Who were the four demon emperors in ancient times? Nu Wa is one of them!

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Today, the small editor of China story network brings you the introduction of the four ancient demon emperors. I hope it can help you.

Recently, someone asked another question. It was said that in ancient times, there were four demon emperors. Some people want to ask, who are these four demon emperors? What are their names? Let’s analyze it together!

In fact, it’s not easy to solve the question of who the four great demon emperors in ancient times were. Because everyone’s rankings are different, it’s impossible to accurately say which ones. However, there is a recognized one in theory. The following is a brief review for you.

The world is a chaos. Chaos is eternal. There is no heaven and earth, no living beings, no good and evil, beauty and ugliness, no enmity, no beginning and no end. It is perfect. I don’t know when, the infinite aura nurtured in this chaos has also nurtured many powerful creatures in the infinite changes. These creatures are born from the changes and have their own natures, but they do not know the number of days.

Land pressure


The land pressure Taoist is the treasure in the fire, the free body in the wilderness, the essence of leaving the earth, and the spirit of Samadhi. Reincarnated as the youngest Prince of the demon family, he narrowly escaped the Lich war. The magic weapons in his hand include the immortal chopping knife and the nail head seven arrows. The existence of Lu pressure is unscientific. Before Hongjun joined the Tao, he was not his opponent. When Hongjun joined the Tao and became the leader of heaven, he still dared not act against Lu pressure. Originally, Hongjun thought that after joining the Tao, he should be able to easily kill Lu Yau. However, the higher the status, the more things he knows. After becoming a Hongjun of Tiandao, he realized that Lu Yadao’s identity was not as simple as he thought.

Eastern Emperor Taiyi

The emperor doesn’t use the nine domain strategy, and the heaven is the song of how to resist aggression. It’s nothing to worry about when you lie down with a smile. Who is the big thousand and who is the shepherd. The ruler of ancient heaven. He is the great God born of chaos. He was in charge of the chaos clock, the most precious treasure in nature, and suppressed the Hongmeng world at the time when Pangu opened the world and Nuwa created human beings. Later, there was a battle between witches and witches, and it was even harder to resist several ancestral witches with one’s own strength. In the end, the Eastern Emperor Taiyi was ruthless and resolute, and Taiyi shouted: “heaven and earth are inhumane, all things are cud dogs, saints are inhumane, and creatures are mole ants.”. Is this the way of heaven? Since heaven wants to destroy the demon clan, I will fight to the death today. ” After that, he turned into a three legged golden crow to urge the Eastern Emperor bell to explode. Taiyi meteorite was accompanied by the remaining ancestral witches. After thousands of years, the great supernatural powers of that year have only left their bodies falling towards the rising curtain!


He was once the leader of the evil cult. In the past, when Hongmeng was first formed, the earth mother Nuwa left the world with her creation. It is honored by all saints as the “father of all souls”. Because of the way of creation, Nuwa can change her own race and become the ancestor of the demon family. It is located in the taisutian lijiangzhiye wa palace, which is thirty-three days away. Great hermit in the sky, not asking the great religion, coldly standing in the three realms. Like Laojun, Yuanshi, Tongtian, zhunti and Jieyin, she was consecrated one after another before the founding of heaven and earth. She was in chaos, so she was a congenital saint. And those who become saints after the founding of the world are all saints after tomorrow. Chapter 457 of the Buddha is the Tao: Nuwa nodded and said, “this is very good. All six of us are born saints, but you are made the day after tomorrow.”

Kong Xuan

Heaven and earth are in chaos. The ancient bird Phoenix gave birth to the peacock and the ROC. So far, the first peacock in the world is Kong Xuan. It took tens of thousands of years to refine the five color divine light into human form. The unique magic power is the five color divine light, and everything in the five elements is collected. It is divided into five colors: green, yellow, red, black and white. The five colors of the divine light claim to have nothing to do with it. Even the five colors of the divine light on the land have only the chance to escape from the Taoist priest who has run away and whose magic power is all on the twelve golden immortals. Although he is a peacock, he also inherits the arrogance of his mother Phoenix. He does not like to bully the weak and likes to challenge the strong. In the romance of deification, he even dared to attack the saints, and succeeded in brushing the saints with five colors of divine light. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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