Who made the list of gods? What is the origin of Haotian God?

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Who made the list of gods? What is the origin of Haotian God? Today, the editor of China story network will give you a detailed explanation~

At the beginning of the apocalypse, it was Haotian God who took over the heavenly court. It felt that there was no one in the vast heavenly court. The 360 stars in the sky lack the management of the gods, so they ordered 12 heads of immortals to submit to the throne. Therefore, the three religions are discussed together. These three religions are elucidation, interception and humanity. A total of 365 adult gods were compiled and divided into eight parts. The upper four parts are thunder, fire and plague fighting, and the lower four parts are the gods of good and evil.

The twelve points of the immortal head refer to the twelve golden immortals. Of course, the original Tianzun disagreed. It doesn’t matter if he disagreed. Just sit down and discuss; The Supreme Master of Renjiao, the first emperor of elucidation, and the leader of jiejiao Tongtian sect discussed twice, and finally determined the list of deities in the Zixiao palace of the master Hongjun for the third time; It was also agreed that all those who joined the three religions would be named on the list of gods, and those who entered the list would only know the end after death.

During the war of deification, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty ordered Jiang Ziya to put up a list of deification in Qishan, and asked Bai Jian to guide him to the “deification platform” to extradite the gods. Since the battle of canonization is not over yet and the secret of heaven is not revealed, no one knows the number of people on the list of canonization. In order to let Jiang Ziya know who was on the list of deities, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty created a whip to beat 365 gods and gave it to Jiang Ziya.


However, due to the craftiness of the first emperor, he secretly united with the Supreme Lord and courted the potential ally Nuwa; Later, he spent a lot of money to invite the two saints of the heavenly way from the Western church, namely, the Daoist and the zhunti Daoist, as assistance; Therefore, although the strength of elucidation is far less than that of jiejiao, there are four saints of heaven in the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and there is one potential one; However, there was only one leader of Tongtian sect, so he ended up with a crushing defeat.

But in fact, no matter whether it is hermeneutic or interdisciplinary, it originally belonged to Pangu, so this war should be a fratricidal one. Only Haotian God and Western religion really benefited; Now let’s look at the existence of Haotian God, and why he raised a demand, which led to such a large-scale civil war in the Oriental fairy world, and even the saints of heaven were involved in it.

Hongjun’s father is the embodiment of the heavenly way. The first Supreme God, Taiyi of the Eastern Emperor, established the heavenly court in accordance with the law of Hongjun’s father; Later, due to the destruction of the first generation of Tianting caused by the “battle of Lich”, Hongjun’s father issued a decree, ordering his children to follow him to rebuild the Tianting and maintain the order of the heavens. This boy was the later Haotian God.


Although the cultivation of Haotian God may not be as good as those of the saints of heaven, don’t forget that behind him is Hongjun’s ancestor. That is to say, the initiation of the great apocalyptic disaster was actually initiated under the instruction of Hongjun’s ancestor. How dare the Supreme Lord, the first Tianzun and the leader of Tongtian sect not follow? However, the heavenly way still could not perceive the people’s hearts, so Hongjun’s ancestors did not expect that the war would become more and more fierce later.

Later, when the three hundred and sixty-five Lu Zhengshen on the “list of gods” were full, he quickly came forward to mediate the war, and if he continued to fight, the Oriental fairyland would be destroyed; And God Haotian is also very satisfied. Although there is a deviation from the original demand, the super masters on the list of interception are much better than the twelve golden fairies. This is really a surprise; However, in the beginning of the year, Tianzun and the leader of Tongtian sect were miserable. After the war, they had less than half of their strength in elucidation, and they were on the verge of being cut off; Therefore, after the war, the interception of religion almost disappeared, and the elucidation of Buddhism disappeared. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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