Why can the eight immortals be at ease? What is the status of the Eight Immortals in Tianting?

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Today, the editor of chinastory.com has prepared for you: what is the status of the Eight Immortals in Tianting? Interested friends, come and have a look!

What is the position of the famous Eight Immortals in Tianting? They have no fixed position.

The eight immortals are similar to the non staff personnel in Tianting. After all, they are like zhenyuanzi, the ancestor of the earth immortals, who is much better than the eight immortals. They have no formal positions in Tianting, and the eight immortals will not have fixed positions for them to hold.

According to the classification method of “the romance of gods”, the position of Tianting is divided into God position and immortal position. God can only serve in Tianting after he participated in the war between man and God at the end of Shang Dynasty and experienced the beheading of gods.

For example, marshal Tianpeng, such as 28 nights, such as rain and thunder.

In other words, God is a dead person, according to the fairy world, who was beheaded.

What is three corpses?

Three corpses is not the strange medicine of three corpse brain God Dan, but a Taoist saying.

Taoism believes that there are three kinds of insects living in the upper, middle and lower Dantian of the human body. The insects living in the upper Dantian are called Huashi, which likes vanity and beautiful clothes. The corpses living in the middle Dantian are called good taste. This needless to explain is that they like food. The corpses living in the lower Dantian are called lustful desire.

These three corpses are what Buddhism calls ignorance, greed, and anger.

Taoism believes that after death, the soul rises in the sky and enters the earth. Only three corpses wander away, which is called ghost.

The three corpses swam between heaven and earth, still moving in the shape of the original human, but without human soul.

Therefore, the ghost we usually think of is not the human soul, but the three corpses, that is, the human desire.

In Jin Yong’s novel “Xiaoao Jianghu”, the demon sect uses the three corpse brain pill to control the Jianghu people, which is actually to control the desires of the Jianghu people. In fact, it’s quite exquisite to think about it.

Taoism believes that only after cutting off the three corpses can a person enter the realm of immortals with quiet and inaction.


The people who beheaded the three corpses are basically dead. Their souls are not as good as the sky and the earth, but enter the list of gods and become immortals.

In fact, the gods in the sky do not stick to their posts forever. They will go to the world to experience from time to time and enjoy the happiness of greed, anger and ignorance.

The gods who can come to the world are extraordinary big people. They have experienced the glory and wealth of the world. Returning to the sky is called the completion of the disaster. However, the gods return to the heaven to be able to restore their original positions, but they will not be promoted. They will be human again in dozens of hundreds of years. Their identities are the same as before.

For example, Wenqu star and Baihu star will have a long experience in the lower world. It is also an addictive thing to watch the coming world.

I think the lower realm of God is a little similar to game login, but God’s game is more advanced. Instead of logging in to Lu account, he directly injects his soul into a fresh body to taste the joy and happiness of this body.

Sometimes when the game passes, the soul returns to its own space, waiting for the next time to have a suitable body to play another game.

The American drama “western world” is a sci-fi version of this lower bound game.

Among the immortals, there are those who directly enter the heaven to work without cutting the three corpses, such as Li Jing and Nezha.

So Li Jing and his son never lower the boundary.

When they are lonely, they will accept a dry daughter like a mouse spirit, play family games, and experience the happiness of the world.

Li Jing and his son are immortals similar to the eight immortals.

Gods are different from immortals. Gods are civil servants in Tianting, and immortals are similar to private business owners or manor owners.

People who become immortals must first have their own territory, such as the golden light cave in Qianyuan mountain, such as the golden Xia cave in Yuquan mountain. Immortals have their own cave, and the output of a mountain is used to support them.


This is somewhat similar to the ancient landlords, who had their own land properties and their own long-term tenants to work for their families to earn money.

Immortals are earth emperors in their own territory. Many immortals live a good life, so they don’t want to be civil servants in the sky anymore. They punch in every day to listen to others. Moreover, an important reason why immortals don’t go to heaven is that there are probably no quotas.

Because the positions in Tianting are arranged one by one, these positions are sealed after the war of gods, and the gods will never die, so there is no way for the latecomers to rob that hole again.

Besides, Xian may not want to rob Tianting of his post.

God is the soul of dead people, not immortals.

Most immortals are mortals who get some opportunities to live in a body that will never be damaged.

Tie Guai Li, the earliest immortal among the eight immortals, was also in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. It has been a long time since the war of immortality. Like a white bat when Zhang Guo was always the pioneer, he might catch up with the war of immortality, but it was the top war of immortality when he was immortalised. With Zhang Guo’s Taoist practice, he would be killed for about seconds. He might as well hang upside down in the cave safely.

Among the eight immortals, Han Xiangzi is the most qualified to go to heaven.

It is said that Han Xiangzi is the immortal of corpse decomposition. He went to the tree to pick peaches, fell down and died, beheaded three corpses and became a God. But Tianting obviously didn’t have his place, so he had to make up for it later. Fortunately, the unit of eight immortals was willing to take him in later.

The eight immortals are immortals, not gods. Their treatment is the same as that of immortals. They have their own heaven and earth, a cave, and grow and collect by themselves. The heavenly court doesn’t pay them wages, and they don’t have too many job responsibilities to undertake. In case there is a task of killing demons and demons, they will be invited to come out to help or wave flags and shout.

Although immortals do not work in Tianting, they need to be recognized by Tianting as a member of the immortal family.

An immortal who is not recognized by heaven is not called an immortal, but a demon.

For example, the ox demon king, with high mana, also had his own territory, but the heaven didn’t recognize him, so as soon as he had the opportunity, he united with the scripture team to destroy him and accepted his territory.

So if you want to become an immortal, you still need to have a good relationship with Tianting.

For example, the eight immortals are much weaker than the ox demon king, but because they have caught up with one of the three Qing emperors, their promotion is very smooth.

After becoming an immortal, life is very pleasant. Immortals are very leisurely, and the eight immortals are too idle, so the lively character like LV Dongbin makes a lot of scandals. For a while, he plays with white peonies, for a while, he provokes Guanyin, for a while, he teases the dog of hexiangu’s family, and for a while, he goes to Yueyang Tower to find the old locust tree beside the building.

In Yueyang Tower, he got drunk and made trouble by drinking. He hated that the local people didn’t know him, and left two poems roast:

After three passes of Yueyang, people don’t know it, and Lang Yin flies over Dongting Lake.

Generally, people who have serious work in Tianting have such leisure to travel around. They have to clock in every day. If they are found not to work, they will be punished.

In journey to the west, Kui Mulang secretly went to the world and became a demon for a few days. After being discovered by the monkey king, he was told to the heaven court. The Jade Emperor punished him to go to the dourate palace to burn a fire for the Dan stove of the Supreme Lord Lao Jun. if LV Dongbin really had a position in the heaven court, his loose character would probably live in the dourate palace forever.

Eight people of eight immortals are a small group. They have their own place of work and life. This place is called Penglai. The place where eight immortals go after crossing the sea is Penglai.

Penglai is one of the three famous overseas mountains, which are abbot, Yingzhou and Penglai.


It is said that there were five sacred mountains overseas, two of which flew away, leaving only three, abbot Yingzhou and Penglai. Ancient books say that these three mountains:

Its mountain is 30000 Li high and low, its top is 9000 Li flat, and the middle of the mountain is 70000 li away. I think it’s a neighbor. All the birds and animals on it are pure chimera. The knots of the pearls grow in clusters, all the flowers have a taste, and none of the food is old or dead. The people who live here are all kinds of immortals and saints. Countless people fly to and from each other day and night. The roots of the five mountains have no connective sheath, and often go up and down with the tide

Immortals live better than gods. They enjoy all kinds of benefits that gods can enjoy, such as immortality, but they don’t have to undertake the specific tasks that Gods need to undertake, such as wind and rain. They have leisure, money and nothing to do. This day is really carefree. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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