Why can the United States control public opinion around the world?

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Author: Ying Ju source: seeing the world from afar

The international community often says that the United States has the hegemony of public opinion. What is the matter with the hegemony of public opinion? Why does the United States have this privilege?

Why is it that even though we can produce hard evidence of the “crimes” of the United States, the world almost echoes the United States?

Only by making clear what the hegemony of American public opinion is, can we think about the broken road of our anti hegemony of Chinese public opinion!

Now let’s take apart the hegemony of American public opinion.

I: control the EU

Europe was laid in ruins after World War II.

The two strongest countries in Europe, France and Germany, were all scrapped. Needless to say, Germany, the main initiator of World War II, was occupied by the United States and the Soviet Union after the defeat. After the territory was greatly reduced, it became West Germany and East Germany.


Germany was basically divided up by the Allies

France surrendered directly in the Second World War. In fact, it was not because the French were born weak, but because the first world war directly wiped out the French generation.

In 1916, the so-called “Verdun meat grinder” was launched. World War I was the first modern war of mankind. Since it was a non industrialized society before, no one expected how cruel the industrial war would be. In the 10 month war, 32million pieces were invested, and 300000 people were directly killed in the artillery battle.

The French army won, but a generation of people are numb!


“Verdun meat grinder” caused serious war trauma to France, but after France fought to win, Britain and the United States actively helped Germany to maintain the balance of power in the European continent! France was very unbalanced. Under this comprehensive factor, France surrendered directly in World War II.

World War I (since 1914) and World War II (since 1939) are not long apart, so they are basically within a generation.

After the decadence of the two great powers in Europe, the rest are a bunch of small countries, or developing in general.


In particular, during the period of the US Soviet hegemony, the US Soviet hegemony returned to the struggle for hegemony. The two sides were consistent in their fight against European countries. Britain and France, which had a large number of overseas colonies, were all independent under the active dismantling of the United States and the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of combat effectiveness and the loss of the colonial market, Europe, except for the Soviet Union and Russia, no longer has a powerful world power. During the cold war, Europe relied on NATO organized by the United States for protection, and it is now. The whole of Europe is covered with American military bases (except France).

Because it accidentally became the victor of the Second World War, France rose up briefly during the period of de Gaulle, which makes France now have the strongest independence in Europe. But this will not change the situation that Europe as a whole is controlled by the United States.

The EU has 27 member states (with a total population of about 513million). If the EU controls the EU, it will have the support of 27 voices in the United Nations.

II. Five eyes Alliance

When Britain was still the British Empire, there were four most important colonies: the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all of which were ruled by ansa immigrants.

Together with Britain, the five eye alliance is formed.

At first, Britain was the leader of the alliance. Later, the British Empire disappeared, and the United States inherited all this.


Among them, population.

United States: 331million people (although the United States is not the majority of the population, it is still a political controller)

UK: 67.081 million

Canada: 36.992 million

Australia: 25.44 million

New Zealand: 5084300

The population of the five eye alliance adds up to more than 400million and has five positions in the United Nations.

More importantly, all the five countries are geographically important “island states”.

Britain is isolated from the European continent. London is the best place for European capital in case of any turmoil in the European continent.


Australia and New Zealand are the bridgeheads of the United States in Asia, equivalent to two unsinkable aircraft carriers. It can enter the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean to threaten India.


The United States + Canada occupy the whole North America. You can regard the whole North America as a big island country. The other side of North America is the northeast of China and the Far East of Russia, which is equivalent to directly facing China and Russia.


In addition to the five eye alliance, the United States has several “unwavering” allies.

Japan, South Korea, Israel, Saudi Arabia.

Both Japan and South Korea are garrisoned by the United States and do not have their own independent military sovereignty, which means that both are American colonies.

Israel is surrounded by countries in the Middle East. Its founding depends on the United States. Without the support of the United States, Israel’s survival in the Middle East is a big problem. Therefore, Israeli public opinion also follows the United States.

Saudi Arabia is the core pillar of the United States, and its security also depends on the protection of the United States. However, due to its religious national conditions, Saudi Arabia is almost a desert of cultural industries, which leads to a lack of voice on international occasions.

It can be seen from the above that the hegemony of American public opinion is equal to:

Core circle: five eyes alliance, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Secondary circle: EU 27 countries, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.


Colonies: Japan, Korea.


Special circle of friends: among the five eye alliance, the 27 countries of the European Union and the colonies, there are six countries with the most comprehensive strength, and the United States has pulled one group alone, namely the group of seven (G7). It consists of the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Special allies in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Basically equal to the following two figures.



Five eye alliance + 27 EU countries + Japanese and Korean “colonies” + Israel, a total of 35 countries.

According to China’s official profile, the United Nations now has 193 Member States, including 51 founding member states.

The 35 U.S. allies account for about 18% of the United Nations membership.

It seems that it is not an absolute majority, but it is actually a majority, because other countries cannot unite, at least not on a larger scale than the United States and its allies!

And this kind of calculation method based on the country is deceptive.

The combined population of China and India exceeds 2.8 billion, accounting for one third of the world, while China and India are only two voices in the United Nations.

Assuming that only China and India continue to maintain friendly exchanges with Russia, according to the number of votes of international public opinion, Russia has only won the support of two people, although they are very heavy.

III: why is international public opinion unfair?

1. Japan and South Korea

The procuratorates of South Korea have great powers. Japan has a special search department. These are the means of the United States to “remotely colonize” Japan and South Korea, so that disobedient politicians can be imprisoned at any time in minutes.

Japan and South Korea have garrisons on their own territory. Among them, South Korea has no wartime command of its own army, while Japan is not a normal country at all, so military resistance against the United States does not exist.

In this case, it is of little significance to expect Japan and South Korea to be objective to China, because people are “mud Bodhisattvas crossing the river, and they can’t protect themselves”!

2. EU 27

After World War II, Europe was in ruins, so the United States began to rebuild Europe. In 1947, it launched the Marshall Plan. Europe has a short hand and a short mouth, not to mention that there are no powerful countries in Europe after World War II. In the face of the reconstruction of Europe led by the United States, Europeans have little say.

Two years after the Marshall Plan, NATO was signed and established in Washington in 1949. The Marshall plan is to rebuild Europe economically, NATO is to rebuild Europe militarily, but of course the military power is in the hands of the United States!

After the establishment of the European Union, European countries once wanted to build a European army, but so far they have not done so. This means that the 27 EU countries are also colonies. The difference is that they are white Europeans. Therefore, the United States treats these countries more humanely than Japan and South Korea.


Reference to American military bases in Europe, source: Al Jazeera

In this case, it is useless to say to Europeans that we should be reasonable. Although Europeans have higher human rights status than Japan and South Korea in the U.S. system, except for France, they basically have U.S. military bases in their territory. How can we talk about independent judgment in this situation? The US Army is at the door.

In April this year, it was reported that the US Department of defense had increased the number of US troops stationed in Europe from about 60000 to more than 100000. In the 1950s, the most intense period of the cold war, the US military strength in Europe once exceeded 400000.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact Organization disappeared, but NATO has not been dissolved and is still expanding disorderly. In theory, the United States can now deploy more than 400000 people in Europe.

“Mud Bodhisattva can’t protect himself when he crosses the river” +1

3. Five eyes Alliance

In the five eye alliance, Britain and Canada are 100% following the United States.

Now Britain has left Europe. At the beginning, the British brexit was to cooperate with the United States to bomb Syria to create refugees, and then there was a pot of grudges among the European civil servants. At this time, the British began to break up the European Union in a rhythmic way, playing a broken window effect, so as to break up the European Union.

As a result, although the EU suffered heavy losses, it survived.

After brexit, Britain’s trade preferences with the EU disappeared. Now even Scotland wants to leave Britain to join the EU alone. Now Britain can only follow the United States to the black.

As for Canada, it is next to the United States. Both sides are U.S. territories. There is no choice at all. You can think of Canada as a state of the United States.

Then there are Australia and New Zealand.

Australia is strongly Anti China, mainly because it has no sense of security. Australia has a population of 25.44 million, surrounded by a large number of yellow people. In fact, Australia was originally a native of the yellow race. Later, most of them were killed by white British colonists.

This colonial history has led to a problem. In terms of legal theory, Australia is unable to respond to the attacks of the surrounding yellow countries. (to put it bluntly, I feel guilty about being a thief!)

If there are yellow countries around to plot Australia’s huge territory, how can Australia refute it? Say you invaded me? People can retaliate directly. You white Australians have no legal right to this land!

I’m just doing what your ancestors did. Even the aborigines in Australia are yellow people. This is “Fengtian Jingnan”

In Australia’s extremely short history, he was once very hostile to Japan. Because Japan was preparing to enter Australia in World War II, there was fierce competition between Southeast Asia and Australia.


On February 19, 1942, the Japanese bombed Australia

Japan is a country with extremely poor resources, while Australia is a country with extremely rich resources. If the Japanese occupy Australia, they will really eat a mouthful of beef!

In fact, it was better for Japan to expand to Australia than to expand to China. The benefits were greater and the difficulty was lower!

Of course, this is not to say that I give advice to “Xiaotian”, but just to express one thing. The yellow people around me “invade”, which is the most worrying thing for white Australians.

At that time, Australia was mainly defending against Japan, because Japan was the hegemony in East Asia.

Now that China has risen peacefully, in the eyes of Australia, China has replaced Japan.

Although China is definitely not Japan, Australia cannot believe it.

White Australians rose up by “killing people and setting fires”. They like to look at others with their own logic. This leads to that no matter how we explain it, even if there is no evidence, Australia will unilaterally think that we “threaten” them.

Relatively speaking, New Zealand has the best attitude towards China.

On April 7 this year, the upgrading protocol between our two sides officially came into force. After the upgrading, it is close to zero tariff. Among them, 99% of New Zealand’s wood and paper products will immediately obtain zero tariff access, and all dairy products will achieve zero tariff by 2024.

This has something to do with the small size of New Zealand. New Zealand is generally enthusiastic about politics and prefers to make money.

To sum up, the conclusion is:

Except for New Zealand, which has a low sense of existence, the five eye alliance is a core member of the United States. They are all countries dominated by Ansar ethnic forces, so it is difficult to dig, let alone objective.

EU 27 + Japan and South Korea are just high-level and low-level colonies of the United States. They do have opinions on the United States, but they are temporarily unable to be independent.

Germany and France in the European Union all have their own ideas. During the German Merkel period, they wanted to establish the Beixi No. 2 project with Russia to integrate the European and Russian economies.

Macron often criticized the meaninglessness of NATO’s existence, and Europe should form a European Army (European independence).

Abe was a pro China faction at first, and there were many pro China presidents in South Korea. As a result, they were all severely embarrassed by the United States. Under the provocation of the United States, Abe directly gave up the pro China line and set up the Japanese right wing.

In South Korea, Moon Jae-in was forced to step down, and the right wing Yin Xiyue supported by the United States came up.

After such a resumption, the problem became clear. The five eye alliance led by the United States colonized European countries and East Asia.

These countries without sovereignty, in the comprehensive state of “meeting the needs of kneeling and licking”, “seeking self-protection” and “being unable to resist”, have constituted a large number of subordinate voices of American public opinion hegemony.

Most European countries are developed countries, and they have a huge colonial influence in former colonial countries. Both East Asian countries are advanced manufacturing and cultural powers.

Look at the figure below. Apart from China and India, all the others are the United States and its allies.


The non-U.S. power ranks only two among the world’s top ten economies, and the two sides are not united. How can it surpass the United States in terms of public opinion?

IV: the way to break the game

East Asia, Japan and South Korea have long been affiliated countries of Chinese civilization in history. Although we are no longer affiliated countries, the economic integration of East Asia is obviously in the interests of everyone. Only by crowding out the United States can this matter be fully implemented! (the day of reunification is the time to squeeze out of the United States)

In Europe, we are beyond our reach. Although we have recently demonstrated our strong ability to sail for the 20th century, we have shown that we are not completely helpless to the situation in Europe, but have the ability to support it! But it is still too far to exert influence comprehensively.

As long as Europe is independent and out of the control of the United States, Europe will not talk about being pro China, as long as it can put its own interests first. Europe can break away from being a subordinate voice of the United States, and the power of the United States will be greatly weakened. The key to European independence is the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

As for the simple five eye alliance, it is not so difficult to deal with. As long as there is no EU 27 + Japan and South Korea, there will be a trend of multi polarization in the world, and the five eye alliance will only become an ordinary pole.

The situation with the greatest relative possibility at present is as follows:

1. China rises in East Asia and integrates East and Southeast Asian countries economically. Refer to RCEP for scope.

2. After Russia counterattacked, it integrated some Eastern European countries. Scope reference: countries of the former Soviet Union, mainly Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (all or the East).

However, the five Central Asian countries may be governed by China and Russia (within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization). On the one hand, modern Russia has little interest in the non Slavic countries and only wants to expand the sphere of influence of China and Adam. On the other hand, China’s economic power has risen, which has also had a great impact on some Central Asian countries.

3. The EU is dominated by independent Germany and France.

This is the most complex and critical part. The United States has vigorously expanded NATO eastward, deliberately intensifying contradictions in Eastern Europe. Forcing the EU to impose sanctions on Russia is actually a bloodletting ally to nourish itself.

But the price is also coming! After the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, Germany had the reason to rearm itself and announced that it would significantly increase Germany’s defense spending.

In 2022, Germany boosted the special fund of 100billion euros (about 696billion yuan) at one time, and plans to increase the proportion of defense expenditure in GDP to more than 2% by 2024!

The annual defense expenditure of the United States is $768.2 billion.

China’s annual defense expenditure is about 209billion US dollars.

This means that Germany’s military spending has directly become the third largest in the world!

This may not be entirely a bad thing, which means that Germany, one of the main speakers of the EU, began to fish in troubled waters and look for opportunities for independence when the United States disturbed Europe.

If the result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the rearmament of Germany, then this is the latest harvest of the United States to the European Union!

Once Europe becomes militarily independent, it will be difficult for the United States to kidnap the European economy.

Many European countries have always advocated easing relations with Russia, because after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in fact, the contradictions between Europe and Russia have been greatly eased. In addition, in terms of bulk commodity raw materials, Europe is inseparable from Russia, and the Russian and European economies are highly complementary.

By understanding the above, you can understand why Europe is often the “pawn” of the United States, but we still wanted to promote the China EU investment agreement! This is to further bind the EU and make the EU realize that its independence can lead to broader development.

At the same time, why is it that although China and India often have border frictions, we still exercise restraint and release goodwill towards India as a whole.

Because even if India is not pro China, as long as it continues to develop, it will also conflict with the United States. If there is an independent force in the world that is not controlled by the United States, the world situation will be more balanced!

Finally, that is why we should emphasize that China and Russia are back-to-back and not capped.

We do not support war, but we oppose the conflict provoked by NATO. If Russia is completely weakened, then the voice of non Western powers in the world will only be China and India (don’t laugh at the third brother, the independence of the EU is not as good as India).

It is true that Russia has had disputes with us in history, but in this situation where the United States monopolizes and suffocates developing countries around the world, as long as there is an extra force not controlled by the United States and an extra angle to support the resistance to hegemony, the burden of China’s rise will be much lighter.

Uniting all forces that can be united to achieve a united front against US hegemony for all mankind is now the top priority!

The United States should not be the only voice in the world. China’s rise is not the next United States. We are a rising country with win-win cooperation. We can live in peace with many regional powers!

Of course, China is the only defender of peace in East and Southeast Asia! Nothing special! Just think “just us” is particularly appropriate~

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