Who was the senior cadre who invented the drug “Wu Shi San” in the Three Kingdoms period

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Name: He Yan, word uncle Ping, nickname fake son.

Family background: dignitaries

Native place: Nanyang, Henan

Birth and death: ad 190-249

Social relations: the grandson of general He Jin, the adopted son and son-in-law of Cao Cao, the person whom Cao Pi and Cao Rui hate, Cao Shuang’s hair is small

Social identity: Master of metaphysics, master of traditional Chinese culture, drug ghost, son of senior cadres, official

Appearance: beautiful appearance and white color

Main works: collected interpretation of the Analects of Confucius, unknown records, inaction theory, Jingfu hall Fu, etc

Shocking words and deeds

? “Xia houxuan and simashi are people who can make things happen, but they are not the people who can make things happen. I can’t see his face, but now I hear him talking.”

? it not only created the metaphysics of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, but also pioneered the use of “Viagra type Ecstasy” – five stone powder, which provoked celebrities all over the world to follow suit until the Tang Dynasty.

? like women’s clothes swaggering through the market, face cream, powder do not leave their hands, and self pity, narcissism is annoying.

Related idioms

Fu Fen he Lang’s soul is in a rut. It’s a cliche

Author evaluation

Live earth shattering and die strangely.

Self narration of the children of high cadres

“I’m an honest royal family, the son of a top diamond cadre, who grew up in the palace of the king of Wei as a child, you know?

Don’t you like culture? Well, from the book of changes to the Tao Te Ching, and then to the Analects of Confucius, I read it very well and published dozens of volumes of it. I’m good at writing. Dare I talk about culture in front of me?

Don’t you like alternatives? I took the lead in eating ‘wushisan’. After eating, I was full of energy, ‘she is good, and I am good’. That thing, you? I have Wanguan family property, and I didn’t expect to play this!

Don’t everyone like handsome men? I’m handsome and white, and I don’t leave ‘men’s face cream’. Even those handsome men envy me to death.

Don’t you like to play with women with status and beauty? In addition to being a bridegroom often, I also got the daughter of Cao Cao, the best in the world, Princess Jinxiang. No matter how expensive she is, as soon as I get home, she is like an estrous little mare chasing me everywhere. Can you do it?

Don’t you like to flaunt how personalized you dress? I wear red and purple robes with feminine tendencies, which makes the whole city lose their eyes!

Don’t you like seats and silver? This is not, we were still the Minister of the Ministry of officials (the head of the Organization Department of the Central Committee) a while ago. We sealed the Marquis, and the silver was easily drawn. We were extremely rich.

How’s it going? I have enough money! “

Sorry, this is not what he Yan said. In order to better express He Yan’s strange and crazy life, according to historical records, the author simulates He Yan’s narcissistic character and summarizes such a passage.

To understand the Wei and Jin Dynasties, you must not understand he Yan. It can be said that no matter in Cao Pi’s era, Cao Rui’s era or the beginning of Cao Shuang’s assistant politics, he Yan is definitely the first star in the list of stars leading fashion life. He Yan, a famous senior cadre’s son in the Cao Wei era, was the leader of the trend of fashion life.

Narcissism and marriage of lusters

Uncle Heping’s face is white. Emperor Wei Ming suspected his fu Fen, the summer moon, and hot soup cakes. After eating, sweat out, wipe yourself with vermilion clothes, and the color turns bright. (“Shi Shuo Xin Yu” Rong Zhi “)

He Yan’s narcissism seems to have reached the extreme. Obviously, his skin is very white, but he still needs face cream and powder. Cao Rui, the emperor of Wei Ming, doesn’t know whether his skin turns white with powder or naturally. One day, Cao Rui couldn’t help it anymore, so he called the guy who didn’t work all day into the hall and gave him a bowl of Royal refined noodles on the spot. He Yan immediately ate the bowl of hot noodles. It was hot midsummer. With the bowl of hot soup noodles, he hadn’t eaten a few mouthfuls, and he was sweating in an instant. So he Yan raised her feminine scarlet sleeved robe and wiped her sweat. It didn’t matter if she wiped it. Instead, her skin was more bright and white. Everyone present, no one is not impressed. This is the origin of the allusion of “powder coated ho Lang”.

The year of He Yan’s birth has always been a mystery, and the historians still argue endlessly. However, one thing is certain, that is, the year of He Yan’s birth is roughly between 189 and 195 A.D., with a difference of only six years. By the time Cao Cao died in 220 A.D. (the first year of the early Yellow Emperor), he Yan was at least twenty-five years old, but he did not hold any official position.

There should be two reasons for this. First, the fierce court struggle and power struggle. Even Cao Pi and Cao Zhi’s brothers also staged the cruelty of “boiling beans and burning bean ferns”. Not to mention you He Yan, a “fake son”, I’m afraid that even Cao Cao, who loves him, can’t take care of him; Second, from the perspective of Confucian orthodoxy, he Yan’s reputation after adulthood is too bad. He Yan is lecherous and often makes some departures? Treason.

Yan is self happy. His movements and movements are white. He doesn’t go to his hands. He walks and looks at the shadow. (notes and quotations from Wei Lue in the annals of the Three Kingdoms? Wei Shu? He Yan Zhuan)

For example, he is very narcissistic. He walks one step at a time and feels sorry for himself. He looks like an affectation and speaks with a good accent. It is conceivable that this is the same style as the host of a “middle-aged young man” who is obviously a native of the mainland, but who speaks a sissy voice of Hong Kong and Taiwan. How can he get the platform of an official who plays deep and deep?

After Cao Rui, the Ming emperor, came to power, he Yan was also said to be vain and flashy, so he was greatly restrained, and only gave a few idle officials who only took wages and didn’t take care of things.

Until 240 A.D. (the first year of Zhengshi), Cao Fang continued?, When Cao Shuang was in charge of politics, he Yancai, under the guidance of his childhood friend Cao Shuang, became a court official.

Since entering the Wei palace, for nearly 50 years, he Yan, who was extremely sensitive and strong, came up with various methods to resist depression. To sum up, he has actually done only three major things in the past 50 years: first, picking up girls, intoxicated with women’s sweet lips and clothes; Second, chatting, reading and writing books, making friends and chatting, and becoming a master of metaphysics; Third, it found the magical function of “five stone powder” and made improvements. Then it became the image spokesperson of “five stone powder” for free, and promoted it among famous scholars, hermits and scholars.

Although Cao Cao did not give he Yan anything in terms of his personal destiny and future, he compensated him on the other side. Will he? Princess Jinxiang, the apple of his eye, was betrothed to him. For He Yan, as his grandson He Jin and the adopted son of Cao Cao, he is not short of women. What he lacks is a higher personal status and a brighter aura. The marriage between Princess Jinxiang and him has turned him from a “false son” under the yoke of others to a respectful and jealous son-in-law of young people all over the country.

However, for a strong man who said that “different races do not sit together” and the painting is “he’s house” when he was a child, even the binding force of the jade body of the golden princess is far from enough. What he needs is the dignity and status of a man, not just the name of his son-in-law. He has a lot of culture and ability, but he can’t get the reuse of Cao Cao and Cao Pi. Such oppression burns in He Yan’s chest in the dark and day. He has nowhere to heal, one? By chance, he seems to have found the last way to heal. What he didn’t expect was that this kind of thing would harm so many people. Generations of celebrities and talents followed suit, and it was not until the Tang Dynasty that it gradually disappeared.

Facing the toss of He Yan, the most unbearable person is a person, who is his wife, Princess Jinxiang. The unbearable Princess of Jinxiang had to go back to her mother and complain to her mother, “He Yan is simply acting too funny, and it is getting worse and worse. I really don’t know what to do if it goes on like this!” Mother smiled and said to her, “don’t be jealous of him!”

Drug ghost and “Viagra type Ecstasy”

The harmful thing mentioned in the previous chapter is the “five stone powder” developed by the miracle Doctor Zhang Zhongjing in the late Eastern Han Dynasty to treat typhoid fever.

By? “Five stones” are stalactites, sulfur yellow, white quartz, purple quartz and hematite, and “five stones powder” is the powder prepared by grinding these five ores into powder. According to the “Chinese traditional medicine data” of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine information of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, which the author found, there are three kinds of minerals in the “five stones”, which have the effects of strengthening yang, warming the lungs and kidneys, and mainly treating impotence.

By chance, he Yan found that “Wu Shi San” can achieve the wonderful function of “she is good and I am good”. After that, he tried repeatedly, so he couldn’t accept it. While taking it, he made some improvements to “Wu Shi San”, so that this powder can not only achieve “she is good and I am good”, but also achieve “not only cure diseases, but also feel divine and cheerful” – a function similar to ecstasy. After taking medicine, the human body suddenly chills? Heat, the body temporarily fell into a kind of inexplicable pain, but the spirit can enter a trance and selfless realm. Worldly annoyance and inner confusion can be forgotten, and the rest is a sense of transcendence. At such a moment, you don’t pay attention to anything and don’t deserve to restrict yourself, only the expansion of self-consciousness, whatever you want. In short, this is similar to drunkenness, which may have different physiological reactions from drunkenness, but it is also the magical effect of trance.

In the period of the explosion of various cultural trends, in the era of bloodthirsty warlords, and in the season when Celebrities only want to be happy all their lives, once they encounter this “ecstasy plus Viagra” fairy medicine, people have no reason not to love it. Coupled with the conditions of science and technology at that time, is it difficult to mine the “five stones”? The natural price of “five stone powder” is not cheap. It seems that eating such things has become a symbol of identity. In addition, he Yan, a senior cadre’s son with “white skin, tall height, good academic performance and red family birth”, has become an image spokesperson. Of course, dignitaries, celebrities and hermits are flocking to it. For a time, high-end night shows, high-end clubs, luxury stores and other places where rich people go are all based on whether they can provide “five stones powder”, just as the current hotels can not provide “dragon shrimp swallow abalone wings” is not high-end. Of course, if celebrities and bureaucrats once like this thing, it is a really popular luxury.

So driven by He Yan, Wang Bi ate it, Xia houxuan ate it, Ruan Ji ate it, Ji Kang ate it, Wang Rong ate it, Huang Fumi ate it? The noble family members ate it. According to historical records, Wang Rong once went to the court after taking medicine. Because “YaoFa” unexpectedly fell into the pit, the court laughed at the way he was pulled up from the pit.

What is the details of this medicine like when you eat it? Mr. Lu Xun said in the relationship between Wei Jin demeanor and articles and medicine and wine:

When I ate it first, it was not so good. Later, the effect of the medicine was obvious, and it was called “distribution”. If there is no “dissemination”, there will be disadvantages but no benefits. Therefore, you can’t rest after eating, and you have to walk. Because walking can “distribute”, walking is called “Xingsan”. For example, when we look at the poetry of people in the Six Dynasties, it says, “travel to the east of the city and scatter”, which means this. Later, the poet didn’t know why, thinking that “walking” means walking? Meaning, so it’s a joke to enter the word “Xingsan” into the poem without taking medicine.

After leaving, I had a fever all over my body, and then I got cold again. Wear more clothes and eat hot things when you are cold. But the chill after taking medicine is just the opposite: less clothes, cold food, and cold water. If you wear more clothes and eat hot things, you must die. Therefore, wushisan is called hanshisan. The only thing you don’t have to eat cold is wine.

After eating the powder, take off your clothes and pour cold water on your body; Eat cold things; Drink hot wine. In this way, more people eat wushisan, less people wear thick clothes; For example, it is advocated in Guangdong that one year later, there will be no people wearing suits. Because the skin and flesh have a fever, you can’t wear narrow clothes. In order to prevent skin from being scratched by clothes, you have to wear loose clothes. Nowadays, many people think that Jin people’s wearing fur and undressing was a manifestation of people’s elegance at that time. In fact, they don’t know that they were taking medicine. A group of celebrities take medicine and wear spacious clothes, so those who don’t take medicine also follow celebrities and broaden their clothes!

In addition, after taking medicine, because the skin is easy to wear out and it is inconvenient to wear shoes, you can wear clogs instead of shoes and socks. So when we look at the portraits of Jin people and the articles at that time, we see that his clothes are wide and he doesn’t wear shoes but clogs. We think he must be very comfortable and elegant. In fact, his heart is very bitter.

Because the skin is easy to break, you can’t wear new clothes, but you should wear old ones, so you can’t wash clothes often. Because they don’t wash, they have many lice. So in the article, lice had a high status, “talking about lice”, which was actually passed on as a good thing at that time.

At that time, the famous doctor Huang Fumi felt after taking “Wushi powder”? The abdomen is dry and hot, and the cough is depressed. Even in winter, I want to “eat ice naked, sleep all day and night, and shed tears on food”, and I almost want to stab myself. He also said, “many people made mistakes and died unnaturally. My brother, his tongue was so painful that he fell into his throat; Wang Liangfu, a man from the East China Sea, had carbuncle deep into his back; Xin Changxu, a man from the west of Gansu, had his spine completely festered; Zhao gonglie, a man from Shu County, had six of his middle cousins died because of this. This was all caused by taking cold food powder. Although I was still alive, I was also living on, causing people to laugh.”

It is estimated that in the hundreds of years of the popularity of Wu Shi San, nearly one million people have been poisoned. Although the data are not verified, it is certain that many people have problems eating Wu Shi San. This is He Yan’s “great contribution” to the Chinese nation.

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