Who saved New Oriental?

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Some birds are not meant to be caged. Every feather of them shines.

In the past two days, YuMinHong’s bilingual live studio moved me. A group of middle-aged people at the end of their tether fought in the field of e-commerce live broadcasting in the Red Sea, and made a bloody journey in fluent English.

The hardships of this road are far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

A year ago, with the “one paper two reduction” order, countless bright teachers respected by teachers and students left the lecture hall silently, and all the main businesses of New Oriental were killed. That year’s teacher’s day, YuMinHong faced the pressure of layoffs of 40000 people.

At that time, when YuMinHong launched e-commerce live broadcast of agricultural products for self-help, I was against it. I was not optimistic that cross-border agricultural products would enter the mature red sea competition, nor that the low profit agricultural products could support the market value of listed companies.

Did you ever think that after half a year of sharpening your sword, it took only three days for New Oriental to sell goods in English from the most miserable entrepreneur to the hot live studio.


Although I still don’t like the e-commerce path of New Oriental, I benefited a lot from this lesson taught by Mr. YuMinHong. I also want to understand that the products they sell have never changed since the founding of New Oriental. That is hope.

In other words, it is the dream of a group of poor boys who can stand out through struggle.

With hope and dreams, many people will burst out of willpower beyond imagination and be able to overcome all difficulties and persevere.

Just like Guodegang, who has a dream of cross talk, spoke to an audience at his worst, the lecturers of New Oriental struggled for more than half a year in front of a few viewers in the live studio, until they found a breakthrough in bilingual sales.

Of course, as a respected old man said, a person’s destiny depends on both his personal struggle and the course of history.

YuMinHong survived, but he won the possibility of turning over. What really determined the turning over of New Oriental live broadcast was that the three main competitors died.

Weiya, the first sister of the live broadcast, quit due to tax evasion, and LuoYongHao, the first brother of Tiktok, left to give VR a bright light in the industry

Confused consumers need to find new shopping guides under the inertia of habit. The whole live broadcast industry chain is silent, and YuMinHong also needs to carry on the banner.

More importantly, in the e-commerce battle of 618, the Tiktok of Luo Yonghao, the first brother of oral broadcasting, was lost. We must support a new signboard and seize the market as much as possible at the critical moment when Ali’s first brother disappeared.

Now, with the relaxation of the platform economy by the state, both Tiktok and Alibaba need to prove their value to the capital market through data. If they win, they will have the opportunity to win a winner take all in the capital.

At the moment, 618 is like the college entrance examination and IELTS, and New Oriental is like the students they train. Everyone is studying hard in the cold window. Under the guidance of hope, they are fighting for a chance to be selected and a chance to leap the dragon’s gate.

In the desperate situation and endless darkness, the e-commerce of New Oriental finally ushered in the long-awaited dawn.

As the most successful private entrepreneur of that generation, YuMinHong proved with his own actions that hope is a good thing and may the best thing, and no good things every dies.

The difficulties encountered by Yu Minhong, who has been reduced by both sides, are not the difficulties that China will face. Until the Western powers fall down one by one in the crisis, the future global industrial capital can only depend on us.

At that time, just like the media’s encirclement and suppression of Yu Minhong and its obscenities against China, they will become endless support and praise driven by capital.

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