Why can Peng Zu live 800 years? How did Peng Zu die in the end?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com brings you why Peng Zu can live 800 years old? I hope it can help you.

Immortality, whether in ancient times or in modern times, has great attraction for everyone, especially the ancient people’s life span is very short. I hope I can live longer! In ancient times, about 70 years old was already a long life, and the average life span of ordinary people was only 50 years old. But in ancient times, there was a man who lived to 800 years old. And it is said that this man not only lived to 800 years old, but also looked extremely young. He was Peng Zu.


Although Peng Zu can live forever, Peng Zu is also very lonely, because the life span of Peng Zu’s wife and children is very short. In order to kill loneliness, Peng Zu married one wife after another. Until Peng Zu was 800 years old, he didn’t want to live any longer, so when his wife asked again why you could live so long? Peng Zu told his wife the truth. That is, the king of hell had a Book of life and death, and he accidentally tore up the page of his name. So the king of hell didn’t know his name, so there was no way for ghost to catch him.


After telling his wife the truth, Peng Zu repeatedly told his wife not to tell outsiders. Unexpectedly, Peng Zu was taken away by the ghost that night. It turned out that when his wife went to the river to wash clothes, she heard two people say that they should wash black charcoal and white it. Peng Zu’s wife thought it was impossible. Those two people said that nothing is difficult in the world, only for those who have a heart. Peng Zu’s wife said that her husband had lived 800 years and had never seen black carbon washed into white carbon. Let these two people not waste their time. But these two people didn’t believe what Peng Zu’s wife said, so they asked your husband’s name? Pang Zu’s wife said her husband’s name.


Unexpectedly, these two people are not ordinary people, but the ghost of hell. It turned out that the king of hell knew that there was a man who lived many years on earth. But I never knew his name. So he sent the ghost to the mortal to investigate. As a result, Peng Zu went to hell at the age of 800 because he told his wife the truth. It seems that this secret can’t be told to others, but can only be kept by yourself! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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