance is black as paint. It is “the most ugly woman in the Yellow Emperor”. Momu became the God of expelling plague and ghosts because of her ugly appearance. It is said that the mask worn by later witch doctors and gods to expel plague and jump the great God is the remains of Momu, and the shape is extremely ugly.

There are four ugly women in Chinese history. According to the date of birth, they are mother Mo, the four wives of the Yellow Emperor; Zhong Lichun, also known as Zhong Wuyan and salt free woman, is said to be the queen of King Xuan of Qi in the Warring States period; Meng Guang, a hermit and wife of Liang Hong, a beautiful man in the Eastern Han Dynasty, raised his case and raised his eyebrows; Ruan’s daughter, a famous scholar in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the wife of Lang Xuyun of the Ministry of officials, and a loyal defender of the etiquette of women’s “four virtues” (women’s virtue, women’s speech, women’s appearance and women’s work).

According to legend, the first mirror used by humans was made by the mother of mo. At that time, people in the Yellow Emperor Palace often stood by the water to reflect their faces and dress up. Mother Mo thinks she is ugly. She doesn’t go to the water to dress herself up easily. She doesn’t make public appearances at festivals. She only knows to work around the Yellow Emperor all day.

On one occasion, Tong Yu’s family asked Mo Mu to go up the mountain with her to dig stone slabs. Without saying anything, Mo Mu went up the mountain with Tong Yu’s family. Mo Mu was so powerful that she could dig stone slabs faster than other women. In less than half a day, she dug more than 20 pieces. At this time, the sun was just at noon, and the sun was shining all over the earth. My mother suddenly found a piece of shining stone in the pile of stones. The sunlight was very dazzling. Mother Mo bent down and gently planed it out of the ground with her hands. When she took it in her hands, she was startled.

What kind of monster is this? Her ugly face is all on this piece of stone. Even she feels strange! She quietly hid the stone on her body and went back to the Yellow Emperor’s palace without telling anyone about it. She took out the stone when there was no one around, and found that the plane of the stone was uneven, and the faces reflected on it looked strange. Mother Mo went to the workshop where stone knives and axes were made. She found a grinding stone and pressed the stone pieces on it for repeated friction. After a short time, the surface of the stone pieces was completely polished.

She used it to take a picture. It was much clearer than before, but her face was still so ugly. She polished it for a while, picked it up and took another picture. She was still very ugly. Mother Mo sighed to herself, “it seems that the ugly face cannot be blamed on the stone (mirror).” From then on, my mother never went to the river or the water to dress up. Every morning when I get up, I clean up and dress myself according to the stones, and then hide quietly after using them. Over time, my mother was careless.


Once mother Mo helped Tong Yu cook meat on a stone slab. The stone slab was burned and fried due to excessive firepower. A piece of broken stone flew up, breaking mother Mo’s face and bleeding. Mother Mo hurried back, took out the stone, and put the medicine on her face. Who knows, the Yellow Emperor didn’t know when he would come back. He walked behind the mother and found that the mother was holding something to shine on him with one hand and sticking medicine on her face with the other. The Yellow Emperor walked behind Mother Mo, his head close to her shoulder. Just about to watch carefully, mother Mo exclaimed!

She found the face of the Yellow Emperor on the stone. Turning around, I realized that the Yellow Emperor was standing behind her. The Yellow Emperor asked his mother, “what are you holding in your hand?” The honest and honest mother, hearing the question of the Yellow Emperor, knew that she must not deceive the Yellow Emperor, and fell down on her knees before the Yellow Emperor. Mother Mo told the Yellow Emperor from beginning to end that she had found this piece of stone that could illuminate people, and begged the Yellow Emperor to forgive her.

After hearing this, the Yellow Emperor burst into laughter, took his mother in his hands and said, “this is your great discovery. You are not only right, but also made a great contribution!” After the Yellow Emperor said this, he immediately called Lei Zu, Fang Lei and Tong Yu to take out the piece of stone that can show people’s faces and ask her three wives to have a look. Lei Zu said with a smile, “the Yellow Emperor, no wonder I haven’t seen my mother go to the water to dress up for a long time. It turns out that she has this treasure that takes care of people.” The Tong fish family then said, “the Yellow Emperor, this discovery should be credited to my mother and sister!” The Yellow Emperor said excitedly, “of course, we should remember one merit!”

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