Whose face has been swollen by the paralysis of Japan’s medical system?

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)

Before I start the text, I would like to talk about an incident that happened this year, which many people may not know.

According to the latest data, the average life expectancy of Chinese people exceeds that of Americans.

According to the announcement issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention on August 31, the life expectancy of the United States in 2021 will be shortened by nearly one year again compared with the previous year.

The Associated Press reported that in 2020 and 2021, when the COVID-19 epidemic was raging, the average life expectancy in the United States fell by nearly 3 years in two years. The last time such a decline occurred was during the Second World War.

According to the analysis of the report, COVID-19 is the primary cause of the shortening of life expectancy in the United States in 2021. Other major causes include accidental injury, heart disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, suicide, etc.

According to the report released by the National Health Statistics Center under the CDC, the average life expectancy of Americans has dropped from 78.8 years in 2019 to 76.1 years today.

According to the data released by China’s National Health Commission at the press conference on July 5, China’s current per capita life expectancy has reached 77.93 years, and the main health indicators have been among the highest in the world’s middle – and high-income countries, and the premature death rate of major chronic diseases is also lower than the global average.

Next, let’s talk about the theme of Japan.

Japan’s seventh wave of the epidemic broke out in an all-round way. On the 1st, 303 new covid-19 deaths were reported, and more than 300 new deaths were reported in a single day for three consecutive days. The cumulative number of deaths has reached 40258.

Within a week, Japan had 1990 new deaths, second only to the United States.

In this way, Japan has finally returned to “world number two”!

What has the epidemic brought to Japan?

I have said in several articles that in 2022, China’s automobile export volume is likely to exceed that of Japan.

Now modify this sentence. In 2022, China’s automobile export volume will certainly exceed that of Japan.

Because of the impact of COVID-19, Japan’s automobile production is declining at an accelerated pace, and production is often stopped.

Let’s take Toyota as an example. As the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan, it has been declining for more than 11 consecutive months, and reached the highest decline in July 2022, with a month on month decline of 7.2%.

Is it because it can’t be sold? No, because I can’t do it.

In July, Toyota planned and ordered 800000 vehicles, but only 700000 vehicles were actually produced.

Toyota Motor said that the reason was that due to the shortage of parts supply caused by the epidemic and the increase of semiconductor demand such as automobile chips, some factories of Toyota Motor were forced to shut down or reduce production.

Of course, some pundits will say that this is because the problems in the supply chain are more serious, but in July 2022, China’s automobile exports soared again, with a 12.5% month on month growth and a 16.3% year-on-year growth.

Then why is Japan’s supply chain broken and China’s not?

One side is – 7.2%, and the other side is + 12.5%. I remember that I wrote in my last article. As evidenced by my post, the export volume of Chinese cars will be twice that of Japan in 2024-2025.

Why did Toyota stop production?

Under the attack of the epidemic, Japan’s medical system has been completely paralyzed. At this time, no one dares to get sick, otherwise they will wait for themselves.

On August 16, in Kyoto, Japan, 14 hospitals jointly issued a long message of “disaster level” with a bright red background, saying that they had no longer the ability to receive treatment.

On August 21, 21 hospitals in Okinawa jointly issued a long message of “disaster level”, saying that there were no medical resources for treatment.

This is just a message. All the hospitals in Tokyo are full, but there is no message

The hospitals in Kyoto and Okinawa issued a joint statement to tell the Japanese government that you have not taken action yet? We can’t stand it anymore.

What is the situation when the medical system is paralyzed and has entered the disaster level?

Japanese doctor Ying Yuxiong said:

Those who come to our fever clinic can make 60-70 appointment calls a day when they have fever symptoms. However, due to the limited capacity of our clinic, we have to refuse the appointment of many patients. This wave of epidemic has not only increased the number of infected people, but also infected many people in the medical system. Not only is the number of people coming to the hospital gradually increasing, but the operation of the hospital has begun to have problems, resulting in a serious shortage of medical resources, so it is called disaster level by medical institutions.

Professor of medicine at Tokyo Medical University said:

So far, the number of infected people is very amazing. Although there are many cases in the sixth round of infection, the current number is far more than the sixth round. At present, the severe patients are mainly concentrated in the elderly. We also have children’s departments. There are also many children infected in this epidemic.

Many people think that seeing the data, the death rate of covid-19 in Japan is only 0.2%, even if it is fully infected, it means 2.4 million deaths. Is that right?

Suppose a hospital receives 100 outpatients a day, and the limit of reception is 150.

Now the hospital is full of people with fever, and the aisles are full of beds. More than 200 patients or more are received every day.

So what happens?

The first is the paralysis of the medical system, because doctors and nurses are the people who contact patients most closely every day, and their probability of getting sick is the highest. What should we do if we get sick?

Either persist in going to work to see a doctor after a fever and continue to infect more people, or go home to rest

You can’t make any choice.

The following questions arise in Japanese cities:

Take Kyoto as an example. There have been repeated collective infections in hospitals. There are nearly 100 medical staff who have to rest because of infection every day, and the special beds for the epidemic have been fully saturated.

On the one hand, the number of medical personnel has been greatly reduced;

On the one hand, the number of patients continues to increase;

In this state, there will be two results:

When you get sick, you can see it quickly when you go to the hospital. Now you can’t see it for a week when you register in the hospital. At this time, it’s not the problem of covid-19, but never get sick or injured. Otherwise, you have to consider your own immune system, which is very likely to survive.

The work intensity of doctors and nurses is completely saturated, and a large number of staff are reduced every day, which still cannot meet the growing number of patients. Then other patients in the hospital will not be taken care of, and patients hospitalized in the hospital may be infected at any time, and the risk will increase greatly;

Those who used to have chronic diseases or medical appointments and regularly went to the hospital for medical treatment are now postponed indefinitely;

Next, new born babies and old people will face severe survival problems

The virus that captured Japan this round is ba 5. In addition to fever and other common phenomena, the symptoms brought by other complications are as follows according to Japanese statistics:

Pneumonia, 20.6%;

Acute encephalopathy, 26%;

Spasm (febrile convulsion), 16.8%;

Home artificial respiration management disease, 7.6%;

Bronchitis, 4.6%;

Bronchial asthma, 3.1%;

Cardiac arrest, 6.1%;

Myocarditis / heart failure, 1.5%


At the same time, according to previous research papers of the University of Tokyo, it was found that ba.5 enhanced inflammation.

This means that there may be more high fever, and it is difficult to reduce the fever for a longer time.

Therefore, Japan’s high fever of Yishui, adults’ high fever, children’s high fever, and old people’s high fever have crowded the hospital to bursting, and children are also complicated with encephalitis.

These symptoms were carried away by strong young people. What about the old people and children? What about people who have diseases?

In Japan, the first thing that broke down was the first-aid system. In case of an accident, there was no ambulance to pull it…. now the process of seeing a doctor is:

First, if there is an accident, call the emergency center. It may take a long time for the ambulance to arrive;

Second, the ambulance came, but no hospital could accept it. We had to wait in situ, because all the hospitals were full.

Third, we arrived at the hospital, but all places were queuing up;

Fourth, I went to the emergency department, but there was no bed.

Fifth, I had to go home and live on my own.

Sixth, if you are lucky not to die and your condition worsens, continue to make calls, jump to the first step of the process, and repeat.

A typical case is that on July 27, a man living in Shinagawa District, Tokyo, after making an emergency call, went to the receiving hospital after the ambulance arrived, but was rejected by more than 100 hospitals because they were all full. Finally, he found a hospital that could receive him the next morning, but the patient died at home without waiting for that moment.

This incident was headlined by the Japanese daily news: first aid delivery difficulties caused by the epidemic occurred one after another, were rejected more than 100 times, and some people died at home. It quickly rushed to the top of Japan’s hot search list. After the ambulance arrived, it was unable to immediately determine the delivery location. “First aid delivery difficulties” occurred one after another. Covid-19 patients with basic diseases are more difficult to receive, and even die at home because there is no place to send them. The doctor in charge of on-site diagnosis and treatment complained:

Fewer and fewer people can see doctors in medical institutions, and medical care has collapsed.

According to the Fire Department of Japan’s Ministry of general affairs and internal affairs, in the week ending August 7, the main fire departments of 52 prefectures and departments across the country had 6589 inquiries about whether they could receive patients more than four times, and the time required for ambulance transportation was more than 30 minutes, setting a new record for two consecutive weeks. Among them, 2873 were suspected to be infected with covid-19, the highest for three consecutive weeks.

We must make it clear that the covid-19 mortality rate is not only a medical problem, but also a sociological and statistical problem.

Some people say that only three people have died in the epidemic in Shenzhen for more than two years, which shows that there is no need for epidemic prevention at all.

Then I also want to ask: the Chongqing mountain fire, with 0 casualties, does it mean that there is no need to fight the fire at all?

Shenzhen’s epidemic mortality rate is infinitely close to zero because patients are now rare species, and a group of doctors and nurses are guarding them when they get sick. What if the medical system collapses? What if it is self reliant?

What if I let go? One day, 200000 people were suddenly infected, and 100000 people had a fever. That is, a doctor was responsible for 100 patients, or he ran naked and carried his own immune system.

The average death rate of covid-19 in Japan in the past two years is 0.2%, but the latest data is 0.52%, and this data is still growing. Why is there a change?

It is because most patients are living on their own, and there are no medical resources for them.

Not only covid-19, it is extremely difficult for any patient after the medical system is paralyzed to get medical assistance, and they need their immune ability to run naked

In this state, if you are a Toyota employee and a lot of people have a fever, how dare you go to work?

Not only that, at this time, there is no private doctor, or a rich man, who can enjoy rich medical resources, and never get sick!

Japan has had a total of seven rounds of outbreaks, but the previous six rounds of outbreaks are not lying flat as everyone imagined. Instead, a state of emergency has been declared in each wave of the epidemic, with restaurants shortening business hours, suspending large-scale events, enterprises working at home, and so on. But obviously, repeated outbreaks have made Japan lazy to control.

Therefore, this round, Japan completely opened up and did not do any defense, so the medical system collapsed.

Today, as long as there are normal countries in the world, there are only countries that have successfully fought the epidemic and countries that have failed to fight the epidemic.

Do you think America is lying flat? What is the white house doing with three inspections in two days?

Silicon Valley in the United States has been working from home until now. Why?

Why did musk angrily threaten his employees not to work from home and to clock in at work?

Unfortunately, however, Japan will not collapse.

Because on August 31, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida just returned from his vacation in Izu on the premise that a large number of hospitals in Japan were in urgent need. He said that starting from September 7, the maximum number of people entering Japan would be raised from 20000 to 50000 per day! The Japanese government is also considering further relaxing the entry restrictions on tourists.

At the same time, the government has not proposed any epidemic prevention measures for the growing number of patients in Japan.

Fumio Kishida treated this matter as if it did not exist.

This coquettish operation of the Japanese government has caused widespread criticism in Japan. But do you know what he is going to do?

In the current Japanese epidemic, 80% of the deaths are 60 year old people. I can only think that Fumio Kishida thinks that there are not enough deaths.

It is too late to fight the epidemic again, because the latest data in Japan is that nearly 20 million people have been diagnosed, and now there are 100000 people every day. If we strengthen epidemic prevention, it means that we have done something wrong. It is better to use the COVID-19 epidemic to cleanse or reduce the burden of the Japanese population.

The proportion of the elderly population in Japan is 28.7% over 60 years old, which is the highest in the world. It is considered a “heavy burden” by the Japanese. So I can only think that Fumio Kishida wants to reduce his burden in this way to solve Japan’s aging problem

After all, as described in the Japanese film “abandoning mother mountain,” abandoning the elderly is a Japanese tradition.

Japanese don’t say anything, just don’t know

I don’t know what the coexistence faction wants to say after seeing this?

In 2020, when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China’s centralized prevention and control achieved the greatest success, and everyone was grateful. But in 2021, the wind changed, and the coexistence faction began to focus on demonizing the public.

Do you know why?

In 2020, because of the concentrated outbreak of the epidemic, leading to a run on the medical system, the mortality rate once reached 1.2-2.1%, and no one dared to face this number and was trembling.

But after Wuhan’s success in fighting the epidemic, the infection rate has dropped tremendously. Why has the mortality rate come down?

Is there a specific medicine? No

It is because at the beginning of 2020, five people may use a ventilator. Now, one person uses a ventilator, and there are three spare ones.

A bunch of doctors and nurses looked at the patients… Of course, the mortality rate came down.

But dare you give it a try?

This is not the most important thing, nor is it the reason why the coexistence faction opposes the state. In addition to the inducement of some agents, the most important thing is that the coexistence faction saw foreign data and found that the dead were all the elderly over 60 years old, the critically ill, and infants

Only then did they realize that they could not die on their own.

Moreover, they are confident that they rarely get sick, and they are determined not to be so “disobedient.” they think they will never get sick.

Therefore, the coexistence faction is very angry: why do you manage those old undead?

The reason why we should fight the epidemic is very simple.

In 2020, I posted about several articles refuting the coexistence faction. This year, I suddenly found it particularly boring.

I have several groups, because I am very busy writing articles every day, and I almost dive. I only look at them occasionally, but I often see some groups criticizing the government. From Chengdu No. 19 middle school to the epidemic, all kinds of hearsay messages are spread and scolded at the same time. They have never been interrupted.

Sometimes I can’t stand it. I refute it. I take out data and news. They have nothing to say, but soon they will find new excitement.

I suddenly found that they didn’t care about the behind the news at all, much less the truth. They only cared about the fact that things were getting bigger and bigger, which gave them something to talk about

The bigger the matter, the more excited they are.

Scolding the country seems to be the most relaxed and decompressed moment… As for others, who cares

In fact, what they enjoy is the sick pleasure of slander. It doesn’t matter if they roast today and get slapped in the face tomorrow, because they have the next topic, which seems to be the pleasure of taking drugs. They don’t care what I say at all. It’s just that I interrupt them to take drugs, which makes them very unhappy

At the beginning of the Tangshan incident, the crowd began to get excited again. The news was flying everywhere, what was crushed by a car, what was burst by a wheel… All kinds of irresponsible rumors were coming out to confuse the public.

This time I didn’t say a word and silently withdrew from the group.

Slowly, I finally understand a truth, that is, when they pass on these rumors, they don’t care whether what they say is true or not. They just need to show their so-called “sense of justice” and only enjoy the pleasure of chatting.

They don’t care how many bowls of noodles you eat, just want to watch the excitement and let you open your stomach

Slowly, I finally found their mentality. What the country has done is not important. What is important is that they should try to prove that China can’t

Why do you want to explain that China can’t?

In fact, this is the mentality of the Anglo-American people. The technology and economy of the United States are getting wider and wider. It is not the United States that can not do it, but China that is to blame.

What about Huang Sa’s people? I’m not doing well, it’s not me, it’s China

China has become the biggest pot bearer, but some people can’t change their current situation no matter how they throw the pot.

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