Why are many immortals in heaven defeated by Sunwukong, but Yang Jian can defeat him?

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Why did Avalokitesvara recommend Erlang God when descending on the monkey king? It turned out that he knew the weakness of monkeys! Interested readers can follow the China story network editor to read it down.

Before Sunwukong became “fighting against Buddha”, the peak of his life was “havoc in heaven”. In fact, it was not a day or two for the Jade Emperor to dislike the monkey king. At first, the monkey king made a big fuss in the Crystal Palace, and the Jade Emperor wanted to send troops to fight against it. It was too white Venus who saw that it was not easy for the monkey king to practice and mediated from it, so that the monkey king avoided a fight. The Jade Emperor granted Sunwukong a bi Mawen. Because Sunwukong hated being a small official, he went back to Huaguo Mountain and established himself as the great sage of the whole heaven.

Just this title of treachery made the Jade Emperor feel that his dignity needed to be maintained, so the Jade Emperor’s Crusade group fought against Huaguo Mountain with great force. Unexpectedly, Sunwukong did have some real skills. Most of the heavenly soldiers and generals who went to crusade against Sunwukong lost the battle and fled in confusion. Seeing that the armed Crusade did not work, the Jade Emperor had to take the suggestion of Taibai Jinxing: give Sunwukong a false job to ensure that Sunwukong would not make trouble again.

However, although Sun Wukong didn’t have much insight at that time, for a long time, the Jade Emperor’s perfunctory was still discovered by Sun Wukong, so Sun Wukong began to make a big fuss in heaven, and the Jade Emperor planned to attack Sun Wukong again, but the experience and lessons of the last time made the Jade Emperor feel worried: the last expedition ended in failure, and this time can succeed? At this time, Guanyin recommended a person to the Jade Emperor: Erlang God. Guanyin believed that the ability of Erlang God was bound to subdue the monkey king. The reason is that Erlang God knows the weakness of Monkey King. Later, Erlang God did defeat Sunwukong.


So, what weaknesses does Sunwukong have that can become a necessary condition for Erlang God to subdue himself? This should start with the combat effectiveness structure of Monkey King. Monkey King can beat the invincible hand of heaven by three unique skills: the first unique skill is infinite power and powerful stick technique. For this, Erlang God can compete with him or even slightly better – this can be seen from the fact that monkey king actively chooses to change and escape; The second unique skill is somersault cloud, which is suitable for escaping when unable to fight. However, Erlang God can soon catch up, so this advantage Sunwukong can’t play when fighting Erlang God.


The third unique skill is seventy-two changes. Monkey King could not beat Erlang God and could not escape, so he had to rely on 72 changes to deal with Erlang God. And Erlang God was proficient in this way, knowing that as long as he hooked the lute bone of Sunwukong, Sunwukong could not continue to make changes, so he was able to capture Sunwukong alive. In other words, the weakness of Monkey King known by Erlang God is the pipa bone. However, from the monkey king’s attitude towards Erlang God afterwards, Monkey King was convinced of the original failure: after all, Erlang God is one of the few people in the journey to the West who can capture Monkey King alive without relying on magic weapons. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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