Who’s the hero? Man 3: why was chenchuhe scolded

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Before the show who is the hero was broadcast, the most concerned people should be Zeng Shunxi, the No. 1 male, Yang Chaoyue, the No. 1 female, and Liu Yuning, the No. 2 male. However, with the broadcast of the play, many people pay attention to the daughter mengziyi and the third male chenchuhe. Did you say who the hero is? Why was chenchuhe scolded? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Did you say who the hero is

It is obvious that the play is Pu. Now there are still occasional discussions, basically the second female and the third male. Even on the Internet, in addition to a lot of statements about Meng Ziyi and chenchuhe, the fans of the other three stars are also quite dissatisfied, especially the fans of Yang Chaoyue, who feel that Yang Chaoyue has no sense of existence in the play and is marginalized. So who is the hero? Does it really exist? Xiaobian doesn’t think so.

We can only talk about the hero who is the hero. The role of chenchuhe is the main line. Therefore, when we look at the plot, we will feel that it is around the man. We feel that the man’s design is the man’s design. However, the third male character is the same in the original novel, so there is no such thing as Chen Chuhe adding drama. In professional terms, male three means that it is impossible for a hero to be ignored.

Why was chenchuhe scolded

Briefly summarize the role characteristics of the five main actors, and say who is the hero. This play should be set to be a fight between two gangs in the capital. The third male, chenchuhe, is one of the eldest, and the father of his daughter, mengziyi, is the eldest on the other side. Zeng Shunxi, the first male, and Liu Yuning, the second male, were both the younger brothers of chenchuhe. However, Liu Yuning refused to accept chenchuhe, and Zeng Shunxi acted as a peacemaker. The heroine Yang Chaoyue is chenchuhe’s younger martial sister and Zeng Shunxi’s Love Pendant. Therefore, chenchuhe’s role is very outstanding, so many people question the addition of drama.

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