Why can the golden winged Mirs only rank third in shituoling? Is the golden winged ROC carving powerful?

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Do you know the strength of the golden winged ROC carving in journey to the west? I don’t know. It’s OK. I’ll tell you.

The golden winged Dapeng carving is the third among the three monsters that the Tang Monk’s master and apprentice met in shituoling. It is also the big carving that fought with Sun Wukong in front of the Western Buddha and was finally accepted by the Buddha. Although the TV series has changed from the original work, the strength of the golden winged giant ROC carving is the same as that in the TV series. It is the strongest of the three monsters in shituoling. After all, it is not possible for any small monster to resist the attack of many Arhats in the West. However, since the strength is so strong, why is it just a small third man in shituoling?


In fact, in our impression, the world of monsters is the world of the jungle. The strong are of course the boss, and those with poor abilities must be placed in the rear. However, there are also “human feelings” in the world of monsters. Let’s take a look at the origin of the golden winged Mirs. According to the Buddha, in those days, among all the birds and animals in the world, the unicorn was the leader of the animals, and the Phoenix was the leader of the birds. Later, the Phoenix gave birth to the peacock and the Mirs. This golden winged Mirs carving refers to this Mirs. If the generation is considered, the golden winged Mirs carving is the brother of the peacock.

However, the Buddha cultivated a six foot gold body on the snow mountain, but the peacock ate it into his stomach. The Buddha originally wanted to excrete it from the peacock’s feces, but this would contaminate his own gold body. So he opened the peacock’s back and went to Lingshan. With the dissuasion of the Buddhas, he did not kill the peacock, because in a sense, the peacock is also the mother of the Buddha. Therefore, the Buddha granted the peacock the title of the Buddha’s mother peacock, the king of the Ming Dynasty. As the peacock’s brother, the golden winged ROC carving naturally has some kinship with the Buddha, although such kinship is not blood.


What about the green lion essence and the white elephant essence? The green lion essence is the mount of Manjusri Bodhisattva, and the white elephant essence is the mount of Samantabhadra. Although it is said that the two masters are not as powerful as the Buddha, they are both mounts. However, the golden winged Mirs carving is only a nominal uncle who is not familiar with the Buddha. If we talk about the background, I am afraid there is not much difference between the two sides. It is just that the golden winged Mirs carving sounds stronger than the Buddha, which means that it is weak in the middle, The other two are real mounts, but their status is low.

In terms of strength, it is true that the golden winged Dapeng Eagle wins. It is precisely because the green lion spirit and the white elephant spirit are mounts that they will be subdued and taken away when they meet their masters. They still have weak points, not to mention that the two people still failed to defeat Sun Wukong. But the golden winged Dapeng eagle can be said to be unconcerned. He has no master and does not need to follow the arrangement of others. Facing the joint efforts of many Arhats in the west, He didn’t panic at all, and he could beat them all back. If it wasn’t for the Buddha’s action, it’s unknown how far the golden winged Mirs could hit.


In this way, I’m afraid there are not many reasons why the golden winged Dapeng eagle is the third. The golden winged Dapeng Eagle may have asked for two other monsters, and he can’t guarantee that he will succeed. However, it seems that this point is not very reliable in the later plot, because he is quite conceited. In addition, there is another explanation. Perhaps he wants to be a “behind the scenes” and use two monsters to catch the Tang monk. He only needs to come up with ideas and enjoy the results. He can eat the Tang Monk’s meat without any effort. Even if he is found that he is not the person who directly does it, he will kill two birds with one stone. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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