Why are travel resources so good? Who is the backer behind travel

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If life is like the first time, although it was removed from the shelves after being online, the topic is full, attracting the attention of all melon eaters. Besides Li Xian and Wei daxun, actors also travel around. The appearance of zhouyou looks like a powerful actor, but in fact, netizens don’t think so. Why are travel resources so good? Who is the backer behind the tour? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Why are travel resources so good

After seeing life for the first time, many netizens complain that it’s really ugly to travel around roast, and his acting skills are not very good, but they feel that his resources are particularly good, and he has acted in many TV dramas and films in recent years. Netizens think that the appearance and acting skills of zhouyou are not worthy of his current resources, so they think that there must be a backer behind zhouyou, and it must be resources.

Zhou you started modeling very early, and then began acting in 2013. It has been rumored on the Internet that zhouyou is a rich second generation, so his appearance is not outstanding, and his resources in the entertainment industry will be so good. But in fact, the reason why travel resources are so good is that he signed up with a very good company. Chen Kun and Zhou Xun are both big names in the entertainment industry. They opened a brokerage company together, and Zhou you is a newcomer to the company. It is reported that the company has signed a total of five artists, including Ni Dahong, Hai Yitian, Zhang Xiaochen and Wang Zixuan.

Who is behind the tour

At the beginning, Chen Kun lowered his price to receive the variety show for 24 hours, and brought a tour that was equivalent to the ordinary people in the entertainment industry to participate, which made Zhou you famous in this program. Otherwise, it is impossible to become a regular guest 24 hours a day with a coffee table. In fact, many netizens reject traveling around. It’s just that traveling around doesn’t conform to the public’s aesthetics and is not a traditional handsome guy. But in the entertainment industry, it is not necessarily handsome men and beautiful women who can get ahead. Many powerful actors are ugly.

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