Why are big bosses superstitious?

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019

Top big bosses in Hong Kong generally pay attention to Feng Shui. They often feed a large number of great gods and immortals. Similarly, top big bosses in China also pay great attention to Feng Shui. A few years ago, I sneaked into boss Ma’s company Park to see how he did “Feng Shui”.

However, we will also find that both the Shang generation in Hong Kong and the Shang generation in the mainland are far less superstitious than their parents.

The fundamental reason is that the higher the uncertainty of the industry, the higher the degree of superstition. The higher the certainty of the life journey, the lower the degree of superstition.

The fathers of the first generation have been facing a lot of uncertainty all their lives. Many of the successes and failures they have personally encountered cannot be explained by themselves, but can only be attributed to metaphysics.

The second generation of children can’t avoid a huge certainty in their life, that is, they all have a super rich father, and no matter how big the storm will become a trickle under the strong influence of their parents.

Based on the uncertainty, we can see that the more businessmen lick their blood, the more they believe in geomantic omen. Similarly, the more senior civil servants with no background, the more there will be “feudal superstition” in the announcement when they are sacked, and the more performance stars with no background, the more they like to beg God and worship Buddha after a certain two dramas have achieved great success.

These groups who face great uncertainty often fall into great fear and need to seek psychological massage after they succeed in stepping on the historical process.

Thus, masters like Wang Lin were born, and through some small tricks, these elite groups were harvested round after round.


On the contrary, the second generation, due to their dads who stepped on the wind, brought great certainty to themselves. They often talked freely and fearlessly, even thought they were right, like Prince Zhang. They often didn’t pay enough attention to the unpredictable mysterious power.

With the rapid development of the mainland for more than 40 years since the reform and opening up, a batch of rich people have been created, but at the same time, these rich people have also carved up more and more fields, making the uncertainty of market opportunities continue to shrink and disappear.

The guiding force of the domestic market is also gradually changing from the “superstitious” generation to the “non superstitious” generation.

When some creative generations gradually begin to lie flat and enjoy life, it means that the market will no longer pay more than expected wages for their “superstition” in order to try to create miracles.

Therefore, the “blessing” of some industries is gradually far away from us, and the market will give labor a more fair price. Some past perceptions and judgments also need some adjustments and responses.

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