Whose daughter is Chang’e? Chang’e took the elixir of immortality and went to the moon to do good?

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Whose daughter is Chang’e? Chang’e took the elixir of immortality and went to the moon to do good? Interested partners come and have a look.

Chang’e, a fairy in Chinese mythology, a beautiful fairy, is a legendary fairy. There are many topics about her that will never stop!


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Today, we are talking about one of her topics, that is, the relationship between Wu Gang and Chang’e. However, after looking up a lot of information, they did not explain the specific relationship between them. It can be seen that there is really nothing between them. Wu Gang is a woodcutter cutting down trees. The story goes like this: near Guanghan palace, the trees are very luxuriant and very tall. Someone has been cutting down this tree all the time, and this person is Wu Gang. This is a very magical tree. If you cut it down, it will heal itself and grow tall. No matter how you cut it down, it will look like this. Day after day, year after year, time has passed, never ending. Wu Gang was originally a mortal. He used to practice magic with others. But later, because he made a mistake, he was punished by the Jade Emperor and went to the Moon Palace to cut down trees. In this way, he stayed in the moon palace!

As for Chang’e, she was the daughter of the three emperors and five emperors. She was more beautiful than ordinary people. Later, she married Hou Yi and became his wife. It is said that Chang’e stole the elixir that Hou Yi asked for from the queen mother of the west, and then flew up involuntarily. She became a fairy in the Guanghan Palace on the moon. However, Chang’e always missed Hou Yi, and the Guanghan palace was cold and deserted. Chang’e always lived alone. From here, we can understand that although there are many legends about Chang’e and Wu Gang, they have nothing in common, so their relationship is just to bear their own mistakes and live together in the Moon Palace.

Whose daughter is Chang’e

Chang’e is a figure in ancient Chinese history and legend. She is the daughter of the emperor of heaven. She has an appearance that no one else has. At the same time, Chang’e is also Hou Yi’s wife.

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Chang’e’s original name was peng’e, but because her name clashed with the emperor of the Han Dynasty, she was renamed Chang’e. some people said that Chang’e’s surname was pure fox, just because her name was Chang’e! The mythical Chang’e became an immortal because she was framed by the queen mother and swallowed an elixir of immortality by mistake! People are also curious about whose daughter Chang’e is.

There are many legends about the mystery of Chang’e’s life history. Legend 1: Chang’e and Emperor moth are the same person, the daughter of mortals. At that time, there were five emperors, and Chang’e was the concubine of emperor Hao, one of the five emperors. Chang’e ranked fourth among these concubines. However, because the story of Chang’e running to the moon originated from the story of the son of emperor Di Hao, the legend that Chang’e was Emperor e was denied! There is also a saying that Chang’e is the daughter of Dihao. Dihao has an concubine named Changyi. She gave birth to two children to Dihao, a girl and a boy. The boy was the later emperor Zhi, and the girl was Chang’e. there are also materials in the book of mountains and seas that show that Chang’e is the daughter of Dihao and his concubine chang’yi. All kinds of materials show that Chang’e is the daughter of Dihao!

China has a long history. It is amazing that Chang’e has attracted countless topics. But for the topic of whose daughter Chang’e is, according to reliable materials, she should be the daughter of the emperor! This view can be convinced by more people. No matter whose daughter Chang’e is, she has left us a very beautiful legend.

Legend of Chang’e running to the moon

Chang’e rushing to the moon is a famous myth in ancient China, which is closely related to the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival. Chang’e, according to legend, is the daughter of emperor Jun, one of the five emperors, whose original name is meng’e. later, in order to avoid emperor Liu Heng of the Han Dynasty, it was changed to Chang’e.


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There was no legend about the relationship between Chang’e and Hou Yi before the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was not until the Eastern Han Dynasty that a man named Gao Yu proposed for the first time that Chang’e was Hou Yi’s wife when he annotated Huainanzi. Gao Yu also proposed that Chang’e and Hou Yi opened the first monogamy in China. Later, Chang’e flew to the Moon Palace and was named the God of the moon.

There are two versions of the legend of Chang’e running to the moon. The main difference is the background of Hou Yi. They are the forced version and the save the people version.

The forced version is the most widely circulated version now. It is said that Hou Yi and his wife Chang’e lived in love after shooting the sun. When Hou Yi was visiting Kunlun Mountain, he met the queen mother of the West who came here to visit his friends. The queen mother of the West gave him an elixir of life that could immediately become an immortal. After eating it, he could immediately become an immortal. However, Hou Yi didn’t want to leave his beautiful wife behind, so he gave the medicine to her for safekeeping. This matter was known to one of Hou Yi’s dishonest disciples. While Hou Yi was not at home, this disciple forced Chang’e to hand over the elixir. Chang’e had no choice but to eat the elixir by herself and fly to the Moon Palace.

The version of saving the people is not very popular in later generations, but mostly appears in unofficial history. It is said that Hou Yi is the head of a country and Chang’e is Hou Yi’s wife. Hou Yi was cruel, and the people’s life was miserable. Chang’e didn’t want the people to suffer, so she wanted to eat Hou Yi’s elixir and save the people after becoming an immortal. Before taking the elixir, she specially consulted a wizard, who told her that eating the elixir could save the people. However, Chang’e did not know that she had been deceived. After taking the elixir, she really became an immortal, but she became an ugly toad and lived in the bleak Moon Palace. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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