Who were the seven goddesses in the famine period? How many do you know besides Nu Wa?

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Who were the seven goddesses in the famine period? How many do you know besides Nu Wa? Next, let’s enjoy it with the editor of China story network.

I’m afraid we have no way to know what the world was like in the ancient times. There are only a few scattered things that can’t be put together into a complete world. In the eyes of many people, “ancient times” is actually closely related to mythology. It is said that there were seven deities in ancient times. Do you know who they were? Nuwa is naturally one of them. Who else but Nuwa?


The first lady Hua Xu

Hua Xu, the God of heaven, was born in the state of Hua Xu. One day, she went to Leize to play and accidentally stepped on a huge footprint. She was inspired to become pregnant. So the man was Fu Xi and the woman was Nu Wa. “Xuanyuan Benji” said: “the Yellow Emperor travels to the country of Huaxu, and this country is also a country of immortals.” Note: “Fu Xi was born in this country, and Fu Xi’s mother was born in this country.”

According to the book of mountains and seas, the queen of Huaxu Shenguo gave birth to Nuwa and Fuxi. It is said that it is the wife of Shizu dragon and the first ancestor of mankind.

The second lady Nuwa

Lady Nuwa, we are most familiar with her. Created us. For us to sacrifice ourselves to mend the sky. She can change her body and face several times a day. This change is for the country and people, and for the well-being of her children.

Fuxi and Nuwa are both brothers and sisters, and they are also husband and wife. They live in Kunlun mountain. Nuwa is a snake with a head and a body. She has great powers and can change 70 times in a day. She not only kneaded earth to make people, refined stone to mend the sky, but also drove away evil birds and beasts, blocked the torrential floods, and gave people a lot of help. She is the most respected goddess.

The third Empress

Houtu, the full name of “Chengtian imitates Houde Guangda Houtu emperor and earth God”, is the fourth God in the “four emperors” of Taoism. She is in charge of yin and Yang and nurtures all things. Therefore, she is called the mother of the earth. It is said that she was the first king on the earth, and later cooperated with the emperor who presided over the heaven, and became the goddess who dominated the mountains and rivers.

The empress of the earth is called the mother of the earth. She is in charge of everything on the earth, mountains and rivers. In folklore, she is also in charge of the temple of the underworld. In Taoism, she is also one of the four countries, so her status is very high.

The fourth Queen Mother

The queen mother, that is, the “West Queen Mother”. “The book of mountains and seas · the third book of the West times”: “Yushan is the residence of the queen mother of the West. The queen mother of the west is like a human being. She has a leopard tail, a tiger’s teeth and is good at roaring. Her hair is Dai Sheng, and she is the fierce and the five disabled of Si Tian.” Hou Yi once went to Yushan to ask the queen mother of the West for the elixir of immortality. King Mu of Zhou also went to Yushan during his westward journey and was treated with hospitality.

The fifth lady

Xuannv, also known as “yuannv” and “Jiutian Xuannv”. It is said that the mysterious woman has a bird like head and is good at war and magic. She is the God of justice. During the war of chasing the Central Plains, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou were locked in a stalemate. After that, Xuannv taught Lingbao the five talismans and five victories, and won the victory. The prototype of Xuannv is Xuanniao. There is a saying that “it is the destiny of Xuanniao to come down and produce business”.

Jiutian Xuannv, also known as the goddess of Xuannv, said in the book of songs, ode to Shang and Xuanniao that “the destiny of heaven is that the Xuanniao descends and generates Shang”. This is the beginning of Jiutian Xuannv. Although her position in folk belief is not high, it is because she has a deep understanding of the art of war. She is a serious war goddess and the ancestor of Taoism.

The sixth Sun Goddess

Sun god Xihe, the wife of emperor Jun, gave birth to ten sun sons for emperor Jun. Xihe was assigned to closely watch the cycle of time and day, determine the operating rules of the sun, moon and stars, and formulate a calendar for calculating time. He was the “God of the sun”.


The seventh goddess of the moon

The goddess of the moon, Wang Shu. There is a story in the book of mountains and seas: “beyond the East China Sea, between the sweet springs, there is the state of Xihe. There is a woman named Yue Xihe, the wife of emperor Jun, who was born ten days ago and bathed in the sweet spring.”. “Xi and he are in charge of the sun, facing Wang Shu. The goddess of the moon is also the goddess of the moon. It is recorded in the Huainan Zi that” the moon is called Wangshu, also called Xiana. ” Of course, myths and legends are different. It is said that after the birth of Pangu, his body fell into everything. His right eye became a day and his left eye became the moon. Although this is different from the book of mountains and seas, they all express a point of view, that is, the importance of the moon god. Therefore, the status of the moon goddess is very high.

Chang Xi, the moon god, was also the wife of emperor Jun. it is said that after ten months of pregnancy, Chang Xi gave birth to twelve girls. “The book of mountains and seas • the great wild west classic”: “there is a woman who bathes in the moon. The emperor’s wife Chang Xi has two out of ten birthdays. This is the beginning of bathing.” Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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